Wondering what Cologne Prince Robert Pattinson is going to use after he quits smoking? Don’t worry, we have you covered. After spending several months living in and out of hospitals, the 27-year-old star is finally back on the scene and has already started to show off his newly formed personal style. While we can’t confirm the specific ingredients of the new fragrance, we can tell you that it is dominated by smoky, woody scents alongside a hint of grapefruit. Let’s take a closer look at the new fragrance and its various components.

What Is It?

Prince Robert Pattinson’s new Cologne is an all-natural fragrance, which he describes as a blend of ‘smoky and woody scents alongside a hint of grapefruit’. It is the second fragrance to be released under his exclusive U.K. brand, ROBERT PATTINSON’S SPORT. He first launched the brand in January 2018 and also includes musk in his fragrance. The 27-year-old actor launched his own fragrance, ROBERT PATTINSON’, as part of a strategic partnership with Japanese beverage company, Suntory, last year. The German brand is known for its popular Jägermeister and BrandyX fragrances – both of which are highly prized among whisky fans. It is also the most expensive fragrance sold at Harvey Nichols, costing £135 (about $178.6) for a 30ml bottle.

Dominant Scent

Unlike most perfumes, which tend to be dominated by one note (e.g., citrus for a citrus fragrance, or musk for a musk fragrance), ROBERT PATTINSON’s NEW COLOGNE is a combination of several distinct smells. According to the actor, it is a blend of ‘smoky and woody scents alongside a hint of grapefruit’. It is interesting to note that he uses the word ‘hint’ here as the grapefruit is far from being the star of the show. Instead, the woodiness and the smokiness of the fragrance are what makes it stand out. Interestingly, the main ingredient in the new Cologne is the woody spirit known as ‘Juniper Berry’, a main constituent of gin and other types of alcoholic drinks. While juniper berries aren’t typically found in nature, they do play an instrumental role in the production of gin. In fact, many people think of gin when they think of juniper berries, due to their similar flavor profiles. The botanical name for juniper berries is ‘Juniperus Communis’, which translates to ‘common juniper’. Additionally, the berries play a major role in traditional gin recipes, where they are typically used to flavor bread and water while also imparting a pleasant scent to the final product. This is why Robert Pattinson has chosen to highlight the smoky and woody notes in his new fragrance.

Musk Content

Though it might not be the most prominent note in the fragrance, most perfumers would agree that musk is a must for any well-designed fragrance. While many people associate musk with dirty clothes or unwashed animals, it actually comes from the skunk, or musk gland of male musk deer. The pungent odor of musk can be extremely difficult to capture, let alone replicate. It is an odor that is both powerful and beautiful, and has been associated with royalty and celebrities for centuries. One of the most notable examples of musk being used in a perfume is Serge Lutens’ legendary ‘Musk’ fragrance, introduced in 1987. Since then, numerous other scents have incorporated musk into their formulas, creating some of the most recognizable perfumes in history. Most notably, musk has been a key component in Jean Claude Van Damme’s musk fragrance, ‘Musk’ (1991), which was first noted for its ability to mask the smell of sewage.

Award-Winning Fragrance

Since its introduction, ‘Musk’ has continually won awards, and in 2019, it was named the World’s Best All-Natural Fragrance. Additionally, the perfume’s popularity has earned it a spot on the famous ‘Perfume Dreamers’ List’, which features the 50 most desirable perfumes in the world. As we have mentioned, the fragrance is widely regarded as one of the best natural perfumes available, and it is easy to see why. Its popularity stems not only from its unique and captivating scent, but also because it is an easygoing fragrance to wear. Unlike many other perfumes, which can leave a musky smell on your clothes for days, ‘Musk’ was designed to be easy to remove. Additionally, the fragrance is extremely versatile and can be worn by both men and women.

Odor Rating

As mentioned, the main ingredient in ‘Musk’ is common juniper, which has an odor rating of 2 on the Odor Strength Scale. The other main ingredients are sandalwood, oakmoss, and grapefruit, which together have an odor rating of 10. It is interesting to note that the other Robert Pattinson fragrance, ‘ROBERT PATTINSON’S SPORT’, which he launched in partnership with Suntory, has a significantly higher score of 12 – the exact difference between these two fragrances is in the base note of the musk. This makes ‘Musk’ one of the most potent fragrances in terms of its odor rating.

The above data were collected via an online source, but since most people will be familiar with ‘Musk’, let’s take a look at how it rates compared to some of the most well-known all-natural perfumes.

Most Expensive Fragrance

As mentioned, the most expensive fragrance in the world is ‘Musk’, created by French perfume house, Lutens. It currently retails for £135 (about $178.6) for a 30ml bottle, which is fairly expensive even by perfumery standards. This makes it the most expensive fragrance in the world, and it is clear to see why, since it is extremely rare to find an example of genuine musk. Furthermore, it is extremely expensive to buy and ship, which is why many people consider it to be a one-off purchase. It is also interesting to note that Lutens has created numerous perfumes containing musk, but these other fragrances are significantly less expensive. This might be because they do not contain the world’s most expensive ingredient.

Most Desirable Fragrance

Suntory have also created the ‘Musk’ scent for their wine brand, JADOR. The French beverage company have stated that their aim was to create a perfume with an aroma that is ‘somewhat difficult to describe’, which perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the fragrance. It is interesting to note that they have specifically chosen to use musk as the base note of their fragrance, which makes it easier for others to perceive. Additionally, they have designed the scent to represent the ‘power and magnificence of nature’, which is quite an accolade for such a small molecule. It is clear to see why Suntory chose to partner with Robert Pattinson, as his distinct style and international appeal makes him the perfect ambassador for this fragrance.

Most Popular Fragrance

Since its introduction in 1991, ‘Musk’ has become one of the most popular natural perfumes ever made. It has been credited with helping to popularize the genre, which at the time was primarily used to highlight women’s natural fragrances. Additionally, the perfume’s unique odor profile has made it popular among both men and women. It is also interesting to note that the fragrance can be found in almost all top perfume retailers worldwide, which further enhances its profile. The overall success of ‘Musk’ is quite remarkable, and it has helped to establish Jean Claude Van Damme as one of the most popular and well-known actors of all time.

Where Can I Buy It?

‘Musk’ is available to buy online from numerous retailers, including Amazon, and it can be delivered to most parts of the world. The fragrance can also be found in high-end perfumeries and other types of fragrance stores, but it is unclear how many bottles are available for sale at any given time. Additionally, it is important to keep in mind that the bottle will only last for a handful of sprays before it starts to deteriorate.