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The year 2021 was a big year for Robert Pattinson. The British actor gained a whole new social persona as he stepped out in public for the first time since filming the critically-acclaimed box office hit Twilight in 2012. He spent the year exploring the streets of London, documenting his outfits with a series of stunning Instagram stories.

Pattinson rose to international prominence with the success of Twilight, which became the biggest film franchise of all time. The series was followed by the massive international hit Jurassic World, for which he received a Best Actor Golden Globe nomination, and the upcoming sequel Lost Ends. He also returned to the big screen in the sci-fi film Anon, starring Tom Hardy, where he plays an agent from the future who travels back in time to help save the world from an invasion of terrifying robots.

The First of Many Outfits

In February 2021, Pattinson debuted a whole new look: a white dress shirt, black tailored trousers, and a tie with a motif of a dog wearing a crown. The fashion icon sported this look for two days in a row, sharing snaps with his 5.9 million followers on both Instagram and Twitter. The following month, he sported a white shirt and blue jeans combo, as well as a white dress shirt and black skirt. And in April, he showed off his elegant side in a silk suit with a tie printed with a pink rose.

The Outfit King

Pattinson has always been a master of fashion, but it was only with the success of Twilight that his fashion stylings became so popular. On January 24th, before heading to the United Kingdom Parliament to watch Prime Minister’s Questions, he wore a light blue printed shirt, red tie and blue denim to show off his elegant and traditional British style.

Shortly after, he shared an impressive array of looks, from a sleek black suit with a marvelous white belt to a white dress and blue jacquard trousers, both of which he wore with a red rose. These were just a few of the stunning ensembles the 32 year old British superstar wore in 2021.

Style Evolution

The year 2021 was a real coming of age for the fashion icon. On January 25th, he shared a string of black and white photos on Instagram, documenting his transition from an English schoolboy into a full-fledged member of society. The actor posed with a series of gorgeous women, ranging from starlets to supermodels, who were all wearing outfits reminiscent of Edward Cullen’s iconic vampire look. The following day, he wore a beautiful white dress with long sleeve and a black belt, which he paired with a chic black suit for an evening look. On February 7th, he looked dashing in a suit and tie as he posed with a woman in a cream suit, as well as with men in suits.

Pattinson’s style remained eclectic in 2021. On February 8th, he turned up the glam in a stunning white and gold full-length dress with a feathered collar. Later that month, he donned a silk suit with a white dress for a special event, as well as a black velvet suit and bow tie for a second solo look. And on March 5th, he looked sharp in a pale blue suit and tie as he headed to the UK Parliament for PMQs. Since the beginning of the year, the actor has been busy promoting Lost Ends and Jurassic World, attending premieres and signings, and enjoying some well-deserved time off.

A Masterclass in Tailoring

While he may not always get it right, the results are always spectacular. When you factor in his unique skill set and innate sense of style, it’s no wonder that so many people have been captivated by Robert Pattinson’s outfits in recent years. His tailor, Stephen Jones, has worked with the star for over a decade and shares some fascinating insight into the process of creating these iconic looks.

How to Make a Perfect Suit

Jones started the conversation by explaining the importance of tailoring in crafting a perfect suit. ‘It’s all about proportions,’ he said. ‘You need to make sure that you’re not cutting yourself short, or tall.’

To demonstrate, he reached for his phone and showed us a series of slim suits that he had made for Pattinson. ‘He has a very slim frame, so he doesn’t need large suits,’ said Jones. ‘Most people would look fat in those big suits.’

In 2019, the tailor crafted the actor’s first custom suit in 18 years. During the making of the film, Lost Ends, Jones worked alongside art director Emma Tillinger Koskiusko to make sure that Pattinson looked his best for the big screen. ‘We wanted to bring back that vintage suit look and make it modern, with a bit of a rock ‘n’ roll element to it,’ said Koskiusko.

The first order of business was to measure the actor. ‘I had to go to Jersey to meet with his tailor to see what size he was,’ said Koskiusko. ‘He’s very particular about the fit of his suits. He doesn’t like them to hang off him.’

While his wardrobe may be filled with expensive designer labels and bold fashion choices, this is mostly thanks to the incredible work of Stephen Jones and Emma Tillinger Koskiusko. With the exception of a vintage suit or two, most of the items in the 31-year-old actor’s wardrobe are custom-made.