The last couple of years have seen Hollywood’s heartthrob Robert Pattinson emerge as one of the world’s most eligible bachelors, starring in blockbusters like Twilight and The Fallen King, gaining a huge global fan base as a result. Naturally, a celebrity like this would have a huge influence on men’s and women’s style, and one of the standout trends that have stemmed from his success are the sports luxuries he couldn’t help but indulge in as a result – from a custom-made racing bike to a personalized box of wine.

Whether you’re a hardcore fan or just adore his quirky personality, you’ll no doubt be following the 34-year-old’s sporting adventures, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if they helped shape how you want to spend your own free time. Here’s a roundup of the incredible sports equipment, gadgets, and lifestyle accessories he’s been spotted using or enjoying, from the simple pleasures of going for a run to the more complex delights of diving and yachting. So, let’s dive in.


If there’s one thing that Robert Pattinson is passionate about, it’s running. The British-born heartthrob, who now resides in Los Angeles, was spotted jogging around the area on several occasions, most notably in the Hollywood Hills. Naturally, this got us thinking, what are the most stylish – and fashionable – ways to jog?

We’d like to think that any stylish jogger would look exactly like Robert Pattinson. The casual yet fashionable Californian vibe he projects is very attractive and it’s clear that he isn’t just a pretty face as he demonstrates an amazing ability to keep up with the joggers and cyclists who crowd the streets around him. As well as being an incredible runster, he’s also trained as a boxer, which helps explain his lean and toned physique.

Luckily for us, he’s opened up about his running style, and according to the actor himself, it’s not exactly conventional. He favors a casual attitude, shunning tight jeans in favor of faded denim, sometimes even going so far as to throw on a vintage t-shirt that he’s had since high school. Naturally, this won’t put a stop to your daily exercise routine, but it’ll make you work that little bit harder.


Walking is often considered the simple, basic form of sport, yet it’s the most fundamental act of getting active. Naturally, it doesn’t need to be complicated, which is why we’re so drawn to the way that Robert Pattinson engages with this simple sport. What’s more is that he seems to prefer a brisk walk to something a little more leisurely, making him look cooler and more attractive than ever.

On one occasion, he was filmed walking through Venice Beach as the camera followed him, noting how the water reflected off his bronze skin and vivid green eyes, producing what is arguably one of the most aesthetically pleasing images of the actor.

He’s clearly not afraid to show off his feminine side, often opting for frilly dresses and floral print clothing, which makes us wonder if this is his way of expressing his feminine side, or whether he actually possesses one? Regardless of the answer to that question, it’s always fashionable to look feminine and stylish while still expressing your masculine side.


If you’re a fan of cycling, then you’ll no doubt be aware of the actor’s epic battle against cancer. This resulted in him being fitted with a prosthetic leg, which he’s used with great effect to complete numerous interviews, most notably the 2015 edition of Paris Fashion Week, where he cycled to work. Naturally, he can’t help but draw attention to himself when he cycles, often flashing huge smiles and engaging in conversation with the people he meets along the way. This has led to some amazing adventures and scenes, as seen in films like Water for Elephants and the video game, Grand Theft Auto V.

On a more recent occasion, he was filmed riding his bike to work, displaying his incredible talent for multitasking as he juggled his phone, newspaper, and coffee cup. It would appear that he doesn’t do things simply, as he revealed on Twitter that he not only commutes to work on a bike, but doubles as a photojournalist for The Guardian newspaper. Naturally, this also involves traveling around the city and taking photos of whatever catches his eye.


If there’s one thing that film stars can get away with, it’s jumping off cliffs and into pools of water. Naturally, being a swimming pool lover, this hasn’t put a stop to our visits to the beach – but it’s definitely added an additional attraction. Naturally, it doesn’t hurt that the beaches in question are usually located far from anywhere, leading to us having to work that little bit harder to get there.

In the past, he’s been spotted fishing off the coast of Australia, and it would appear that this is a passion that he holds close to his heart. On one occasion, while training for a movie, he attempted to swim from Singapore to Malaysia, a distance of nearly 100 kilometers, but was forced to abort the swim after nearly drowning. It would appear that his body wasn’t built for speed, as he’s since admitted to spending three days waiting for the right current to float him to safety. Naturally, he’s kept this a secret from the public, with just a few people knowing about it – including the film’s director, who was completely unaware of the incident.


If you can do it in a movie, then you can do it in real life. This has led to several ski-themed parties that the actor has helped to throw during the last two years, most notably in Val d’Isere, France, where the snowboarder enjoyed an incredible array of mountain landscapes and wildlife – including leopards, bears, and wolves. Naturally, this is one place that we’ll be making a beeline for come next winter.

Yacht/Private Yacht Charter

If there’s one way that Robert Pattinson has kept fit while on the campaign for Life Is Beautiful, it’s by chartering a yacht and taking regular sailing adventures. Naturally, being the private person that he is, he doesn’t do this for publicity, choosing to keep the details of his yacht adventures a secret.

However, we do know that he’s chartering a yacht for some special events, most notably for London’s International Film Festival and the Monaco Film Festival, where he’ll be making a cameo appearance in the upcoming Ocean’s 8. Naturally, these are very glamorous events and it would appear that yachting is as fashionable as ever, with many a yacht decked out in the colors of the rainbow – including a whole fleet of private yachts that the actor owns. Naturally, fashion and style are a big part of what makes this such an attractive option for a celebrity like him – it’s always great to have something that is both fashionable and functional!

So, there we have it – a roundup of the style staples that the world’s most fashionable bachelor has been spotted using or enjoying. Naturally, it wouldn’t be a surprise if these items were influenced by his status as one of the world’s most fashionable men, yet it’s clear that he also makes his own fashion choices and influences other people, often without even realizing it. Either way, it’s always fun to watch and never gets boring – we’d like to think that the fashion industry hasn’t seen the end of Robert Pattinson just yet!