Ever since he became famous for playing the part of the young Lord Byron in the 2005 film The Nobility of Being, British actor and musician Robert Pattinson has been dogged by rumors concerning his personal life. He became a vegan, started working out, and changed his hairstyle – all of which made him a virtual media darling. People wanted to know more about this new popular figure. Did he have a drug problem? Was he an alcoholic? How was he paying for all this new-found fame? People want to know everything about the British actor.

When it comes to his personal life, many of our questions have been answered. He’s been in a serious relationship with actress Kristen Stewart for a couple of years now. They were first spotted holding hands at the 2010 Golden Globe Awards. Since then, they’ve been incredibly vocal about their love for each other. They were even included in Time‘s 2014 “100 Most Influential People” list. Many fans may know that Kristen is the daughter of former Saturday Night Live host Jay Leno and fashion designer and former Sex and the City star Candice Bergen. This is just a small sample of the media attention that the on-screen chemistry between Pattinson and Stewart has gained them. They are both extremely private individuals who rarely give anything more than a few words on the subject, yet they found themselves at the center of a media maelstrom.

A Brief History of Steroids

While many of us were asleep, a new kind of drug called a “steroid” was being created. These artificial hormones were first developed in the 1950s and were originally used to help treat various illnesses. They’ve been around for long enough that most people have heard of them. Some of the more well-known steroids are:

  • Deca-Durabolin
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  • Turinabol
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  • Andro
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These are all forms of anabolic steroids. Anabolic means “growing or making muscles.” These compounds were originally designed to help people build more muscle and thus appear larger. If you’re not familiar, bodybuilding is a sport where men and women participate in various competitions to show off their muscles. Not only do these compounds increase muscle size, but they also increase the body’s natural testosterone levels. Testosterone is a male hormone that gives men their sex appeal and dominant personalities. It also plays a key role in the development of male reproductive organs. When men’s bodies produce more testosterone, they appear more virile and appealing to women. Many bodybuilders have admitted to using steroids to improve their appearance. They felt that the drug gave them a competitive edge over other bodybuilders.

How Do Steroids Work?

Steroids are controlled substances in the United States. They’re still legal to possess and purchase, but they’re not allowed to be sold or promoted to someone who isn’t over the age of 18. The reason behind this law is that steroids are highly addictive. They also have a terrible reputation for causing serious health problems. Many people who use these drugs experience abnormal heart rates, depression, and suicidal thoughts. Some even report that their sex drives disappear while on steroids. Many countries, such as Germany and England, have similar laws regarding steroids. The only difference is that in some of those countries, it’s only illegal to sell them, not to possess them. The following video gives you an idea of how steroids work.

Why Does Robert Need to be on Steroids?

After his role in the Oscar-winning film The King’s Speech, Robert Pattinson signed on to play the lead role in the upcoming film Cosmo. The film is directed by and stars Woody Harrelson. It’s about a man who discovers he has a son he never knew about and how he deals with the news. Harrelson plays a father who doesn’t know how to handle his new family situation. He uses steroids to bulk up so he can take on the intimidating role of a father. The part of the film that most people have been waiting for is when Harrelson finally meets his son for the first time. The movie was filmed entirely in New York City. It was also one of the first films to be shot using the revolutionary Arri Alexa camera.

Many fans have speculated that Harrelson had chosen to cast Robert in his movie because he feels that the young actor needs the help of drugs to play the role. It’s clear that Harrelson’s intentions weren’t bad, but he probably shouldn’t have chosen this role for Robert. The reason behind this is that most people who use steroids end up in a lot of trouble. They’re not capable of performing at the level required to play a major role in a major motion picture.

What’s Next for Robert?

Recently, it was announced that the young actor had been cast in a leading role in the upcoming Water Below film adaptation. Directed by John Guillermin, this upcoming movie will be based on the bestselling novel of the same name by Kenneth Lee. When the author of this book died in 2012, his wife donated his extensive collection of scripts to the Academy of Film & Television Arts, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year.

This is the first time that the prolific author’s work will be adapted for the screen. Like Cosmo, the plot of Water Below revolves around a father-son relationship. While the movie will focus on a father-son connection, it will also explore issues such as identity, legacy, and belonging. Water Below is set to be released in October 2017.

Overall, What Do We Know About Robert?

It’s clear that Robert Pattinson is a rising star in the acting world. He’s proven that he can be more than just another pretty face with a guitar. Through roles in compelling movies such as The King’s Speech and Cosmo, he’s gained the trust of audiences and impressed critics with his ability to portray complex characters and bring them to life on the big screen. It’s also apparent that he has a great deal of personal courage. He’s constantly fighting battles with the media and being subject to their whimsical opinions. We can’t say that we know everything about this talented young actor, but we know enough to know that he’s becoming an important figure in contemporary culture.