The man himself, Robert Pattinson, is known for his exquisite taste in clothing. He often wears socks that complement his outfits perfectly. For those who want to dress like him, it’s a good idea to check out his closet and see which styles he wears most often. This way, you can get a good sense of which socks to buy.

The Classic Short Sock

Made popular in the ‘70s, the classic short sock is the perfect base for anyone’s sock collection. Its short length makes it easier to put on, and its simple design allows for faster wicking, meaning faster feet—always a good thing.

This is the classic short sock’s equivalent in silk, and it’s a fantastic choice for those who want to imitate Pattinson’s look. It’s also the perfect choice for those who want to make their feet the focus, rather than the outfit as a whole.

The Tapered Sock

Beret-inspired dressage, an elegant silhouette, and the perfect pop of color: these are just a few ways in which one can describe the tapered sock. It’s designed with a narrower toe area and a narrower heel area, making it narrower than usual at the top and at the back. The effect is slimming, emphasizing the legs but not the entire outfit.

It’s one of the most elegant and simple socks you can get. Like the classic short sock, the tapered sock is a base for anyone looking to imitate the ‘90s Brit pop or ‘70s glamour looks.

The Chunky Sock

For those who want to stand out, it’s a good idea to go for the chunky sock. It’s thick at the base and increasingly so at the top. It’s designed in a way that makes the top half stick out more than the base. This is something new for sock connoisseurs.

This is the sock equivalent of a spike heel: think Christian Louboutin’s infamous red soles, the epitome of luxury footwear. The main difference between the chunky sock and the classic high heel is the base. The chunky sock’s base is thicker and chunkier, while the classic high heel has a thinner and more elegant base.

The Split Boot Sock

If you want to be a bit different, it’s a good idea to try out the split boot sock. Made with two sections of leather, the upper and the sole, the split boot sock offers a unique look that few others can offer. It was designed to imitate the look of a real pair of cowboy boots. Naturally, this is a very difficult feat to pull off, but the effort is worth it.

Just like the classic high heel, the split boot sock can be worn with various outfits. It doesn’t just have to be sporty-looking outfits. It can be worn with anything. It’s an excellent choice for someone who wants to stand out.

The Pinch Sock

If you want to be different again, it’s a good idea to try out the pinch sock. This style was designed to offer more of a contemporary look, with a clean break between the toe and the heel. It was inspired by the clean lines and the geometric shapes of the ‘70s and ‘80s.

However, this doesn’t mean it’s just a simple update of those classic decades. The pinch sock also includes a turned-up toe, a characteristic of the ‘90s. This is more refined styling, making it easier to pair with various outfits. It can be worn with stonewash jeans or a classic white dress.

Which Socks Do You Want to Try Out?

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