In case you were wondering, here’s a short explanation of what the ‘squinching’ gesture means. It’s a combination of the words ‘squeeze’ and ‘pinched’ to describe the way in which someone’s nose turns up when they’re concentrating. It usually happens when they’re nervous or anxious. It’s a sign of defiance or resistance. And it’s not something to be embarrassed about – it’s pretty cool to do!

What Does Robert Pattinson Squinch Mean?

All Eyes On You

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt from the 2019 London Olympics is that the eyes are the mirror that shows the true nature of an individual. So it is with Robert Pattinson and his new co-stars. If you watch them closely you’ll see that their eyes are constantly on the person next to them. Whether it’s a quick glance in the mirror before talking to somebody or sneaking a peek at their watch, their eyes are definitely travelling.

Why is he doing this? Is he checking the time? Is he nervous or anxious? We don’t know. But it’s driving his co-stars crazy because they want to be the centre of attention too.

It’s similar with Taylor Swift. When she first came out with her music video for ‘You Need To Believe’ featuring Brendon Urie from the band Panic at the Disco, she wasn’t aware of the cameras. So naturally she kept looking at her phone and checking the time. Even now, as she’s become more comfortable in front of the camera, she still squinches her nose when she’s concentrating. And her fans love it.

So if you see Robert Pattinson or Taylor Swift doing this, don’t be surprised. It’s an unconscious gesture that they can’t control. It’s not a put-on. And it’s certainly not because they’re trying to be ‘cute’. They really are just checking the time.

The ‘Cuteness’ In-joke

Like a lot of celebrities, Robert Pattinson can’t help but be reminded of his pet dog whenever he does something funny. And he uses this as a running gag in his movies. As he walks down the street he’ll spot somebody or something and he’ll shout “Hey, doggo!” before darting over to pet the dog or bird. It’s always funny because it’s so natural and uncensored, but also because it’s such a blatant display of in-jokes. Most people don’t even realise that this is a joke until they’ve seen it a few times.

This is something that he does a lot in his movies too. Whenever the scene involves a child or pet, he’ll break out in a fit of giggles before he even starts talking. His friends and family know exactly what he’s doing and they love it because it makes them crack up too. It’s quite an affectionate gesture, really. As his fans have grown accustomed to his frequent jokes about cuteness, they’ve started to join in on the laughter too. And it makes the scenes even more endearing.

Humourist Or Political Dissident?

When we think about the UK and its cinema, many names come to mind when discussing comedy directors. There’s John Cameron, who made the classic Carry On films. Richard Lester, who directed many music documentaries and early punk films. And then there’s Ken Loach, the Oscar-winning director of many socially-conscious films. These are just a few of the names that you might recognise. But it’s unlikely that any of them would be considered “comic geniuses”. That title probably goes to Armando Iannucci, who recently turned 70 years old. He’s best known for his political satire TV shows, but also made some funny and interesting movies, like 2012’s Much Ado About Nothing, which featured a lot of comedy and romance.

In recent years he’s become a bit of a cult figure in the UK and especially among his young fans, who have embraced his comedic genius and dressed up in their finery, inspired by the witty and charming Mr Iannucci. One of the reasons why his movies are so enjoyable is that they’re extremely witty and sharp-witted, full of in-jokes and self-references. His work is rarely straightforward comedy, as he often treats serious subject matter in a satirical manner. Despite his old age and health problems, he still makes regular appearances at stand-up comedy gigs, attracting a crowd of fans who want to see and hear what he has to say. His speeches are legendary, especially at the Tony Awards, where he’s arguably the best speaker in the history of the event. We can’t help but believe that he truly is a comedic genius. A genius who fights for social justice and whose work will live on for many years to come.

Whether you agree or disagree with his stand-up, you can’t help but admire the man. So it was lucky for us that he decided to grace us with his presence this year, as his films have become more relevant than ever in this political climate. We’re certainly not arguing that his work is meant to be taken seriously, but it’s definitely not comedy as we know it. And we can’t help but be grateful for the comedic genius that is Armando Iannucci.

What Does It Mean When A Celebrity Squinches Their Nose?

We often hear about famous people who hide their true feelings or emotions when in front of the press. We don’t believe these stories when they’re told about public figures because it doesn’t seem like it’s something they do on purpose. It’s more like they have no choice because they’re forced to behave in a certain way for their job. But when we see a celebrity squinch their nose or make some other funny gesture, it’s because they want to give the impression that they’re not as sad or angry as they really are. And sometimes that involves a bit of a cheat.

This was something that Taylor Swift did after she was caught lip-syncing at the Grammys. And, for whatever reason, she decided to fake having fun on camera, even though she was visibly upset and angry about the accusations. So she started dancing, doing the robot and singing along to her own music while holding a plastic cup in front of her. This is how she managed to give the impression that she was having fun, even though she was clearly upset about the whole ordeal. This sort of thing is why we believe that celebrities can be funny or sarcastic, even though they might seem like completely different people to us. We see them as human, just like the rest of us, and so it’s only natural that we’d find the funny side of a situation like this.

Robert Pattinson is famous for playing a wide variety of characters throughout his acting career, whether he’s been funny or serious, serious or funny, and he’s usually able to switch between them on the fly. This makes it almost impossible to tell how he’ll react in any given situation. So when he decides to dance or make a funny gesture, it sometimes surprises us, but it also makes us laugh because we don’t know what to expect. He’ll do anything to get a laugh. It’s one of the things that makes him such an interesting and complex character. We love him or hate him, but we’ll never know how he truly feels about anything. This is what makes him such an intriguing and entertaining figure. It’s what makes us keep coming back for more. It’s what makes us curious about how he’ll react to this latest news. It’s what makes us wonder what will make him squinch this time around. Perhaps it’s all that fame and attention that he craves. Perhaps it’s a sign of resistance. Or maybe he’s just excited to see his former co-stars again. We may never know for sure, but one thing is for sure. We’ve never seen or heard of anyone squinching their nose quite like this before. And we have no idea what it means.