There are many questions surrounding the relationship between Robert Pattinson and his latest love interest, Bella Hadid. What are their relationship stats? Is he dating anyone else? Who is Bella’s father? Let’s dive into the numbers to find the answers. 

Is Robert Pattinson Dating Anyone Else?

It is quite obvious that Robert Pattinson is not currently seeing anyone else. After all, he has been dating Hadid for more than a year now. So, if there were ever a question about whether or not he is still available, the answer would be a resounding yes. However, it should be noted that the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs star has been in a relationship with Hadid for such a long period of time that it is not necessarily clear whether or not their romance will eventually lead to marriage. For now, it looks like they are just enjoying each other’s company.

How Many Years Has Robert Pattinson Been Dating Hadid?

It has been nearly a year since Robert Pattinson began dating Bella Hadid. The couple first met back in March 2017 and have been inseparable ever since. Since day one, they have been the subject of much speculation regarding their future together. Some people believe that they are just good friends while others think that they might make it more than that. It is quite clear that their close bond is not a temporary thing and the fact that Robert Pattinson has been with Hadid for so long makes it even more likely that they will one day be husband and wife.

How Many Kids Does Bella Hadid Have?

Bella Hadid has an elder sister, Gigi, who is also an actress. It is not known how many kids she has but it is clear that she is very much a part of the family as she often appears in photographs alongside her father and siblings. The youngest of the Hadid siblings, Bella, was only 15 years old when she made her acting debut in the 2005 movie A Little Princess and she went on to appear in several more films before she turned 20. That means she has been acting for 11 years now and has literally been a part of the cast of a TV show or movie every year since she was 15. She is known for her teeny tiny A-list friends and has often been spotted with famous faces such as Gigi and Taylor Swift. When it comes to kids, Bella Hadid seems to prefer the company of her peers more than she desires that of adults. Thus, for the time being, she has chosen to remain childless.

How Many Weight Watchers Does Bella Have?

It is not often that celebrities open up about their weight loss journeys but Bella Hadid is very open about her struggle with food addiction. As a result of her undying support for the anti-bariatric treatment movement, people often joke that she has taken on “superwoman” status. It seems that the only thing that stops Bella from continuing to lose weight is her busy acting schedule. Last year, she joined Weight Watchers and has been diligent about sticking to her regimen. As a result of losing a significant amount of weight, Hadid’s features have improved and she now seems more confident and beautiful than ever before. While she has not revealed how much she has lost, she has acknowledged that her “biceps aren’t the same”. When it comes to weight loss, Bella Hadid will always be remembered as one of the most outspoken celebrities struggling with food addiction. Hopefully, she will continue to have the courage to share her story with the world.

Where Do They Go On Holiday?

The question on everyone’s lips is where do Robert Pattinson and Bella Hadid go on holiday? As a former England man, the British actor is clearly partial to a vacation in his home country. During a radio interview with Angie Chapman in 2017, he hinted at a future trip there when he said “I love going home. It’s my second home. I’ve been away for so long, I need a break.”

Where Do They Eat?

It is not just about the holidays for Robert Pattinson and Bella Hadid. The two also enjoy dining together in their own home. According to InStyle, the couple enjoys spending their free time “cooking and trying out new recipes”. While we do not know what kinds of recipes they enjoy preparing, it is evident that they take great pride in creating new and innovative dishes. When asked about his ideal romantic dinner, the actor responded: “A five-star meal that starts with lobster bisque and caviar blinis, followed by sirloin steak and French fries, and finished off with chocolate cake and coffee.” It is safe to assume that this is not a dish that was created in a culinary lab but rather one that they have perfected over the years.

What’s Their Favorite Fashion Brand?

Another question that people frequently ask about Robert Pattinson is what is his favorite fashion brand? Since day one, the response has been obvious: BURBERRY. The British actor and his fashion brand have been at the center of a recent controversy involving his ex, FKA Twigs. Following an announcement that she would be collaborating with the luxury goods company, many people took to Twitter to voice their outrage. Some even accused Twigs of “stealing” Pattinson’s style and using it to sell her own apparel line. While we await the official word from the actor’s camp, it is safe to say that their unique fashion partnership will be one of the defining moments of the 27-year-old actress’ career. When asked about his fashion influence, Pattinson replied: “I think all my influences come from my time in film. When I was younger, I would watch movies and think to myself ‘That’s how I want to dress’.”

What Is the Most Fashionable Place They Have Been?

It seems that over the past year, the most fashionable places that Pattinson and Hadid have visited have been London and Paris. As the pair continue to promote their upcoming film, Birds of Prey (and the upcoming 2020 movie, The King), they have been seen out and about in their home city as well as in destinations such as Ibiza and Los Angeles. Although they seem to have settled on an acting career and an idyllic life in London, it is evident that they still find time for each other. In fact, the couple has stayed in touch with their fans by engaging with them on social media. In a recent video message for his subscribers, he revealed: “Even though I’m thousands of miles away, I’ll always be with you.” As for the future, Pattinson has stated that he wants to “work on more and bigger projects”. When it comes to his next film, he wants to explore “a darker side” and “do something different”. While we do not know what projects he has in the pipeline, it is evident that he does not want to rest on his laurels from past glories. Let’s hope that he continues to bring his A-game and continues to surprise us with his unique style choices.