What’s your reaction when you see a picture of one of the most gorgeous men in the world? You probably feel like you don’t have a single shot of your own to compare it to! That’s the type of reaction that Robert Pattinson is currently enjoying, as he’s surrounded by his stunning squad of male models as he promotes his new book. The Twilight Saga fans will also remember that in the last film, Robert plays a supporting role as an arrogant vampire named Edward Cullen.

Take Notes From the Pros

While we’re still dreaming of a day when we’ll see our own beloved Edward Cullen on the big screen, we can always study his acting techniques to improve ourselves. And that’s exactly what Robert is doing, as he’s listening to the acting tips of the pros, while posing for some cool photos. So, it’s time to sit back and study, because here’s some valuable knowledge that you can use to work on your own projects.

Study The Timing

In the book, Robert writes that the best way to prepare for a role is to research the timing of the scenes in advance. This is something that he says film directors often neglect, because they’re too busy putting together their elaborate plans and not enough time is left to actually study the material. This is a big mistake, because many times the best scenes in a film are those that aren’t scripted. It’s an actor’s job to bring these scenes to life, and that means relying on their training and instincts.

Work Your Nails

This tip isn’t about acting, but it’s such an important one that it deserves a spot on this list. When you’re preparing for a role, work your nails well. It’s often said that good nails make a good actress, and that’s certainly true. You want your nails to look like they’ve been freshly polished, although you might want to save some of the nail color for when you’re actually acting. It’s also important to know how to shape your nails correctly. For longer nails, it’s best to file them down to a point, instead of chopping them all the way to the end, which can make them look dirty.

Find The Inner-workings Of The Film Industry

This isn’t meant to be an advice guide, but it’s important to understand the way that the film industry works, so that you can become more effective at making your own films. While it’s wonderful to have a dream job that involves being a movie star, it’s a lot more fun and a lot more productive to have a career in the film industry. And what is a film industry but a group of people who make movies? So, if you want to be part of that group, you need to try and understand what they want and need from their staff. This can help you as an individual actor, or even if you’re just planning on working in an assistant capacity.

Know When To Take A Back Seat

This is a hard one to put into practice, since you’ll never know when the script will call for you to take the back seat. Sometimes it can be a humiliating experience for younger actors, who aren’t used to being in the background, and who therefore don’t like it. However, you have to realize that when the scene requires you to take a back seat, it isn’t because the director doesn’t value your opinion, but because they need someone else to add another layer of flavor to the scene. In these cases, it’s better to take the humiliation on the chin and get back on the horse as soon as possible!

Never Underestimate The Importance Of Hair And Makeup

A lot of actors don’t care much for doing their hair and makeup, which they see as a nuisance, since they have to go through the same process every day. However, not caring for your hair and makeup can actually come off as unprofessional, even if all you want is to be left alone to film your scene. So, if you want to appear professional, even if it’s just for the people you’re working with, it’s worth the time and effort it takes to get yourself together.

Don’t Forget The Little Things

These are the things that the everyday person wouldn’t necessarily think about, but you must remember them. When you’re working on a film, there will be so many people involved, which can make it difficult to keep track of what’s going on, especially if you’re not in the loop. It’s often said that the more people who care, the better. So, instead of just rushing into things and trying to do too much, do too little. Look at what’s going on around you, and make sure that your participation in this project is as valuable as possible. This means finding your strengths and using them in the best way possible, as well as working with the people who you think can make the biggest difference.

Follow The Money

It’s important to look at the money, since you obviously don’t want to be working for free, or with an unrewarding staff. It’s not that you’re not entitled to a good wage, but you must remember that the best script will not always ensure you a good role, and conversely, the worst role can sometimes end up being the one that pays the best. It’s a tricky business, acting, and this is why the process can be so challenging.

Use Your Nails And Hair To Your Advantage

As we’ve established, good nails make for good actors. So, don’t be afraid to use this advantage! Nails and hair can help bring a character to life, and even the most lackluster performances can look a lot better with some shine and flair added in. There are many ways in which you can use your nails and hair to help you bring your A-game every time you act!

Do you have any tips of your own to share, or was this article enough to get you going? Please feel free to add another tip, or was this article enough? Let us know in the comments below!