While we were distracted by the trailer for the highly-anticipated new “Twilight” movie, fans of the franchise were busy trying to figure out what Edward Cullen would wear in the future. Many fans had their own theories and speculations, so it was rather fitting that a spoof of sorts was released earlier this month.

In “Twilight” spoof “Twilight Vegas,” Robert Pattinson dresses up in all of his favorite “Twilight” outfits and invites his friends – like Taylor Lautner, Kellan Lutz, and Jackson Rathbone – to go to Vegas for a fun-filled weekend. The trailer opens with Robert Pattinson in a tiny babydoll black dress and lace tights, teasing his female fans.

“So you want to be the next Twilight? Well, come to Vegas and party with me,” he coquettishly purrs.

Things quickly take a turn for the macabre when the trailer transitions to show the group in full vampire regalia, including an intimidating wolf costume for Robert.

The trailer then cuts to a rather gruesome scene, showing several people, presumably including Robert Pattinson, lying in pools of blood. It’s not exactly subtle in its attempts to scare fans, and it’s not the first “Twilight” movie to pull a trick like this.

The trailer’s other big reveal has fans scratching their heads as well. Kellan Lutz reveals that he’s “done a little bit of acting” before, but his character, Jackson, had never actually portrayed a prostitute before. The audience then watches in horror as Jackson takes a trick from a real life street walker (played by Debaucherie, a stage name for English actress Elizabeth Debenham).

The trailer closes with the group in a pool again, this time being affectionate with one another and hinting at more intimate moments to come. It also hints at how the trio’s dynamic will be different now that they’re no longer teenagers. This “Twilight” sequel is set to hit theaters on November 16th.

Why Is This “Twilight” Spoof So Popular?

It’s no secret that “Twilight” has been very popular since its release in 2012, especially in the UK. The movie was hugely successful in its native country and even became the first blockbuster of the year. It also became the highest-grossing film of all time in Australia and New Zealand, and in Brazil, it currently sits at number three on the all-time box office list.

So, why the popularity in other parts of the world? Maybe it’s because we live in a global village now, where people are used to seeing characters they know and love on screens. “Twilight” is, after all, a big part of our cultural zeitgeist now, and it’s clearly inspired many people – including those who didn’t quite see the original movie but are curious about what happened next. It also helps that the film is on the more tame side of the vampire genre, avoiding some of the more gruesome elements that may be found in other similar flicks.

Whatever the reason, it’s rather fitting that a spoof of “Twilight” would be such a hit. What do you think? Do you plan on seeing the real deal or are you inspired by this parody? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

What Will Edward Wear Next?

While we wait for the day that Edward Cullen finally gets his old job back, fans have been enjoying spoofs of the vampire king himself. The viral trend of “edwardoring” started with a simple gif of Edward wearing a tiny babydoll, but it didn’t take long before people started making their own versions.

While most fans created a funny, cute version of Edward, some went for a more gruesome look, similar to Richard Madden’s character in the “Game of Thrones.” In one particularly gruesome parody, a user named ‘Lilien’ added a zombie makeup look to the image. Ouch.

With the release of “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2” just around the corner, fans are wondering what Edward will be wearing next. The last trailer for “Twilight” season five teased fans with new outfits, and since then, tweeps have been trying to figure out what Edward will wear in the future. With so many different styles to choose from, it may be hard to figure out which one is best for him. Here are some fan-made suggestions:

White Suits Are Back

It seems that Edward will be wearing a lot of white in the future. Since the last trailer, fans have been trying to figure out what white outfit Edward will wear next, and many have chosen white suits as their answer. White is a classic choice for men’s suits, and it seems that Edward will be continuing the tradition.

The ‘Candy Apple’ white suit that he wears in the game of thrones trailer is back, along with several other white outfits. In the Game of Thrones series, white is the color of mourning for the Stark family. In the books, Cersei Lannister even wears white as a sign of her devotion to her late husband, King Robert. Though Robert’s rules only allowed for black robes and white ermine, Cersei chooses to express her grief in a more feminine fashion – and since many fans identify with Queen Cersei, white is the perfect choice for her.

Glittery Gold And Burgundy

Glittery gold and burgundy are also colors that will be featured heavily in Edward’s wardrobe in the future. It seems that he will be continuing his trend of wearing vibrant colors, but this time around, it will be gold and burgundy rather than the traditional black and white. The last trailer for “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2” showed off several new outfits that feature these two bold colors. Though he doesn’t get the chance to showcase them all in the trailer, fans will get to see more in the upcoming sequels.

Varsity Jackets, Jeans, And Tracksuits

For decades, men’s fashion has revolved around business attire and tailored suits. But in the past few years, designers have begun to experiment with more casual style, and fans have been responding well to this change. It seems that Edward will be continuing this style revolution by wearing more of the popular sportswear labels such as JOVANI and 7 FOR ALL.

These brands produce fashion pieces for men and women, and their unisex collections feature items such as varsity jackets, jeans, and tracksuits in surprising, eye-catching colors such as burgundy and gold. This makes them a great fit for the fashion-forward, urban millennial male market that “Twilight” seems to be aiming for. If you’re looking for a brand that produces trendy and affordable fashion items, make sure to check out JOVANI and 7 FOR ALL.

Casual Day And Night

Though the “Twilight” trailers are full of very glamorous and stylish outfits, the films are really about the characters’ lives and their adventures. And what better way to explore life as a vampire than by wearing the most stylish outfits available? As glam as the characters look in these videos, it’s clear that the outfits aren’t really meant to be worn every day. Some of the trailers even show the characters in very casual settings, which seems to further imply that this is a movie about two very independent and care-free young adults who don’t really need to dress in a particular way to be cool.

It’s not just about dressing well for the occasion, this is a world that has adopted an entirely new way of living and dressing for the occasion doesn’t bother them at all. The casual day and night setting of “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2” is a stark contrast to the glitz and glamour of the films’ opening scenes, and it seems that this is a look that Edward will be favoring as his trademark. Fans of the series will remember that the last movie ended with Edward and Bella spending a rather quiet, romantic night at home, watching old movies and snuggling together. This is a far cry from the films’ glamorous early scenes, and Edward’s casual wear in the last installment is a good way to explore this new, quieter side of his character.