Walking down the red carpet can be such a surreal experience – you’re walking among some of the world’s most stylish people, many of whom are casually dropping F-bombs and making headlines.

And then, suddenly, you’re done with your fashionable frenzy and the focus switches to a whole different world: Television screens, photographers, and waiting journalists.

But it’s an event that you just have to experience once. Whether you adore the famous British actor or think of him as a complete douche, there’s no denying that the spotlight feels like it changes everything.

Robert Pattinson is one of the most influential and fashionable actors today, whether you love him or hate him – and, of course, there’s a lot of both. So, if you’re reading this, there’s a pretty good chance you either know or have known the talented actor. In our guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Pattinson’s style, from the brands he frequently wears to how he maintains his iconic good looks.

The Evolution Of A Fashion Icon

If you’ve spent any time at all on the red carpet, you’ll know that the way celebrities dress can change pretty quickly. And it’s not just about the designers either. Many actors will wear multiple outfits during the course of one night, switching from glamorous dresses to chic trousers and back again. And let’s not leave out the notorious fashion platelets, the Kardashians. They’re famous for their constant wardrobe changes and the fact that some of their outfits are so memorable only adds to their mystique.

All of this can make for some exciting fashion moments. But let’s be honest, most of us aren’t really interested in celebrities’ fashion trends. We’re interested in making sense of what they’re wearing because it speaks to us, as fans, and helps us understand their role in popular culture. This is why many fashion experts consider the Kardashian’s style to be somewhat bizarre. Their fashion choices are rarely discussed within the fashion industry, but nonetheless, they continue to influence the way we dress.

The Dresses: From Bad To Good

Pattinson’s style doesn’t fit the traditional Hollywood mold, which is why he continues to surprise us, time and time again. Even now, as he’s becoming more established, people are still talking about the eclectic mix of styles he wore during the premiere of the new Twilight movie, Eclipse. And what a mix it was!

We’ll discuss the designer brands he frequently wears below, but first, let’s take a quick trip down memory lane, shall we?

Pattinson began his acting career in 2009, starring in the much-acclaimed indie films, Water for Elephants and The High Risk Eatery.

He followed this up with appearances in the comedic films, This Is Where I Live and The Wedding Rumpelstiltskin, as well as the drama, The Golden Globe-nominated Mad Max: Fury Road. The following year saw a wide array of film and television roles, ranging from guest spots on popular shows like Marry Me and Bojack Horseman to lead roles in Revengeance and Remember Me. This brought his international profile to the fore and, in 2018 alone, he was nominated for two Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Goodbye Christopher Robin and Darkest Hour.

While it’s clear that Pattinson’s versatility has been a major factor in his rising fame, it’s also important to remember that he’s always drawn to character roles. Indeed, he frequently highlights this in interviews, stating that it’s important to find the humanity in an otherwise fantastical story. This is perhaps why the roles of Christian Grey in Fifty Shades Fantasy and The Bachelorette have become so iconic, as the intensely romantic leads of those stories revealed a softer side to the fierce yet handsome actor. Perhaps these stories helped to make him more relatable to audiences.

So, as you may have guessed, an actor as unique as Pattinson certainly has a unique style. One that isn’t afraid to be different. And although we’ve listed his favorite designers below, it’s important to remember that he rarely follows trends and, as a result, his style is always evolving.

The Pants: From Good To Bad

Pattinson frequently dons his favorite designer jeans, specifically those from Levi’s. The British actor has been seen wearing the brand’s raw denim since the very beginning of his Hollywood career. And it seems he’s stuck with it ever since. In 2015 alone, he was photographed wearing Levi’s several times, including at the Met Gala in May of that year.

It was at this year’s Met Gala that we saw one of Pattinson’s most iconic looks. Wearing a black and white checkerboard print dress, he paired it with a casual denim jacket and some Levi’s jeans. And you know what? He looked incredible. It was an unexpected combination, but a timeless look all the same. And let’s be honest, white on white always looks good.

Since then, he’s continued to be found in chic and casual outfits made entirely of denim. Most recently, he starred in the sci-fi drama, Outer Banks, which was shot in part on location in Oregon. And as we’ve established, the versatile actor is never afraid to experiment with different styles. So, it came as no great surprise when he showed up on the set of Outer Banks wearing a white dress, white sneakers, and a denim jacket. However, this time around, he opted for Alexander McQueen jeans instead of Levi’s. It was a stylish choice that paid homage to the era the film is set in, but it wasn’t a traditional Hollywood look. We can expect to see this trend continue, as it’s clear that, for Pattinson, style is never a single look, but a way of life.

The Shoes: From Bad To Good

It’s fair to say that there’s a certain irony in the fact that one of the most stylish actors today also has an affinity for shoes. Even if you don’t wear them, you’ve probably seen them – he frequently wears bold and bright accessories, such as colorful heels or loafers, which certainly don’t hurt his style either.

Pattinson has been seen walking the red carpet with a variety of different shoes on, from high heels to loafers to slip-on sneakers. And it seems that, whenever he switches shoes, he changes his outfit as well. For example, in 2012, he wore a white dress with spike heels and, a few months later, he wore the same outfit, only this time with a pair of espadrilles.

This is probably because the shoes he wears seem to complement his outfits. When he wears high heels, he often partners them with strong, bold outfits, such as this year’s Grammys, where he wore a golden dress and matching heels. And of course, there’s the iconic Christian Grey look from Fifty Shades Fantasy that’s as fashionable as it is memorable. Grey’s outfit was made up of several striking pairs of shoes, including white high heels, tan cowboy boots, and snake skin sandals – three items that match each other perfectly.

Pattinson’s style is a blend of old and new. He has a modern edge to his fashion choices, but he also pays homage to past Hollywood stars. Walking the red carpet with a guest is one of the great joys of an actor’s life. And it seems that the more celebrities he meets, the more innovative his style. It’s clear that he doesn’t follow trends, but instead creates his own – a truly unique fashion identity.