What a difference a year makes. Back in September 2018, Robert Pattinson was sporting a bushy beard. Now it’s April 2019, and he’s clean-shaven.

It seems that our favorite ex-Sleeping Beauty has been keeping busy. While promoting his upcoming Disney movie, the former actor took time out of his schedule to share some exciting news with his fans.

“I’ve always wanted to play James Bond. And now it’s possible. I’ve got the secret identity, and the suit is pretty much tailor-made,” he said, referring to his role as Emmet in the upcoming Bond film, “Bond 24.”

Although it was a light-hearted aside, Pattinson had actually achieved something special. Thanks to his beard, he had become the first person to officially assume the role of James Bond. And a year later, he’s still going strong as the iconic spy.

Bond Still Beards

What’s interesting is that despite the change in his appearance, James Bond’s modus operandi hasn’t changed much since the days of Ian Fleming. The creator of the James Bond literary series passed away in 1962, leaving behind a treasure trove of novels and short stories. And even after almost fifty years, Fleming’s writing still provides the foundation for 007’s escapades.

The longest running franchise in cinematic history continues to grow its beards. And while it’s been a while since Daniel Craig (aka Number Six) sported a full-fledged handlebar mustache, his successors have retained Fleming’s tradition of facial hair. And with some new additions.

Ralph Fiennes

If you’ve got money to burn, you can always take the traditional approach and invest in a solid gold mustache. While on the surface, Fiennes’ mustache may look similar to Craig’s, the the great actor’s method acting makes his facial hair more like that of a Ralph Wolfman.

This is the same approach that has served him so well, especially when playing British spy Francis Bacon. In 2009, Fiennes sported a full-blown handlebar mustache to portray the famous sleuth in the Bacon series. And this year, he’ll return to the role for another go-around. Aside from Bond, Fiennes is known for his role as Tristam in Steven Spielberg’s War of the Worlds, as well as Grand Tour de France guide Eric Richemont in The Good Wife Season Two.

Jared Leto

In 2006, Jared Leto shocked the acting world by taking on the role of Dallas Westergren in the The Illusionist. Though his 3-D printing skills made him an unforgettable (and bizarrely convincing) Veil of Marquise, it was his decision to grow a full-blown metal belly button that truly set him apart from the rest of the pack. The metal giant has been a breathing problem for leto ever since.

His stomach protrusion wasn’t the only physical transformation the 36-year-old is going through. Early in his career, Leto was known for playing heavy metal guys in Hollywood buddies, and it seems that he’s now headed in the other direction. Aside from The Illusionist, Leto’s most recent roles have been varsity football players, drug-dealers, and Satanists.

What’s interesting is that aside from Jared Leto, not a single one of the actors we’ve mentioned so far have sported any kind of beard. And while Fiennes and Leto have both chosen to go beard-free, the great Sid Melton has already made a bond with his barber. In 2018, the 83-year-old actor bearded Sid Melton in The Man With Golden Faces. In the film, Sid pays a visit to his barber (played by Richard Corcetti) to chat about world events and politics. During the course of the conversation, Sid touches upon his career as an actor, and his role as Richard Gimbel in Mr. Trump vs. The Hollywood Actors.

Sidney Melton first appeared as Richard Gimbel in the 1951 film Richard Gimbel Is Back. Though he didn’t sport a mustache back then, his golden faces made him instantly recognizable. Melton has been portraying the comic strip panelist Gimbel ever since, and he’s still going strong. Aside from The Man With Golden Faces, Melton’s most recent films include The Polar Bear Slayer and The Road to Perdition. And don’t forget about his barber role. He’s the most trusted friend you’ll ever have. 

Beards Careers

Aside from acting, Beards careers can be found in a number of different industries. From selling hair waver products to crafting beautiful beards, there are dozens of ways to make a living with facial hair. Here are just a few examples.

Hair Career

If you’ve got a beard, you’ve got a hair career. The Beard Career opportunities are endless, from braiding and styling beards to creating the perfect motorcycle mullet. All you need is the will and the talent to make this career work for you. 

Fur Career

Fur is still one of the most popular hair career options, especially among men. Back in the day, the fur career was considered a manly choice, and it wasn’t uncommon to see men walking down the streets wearing fox craving aromas of chocolate, cream, and cinnamon.

Though the fur career hasn’t changed much over the years, it seems that not every man is equipped for this challenging career. Like Beards, the fur industry is huge, and there are plenty of different jobs within this career. At the mullet end of the franchise, you’ve got full, flocked, foxy, and scruffy mullets ready to be woven into beautiful coats, stoles, and shawls.

Crafting Career

Men have been crafting their beards since the 17th century. And while the tools have changed a bit, the crafting career has remained the same. And who doesn’t love a good craftsman at work? Whether you run your fingers through your bearded stump or just love to watch the wonderful wonders that come from your hand, crafting is a passion that can be entertained for hours. 

As a crafter, you’ll need to be particularly skilled with hand (and anal) crafts. The best places to find work are toys and games manufacturers, as well as face parings manufacturers. And the best part is that even though you may be working with your hands, it’s still a manly choice.