While we’re used to seeing Robert Pattinson on the big screen, it’s still an adjustment to see the Twi-star in real life. His unique blend of bad boy charm and heartstring-tugging good looks have made him a popular topic for conversations, and his fans have taken the opportunity to talk about him non-stop. Of course, we here at Cracked Office love a good gossip column (just ask our co-workers…) so we’ve decided to do an in-depth analysis of the British actor to see just what kind of person he really is.


Like many big-name actors, Robert Pattinson grew up in London, England and attended the prestigious Brompton School. After completing his studies there, he decided to follow in the footsteps of his late father and pursue an acting career. He made his on-screen debut in a 2004 guest appearance on Channel 4’s comedy series, Dinnerladies, and subsequently landed a role on the popular British soap opera, Emmerdale. While filming the show, he befriended a young boy who would later serve as his on-screen alter ego, the dark and mysterious, and completely unrecognizable, Lachlan Morley.

In 2007, Pattinson appeared in the semi-official remake of the classic British film, It Happened One Night. The following year, he landed the lead role in the action-adventure film, Water for Elephants. The year after that, he played the infamous (and rather unhinged) Lord Byron in The Wolf of Wall Street.

Pattinson’s reputation as a sex symbol grew quickly with each new role, particularly after he was seen in a steamy embrace with his co-star, Emily Brown, on the set of his 2009 film, The Rum Diary. Since then, he’s starred in a variety of films, including the upcoming Twilight Saga films, breaking box-office records, and becoming a style icon. He is currently in production on the sci-fi epic, The Voyage of Time, and is attached to play the role of Dr. John Watson, the famed doctor and Sherlock Holmes partner, in the new series, Sherlock Holmes, which begins airing in the U.S. this coming fall.

Physical Appearance

Most fans will recognize the 36-year-old actor as one-half of the famous Hollywood couple, Pattinson and Victoria Beckham. While the two have been married since 2010, they have kept the Pattinson flame alive by appearing together in front of the camera. Even before their wedding day, they were already an item, having started dating in 2007 and being spotted together at various events and press junkets. Their physical presence is certainly a combination of the two – he’s got the suave good looks, dark hair, and swaggering demeanor, and Beckham complements him with her warm, inviting smile and pretty blue eyes. It’s a perfect match.

Pattinson has become a bit of a ladies’ man in the wake of his steamy on-screen romances, most notably with his Twilight co-star, Anna Kendrick. The two were rumoured to be engaged after they were photographed holding hands while arriving at a Hollywood awards show in 2015. While they have yet to confirm the engagement, they did walk down the aisle together in 2016 and have been spotted holding hands on their wedding day. It seems like their fans, and perhaps even the couple themselves, are enjoying this new phase of their lives. In addition to Kendrick, the actor dated British singer, Estelle, and Dior beauty, Lorella Rozzi, for a brief period in 2016.

While some of his relationships have been publicized, other details about his personal life have remained a secret. It was only in 2017 that he opened up about his past drug use, specifically with reference to his time spent as a teen. He admitted to taking ecstasy, LSD, and ketamine, and to sometimes even indulging in group sex. He cited his time spent on Ecstasy as a key reason for his involvement with the criminal world, feeling it had made him less inhibited. He later clarified that he does not regret his past drug use and feels that it has helped him to grow as a person.

Secret World

Pattinson has been a vocal advocate for animal rights and, in 2014, received a BAFTA award for Best Male Drama Performance for his role in the film, The Rover, for his portrayal of an adult man who comes to terms with his childhood love of animals. He is also a supporter of the Liberal Democrat party, which led him to present the party with an award at the 2018 Academy Awards for Excellence in Animal Welfare.


Although he’s usually seen in films with his famous contemporaries, Pattinson is not related to the famous British actor, David Beckham. The two are not even distantly related; they’re actually first cousins once removed. He is, however, the nephew of actress, Felicity Kendal, with whom he shares a birthday. He has a younger sister, Lily, and an older brother, Alexander, who is also an actor. Both brothers attended the prestigious drama school, the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA), in London. Their sister, Lily, is also an actress, best known for playing Evelyn Napier in the 2006 series, Grand Tour, and has appeared in films such as London Boulevard and Midsomer Murders.

Lifetime Bucket List

We couldn’t write an in-depth profile of Robert Pattinson without including his iconic list of goals and dreams. Considered to be one of the most important figures in the English-speaking world of acting and fashion, Pattinson has made lists of goals and ambitions for most of his life. He famously started his career with a bang, landing a role on the soap opera, Emmerdale, at the age of sixteen. Since then, he’s starred in countless films and grown in both fame and fortune. He has frequently cited his desire to make his own films and have creative control as a key reason behind his success. He also lists traveling the world and climbing Kilimanjaro as some of his biggest ambitions.


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