Actor and producer Rob Pattinson is not your average British man. The 27-year-old is famous for his distinctively beautiful looks and unique brand of charm. After filming wrapped on his most recent feature, the indie rom-com Good Morning Vietnam, he took to Instagram to share the amazing outfits he wore during the filming process. The posts quickly went viral, and soon after, Pattinson became the target of countless fashion fans who wanted to emulate his style.

Pattinson’s Instagram is a goldmine when it comes to fashion tips and styling tricks. By following his (now nearly 30) hundreds of fashion-related posts, you’ll be able to steal his unique style tenet and make your own mark in the fashion world. Here are just some of the style tips and tricks that you can implement to achieve a similar style to Rob’s.

Focus On What Is Unique

The first thing you’ll want to do is to identify what sets Pattinson’s style apart from others. It’s no secret that he is a talented actor and producer who has been featured on the big screen in leading roles. But what truly makes his style special is that he is his own brand. Rob creates all of his own clothing and accessories, which is reflected in his unique way of dressing.

You can’t just copy what he does because he does have a special style. That being said, it’s safe to assume that you’ll want to incorporate some of his flair into your wardrobe as well. What you want to avoid is styling something that he hasn’t designed himself. Sometimes it’s hard to find the source of an outfit, but by default you can assume that it’s a design that you aren’t familiar with.

Take Inspiration From All Areas

In addition to identifying what makes Pattinson’s style unique, you should also seek inspiration from all areas of his life. The Englishman is always accompanied by his dogs, Millie and Bean, and whenever he is seen in public, you’ll notice that he is often wearing a matching bandana. These are references to the fact that he is the co-founder of the Millie and Bean band, along with bandmate Luke Sparber. The animals’ influence can be seen in Pattinson’s love for animal print, quirky slogans, and colorful outfits.

So, if you are looking to steal Rob’s style, make sure you are doing so intentionally. You don’t want to unintentionally wind up parading around in an outfit that he designed himself. Luckily, you can find a quirky T-shirt that you feel is appropriate for the occasion, and you’ll be able to achieve a style that is similar to his.

Pay Attention To The Trends

As the fashion industry evolves, so does the way that people choose to dress. One of the most effective ways of understanding what is trendy is by keeping up with the latest style blogs and vlogs. You can also follow fashion weeks and other trending events through social media. For example, you can use Eventbrite to keep up with all the fashion weeks in London.

One of the things that you’ll notice about the stylish British actor is that he is always on the lookout for what is trendy and always trying to stay ahead of the fashion curve. If you want to emulate his style, make sure that you are doing so intentionally and that you are aware of the fashion trends so that you can keep up with him. You don’t want to be left behind in the fashion game, and you certainly don’t want to feel as though you are taking inspiration from someone who is a few years older than you.

Work With What You Have

It’s no secret that most fashion lovers aren’t blessed with perfect figures. That being said, you can still incorporate some of the items that you have into your outfit in order to achieve a fashionable look. For example, if you have a gorgeous dress that you haven’t worn in a while, it’s time to work with what you have. Don’t hesitate to bring it out of your closet and pair it with some high-quality shoes and accessories.

You don’t need to have Designer Privilege in order to accessorize well. All it takes is some creativity, and knowing which items to pair together. When it comes to pairing shoes and dresses, it is essential that the colors complement one another. For example, a red dress can be paired with a red (or pink) shoe, but you shouldn’t wear a green dress with a green shoe. Doing so will make it appear that you are mismatching, and it could potentially ruin the outfit.

As for the dress, it is important to bring out what is unique about it. For instance, if you are wearing a simple and classic white dress, it’s time to bring out the bright blue accessories that you have. If your dress is more on the flashy side, like red, make sure that you keep the emphasis on the print or the color that is unique to your clothing line.

As for the shoes, make sure that you pay attention to the silhouette and the material that the shoe is made out of. If it’s a high-quality shoe, it will last you a lifetime and you won’t have to spend a fortune on replacement parts. You’ll also want to avoid cheap plastic shoes, as they will break down quickly and require you to replace them often.

Play Around With Dresses

As mentioned, most fashion lovers aren’t blessed with perfect figures. So, if you are a plus-size woman looking to steal some of Rob’s style, make sure that you play around with different dresses. Start by looking at the celebrity fashion blogs for inspiration. You can take a look at their outfits and see which ones you like best. Don’t be afraid to try on a few different dresses, and eventually, you’ll find one that you feel comfortable wearing.

Once you have found the perfect dress, bring it out of your closet and try on different outfits with it. You can also use a body-shaping corset to help bring out the glam in your dress.

Accessorize, Or Accompany?

Another way to steal Rob’s style is to accessorize. One of the things that you’ll notice about the stylish British actor is that he always has some sort of accessory on him. This could be a bandana, bracelet, necklace, or even a watch. If you want to play the part of his accessory, make sure that you put the emphasis on the piece that you are wearing rather than your outfit. For instance, if you are wearing a bandana, make sure that you are pulling it off subtly, rather than going all out with a bold accessory. He’ll notice you trying too hard, and it could potentially ruin your casual fashion image.

As for the type of watch that he wears, it’s an Omega Seamaster, and it’s one of the most recognizable and luxurious watches in the world. So, if you want to steal this style too, make sure that you are wearing a similar watch.

Be Careful With Jeans

If you want to avoid looking like a total copycat, it is best to steer clear of jeans. This is because he often pairs his jeans with tailored shirts or blazers. So, if you decide to wear denim, make sure to pair it with at least two other items from the outfit to give it more definition. You can choose from a classic T-shirt or a V neckline. If you decided to wear the jeans, make sure that the fabric is thick and durable. Also, if you want to incorporate a little bit of a vintage vibe into your look, choose a pair of faded denim. This way, you won’t be wearing the same exact piece of clothing as the British actor, and it will appear as though you have your own style, instead of stealing from him.