It’s no secret that Robert Pattinson is one of the most popular Hollywood celebrities. He’s known for his charming, boyish smiles and gorgeous dimples. But the actor is also incredibly stylish, and he’s been praised for his fashion choices by beauty magazines and bloggers alike. Here, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Pattinson’s style.

Does He Wear Hair Or Makeup Products To Achieve His Look?

While makeup artists make up the stars’ faces for scenes in films and TV shows, the style and fashion of the stars is usually inspired by their on-screen characters. In the case of Pattinson, his style is actually a mixture of his on-screen and off-screen personas. For example, although he’s usually seen in smoldering, brooding stares in films, the actor is very funny in real life. He has a delightful wit and loves to gossip, so his off-screen personality shines through in his style. According to Vanity Fair, that same humor and lightheartedness is apparent in the way he dresses, too.

As for his hair products, while he oftentimes wears his hair tied back in a high ponytail, he’s also been known to sport some lovely curls. The amount of hair products he uses is definitely on the rise, with fans often commenting about his thick locks and large hair products collection. The man himself has spoken about his love for hair products in the past, so it seems that he’s here to stay.

What Is His Favorite Accessory?

When it comes to accessories, we know that he’s a fan of gold and brightly colored items. The most recent addition to his collection is his beloved blackberry bush. While it’s not yet known what role the fruit will play in his upcoming films, it’s safe to assume that he’ll be seen wandering the streets of London in search of the perfect, juicy blackberry.

We know that he’s a fan of luxury items and often spoils himself with expensive gifts, so it’s no surprise that his favorite accessories are so pricey. But he’s also a sentimental man and often wears items that remind him of people or places that are close to his heart.

Does He Own A Jewelry Line?

Another interesting side of Pattinson is his deep connection to jewelry. It seems that he can’t walk down the street without being offered a gold necklace or bracelet. And it wasn’t just in 2016 that he was seen wearing rings and necklaces made of the precious metal, either. Back in 2014, he was photographed wearing a diamond necklace and matching earrings, and previous jewelry collections have included a mix of gold and diamond items.

The star’s connection to jewelry is so strong that it even rubbed off on his on-screen character. The Twilight actor wore a gold necklace and matching bracelet in the movie adaptation of the bestselling novel The Goldfinch. In the movie, his character is a billionaire who dresses in an identical outfit in a scene inspired by Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations. The scene marks one of the few times in the film that Pattinson gets to display some of his affluence.

Which Style Is His Signature?

So, if we could put together an unofficial ‘Style Style Quiz’, what would we find? Let’s take a look…

In terms of his signature style, we’d say it’s a mixture of old and new. On the one hand, he’s always been partial to bold, bright colors and quirky prints. On the other, he’s also been seen wearing some very classic looks. We couldn’t pinpoint one specific style that we feel represents his brand, but the actor’s love for all things French is apparent in nearly everything he wears.

In terms of his fashion choices, we’d say they’re influenced by a variety of factors. For example, he’s been praised for his sense of humor and his unique sense of style, which draws from many different sources and eras. He has also been known to wear clothing that he feels most comfortable in, and that often has a nostalgic appeal. Plus, it’s clear that he has a unique connection to jewelry, so it’s no wonder that his style choices reflect that affinity.

Regardless of the source, we can’t deny that Pattinson’s style is unique and memorable. It’s often described as effortless but also as bold, quirky, and luxurious. And, as you might expect, he’s very proud of his style choices and has even bragged about them. Just recently, he was asked about his favorite style moment and responded by saying ‘I love a tie-waist dress that you can’t breathe in. It’s such a flattering fit. It makes you feel like a goddess. It’s great when a designer gives you a dress like that. I love wearing it when I feel like I want to take a bit of everyone in the room with me. It would be great to look back in 10 years and say ‘I wish I’d taken more opportunities like that. It was such an incredible feeling when a garment can make you feel like that.’” 

So, what is your favorite piece of clothing or accessory that you feel embodies the whimsical style of Robert Pattinson?