If you’re a fan of the Twilight movies, you’ll recognize that the cast of the films all have very distinctive hairstyles. Rob Pattinson, who plays Edward Cullen in the series, has worn all sorts of crazy hairstyles throughout its four-film run, and as a result, has amassed quite the hairstyle collection. We’re lucky enough to be able to showcase some of Pattinson’s most unique hairstyles here, so let’s get started.

A Full Boat-load Of Hair Pins

In 2011, Rob Pattinson sported a completely shaved head for a year, which he later revealed was a ‘challenge’ he set for himself. He did this as a form of self-therapy after the death of his close friend, music producer and manager Kevin Ulmer. The challenge lasted for a whole year and involved Pattinson eating only vegan food and drinking only organic wine. The former fashion student credits this period of intense focus and self-reflection as a valuable learning experience that helped prepare him for the role of Edward Cullen. It also apparently made him a bit crazy, as he took the opportunity to experiment with many different hairstyles during this time, including a few he hasn’t tried since.

An Emotional Hair Moment

In The Twilight Saga: New Moon, Edward Cullen is a famous for his long hair. In the film, when Bella Swan (played by Kristen Stewart) first sees her new neighbor Edward who lives across the street, she is completely mesmerized. When Edward sees Bella looking at him, he pulls off his hat and tosses it aside, revealing a long tousled hairstyle that seemingly went untouched throughout the entire movie. Edward’s character is generally associated with good looks, so when Stewart’s character first meets him, she is slightly smitten. She even goes as far as to ask Edward if he would like to get some pizza with her and her family, even though they are total strangers. Edward politely declines, but you can tell by his emotional reaction and shy grin that he is flattered by the invitation.

Shaving Off The Hairline

In Twilight, Bella Swan is a modern-day human who lives in a world where vampires and werewolves exist. She grows up with a mother who is very supportive of her artistic endeavors, which eventually leads her to meet and fall in love with Edward Cullen. One of the defining features about Bella is her bright red hair, which she wears down to her shoulders. The way she wears her hair is very unique and represents the way she views herself – independent, fiery, and very much a ‘red head’. In Breaking Dawn, Bella finally gets to experience fatherhood and has twin daughters with Edward. During an argument with her husband about money, she decides to buzz off her hair to show her independence. When the couple later has sex, Bella can be seen in the mirror wearing nothing but a loincloth, displaying the complete lack of hair on her head. The scene was inspired by the cover of Pink Floyd’s classic album The Dark Side Of The Moon, which prominently displays the band members’ naked bodies as they pose in front of a mirror with no hair on their heads.

A Bit Of A Freak For Hair Colored Balls

In The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Robert Pattinson channels his inner ‘teen angel’ for the role of Edward Cullen. The film is mostly set in New York City and follows Bella Swan as she explores her vampire side and ventures into the world of the undead. The highlight of the movie is when Bella channels her inner child and shuns civilized society as a teen vampire in need of human blood. To complete her transformation, she dyes her hair pink and streaks it through with blue, which is most definitely a ‘girlie’ color combination. The combination is undoubtedly strange and makes for an interesting cinematic moment, although not necessarily representative of any real-life hairdo. Like many of the other Twilight films, Eclipse heavily features Bella’s stunning, albeit unusual, red hair. The styling of her hair is based on the iconic look of Marilyn Monroe, who colored her hair in a similar manner back in the 1950s.

A Whole Lot Of Hair Gel

In the final film of the Twilight saga, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Bella turns into an entirely different person. For one, she no longer has red hair, but goes completely white for a change. In addition, she has cut off all of her beautiful hair, which she wore down to her elbows in the previous films. Instead, she dons a full-head of hair gel, which she dubs “Bobby Pins’.” The look is completely outrageous and highly impractical, yet it is undoubtedly fun to watch. The only way you’ll know what it is is if you watch the movie (and even then, it won’t be exactly clear). The fashion choices of the Twilight movies are certainly not for the faint of heart, but none of the hairstyles are particularly safe or practical for everyday wear. However, this is part of the charm of the films’ fashion – it is designed for cinematic purposes and is perfectly suited for the onscreen stories it tells.