Most of us have heard of the super-popular Twilight series, which follows the tumultuous love life of young Bella Swan as she falls in love with a vampire named Edward Cullen. The books and films tell the story of how Bella learns to embrace her vampire side, and eventually gives birth to a family with Edward and his brother, Jasper. While the series has been incredibly lucrative for its author, Stephanie Meyers, it has not been without controversy. In fact, since the beginning, there have been questions about whether Edward is a true vampire. Thanks to a Tumblr user by the name of @_queen_steph_ for unearthing these facts about the beloved British actor, Robert Pattinson!

1. He doesn’t drink human blood.

During an interview with Vanity Fair in 2011, Pattinson said, “I’m not a vampire. I don’t need to drink human blood. I’m not into hurting people. I might hurt animals sometimes in my films to evoke a feeling, but not humans.” While this answer may appear to satisfy fans, it doesn’t exactly do so. As @_queen_steph_ noted, the definition of a vampire does not necessarily entail bloodthirsty behavior. In fact, the creatures from which vampires are said to be descended are often portrayed as being largely nonviolent.

2. His Twitter bio reads: “I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t do drugs. I don’t have tattoos. I don’t wear underwear. I’m proud to be a virgin. And I hate spam.”

Even though Pattinson appears to be downplaying his lack of vampirism in the above statement, it’s important to keep in mind that Twitter is a completely different beast than, say, a magazine interview or a TV appearance. On Twitter, we are often forced to condense vast amounts of information into concise, bite-sized morsels of content known as Tweets. For this reason, a Twitter bio like Pattinson’s above is quite possibly the smartest thing he could have written. The more he clambers down the list of “don’ts” in his bio, the more it will resonate with followers.

3. He doesn’t really celebrate Halloween.

While it’s true that Pattinson was born and raised in London and has often been spotted wearing classic English attire, such as a tweed jacket, he seems to prefer the company of friends over family on Halloween. In 2011, he told Vanity Fair, “I don’t really celebrate Halloween. I don’t like the commercialization of it. It’s just another day; it’s not like it’s special. I don’t understand the attraction to it. It’s just another day. It doesn’t mean anything.”

4. He eats healthy food.

Although often associated with being rich and spoiled, Pattinson actually keeps a healthy diet. He told British newspaper The Independent, “I eat really healthy food, like lots of green vegetables and fruit and chicken. If I want a piece of cake, I’ll have a piece of cake, but I don’t need to have a piece every day. I feel fantastic most of the time and I don’t think a big part of that is due to my diet. I think a lot of it is due to me working out and getting some sun.”

5. He’s a minimalist.

Pattinson isn’t just limited to healthy eating and eschews material possessions, he also shuns excess grooming. He told Women’s Wear Daily, “I always feel a little bit uncomfortable when people go overboard with the hair and the makeup. It’s like, you don’t need all that. You look amazing as you are.” So while you might be used to seeing your favorite celebrity adorned in plenty of makeup, keep in mind that many of them might not be as good as you think. They might have lots of hidden secrets about their health, too. So before you start feeling too sorry for them, you should probably look at the evidence.

There you have it. Five pretty amazing facts about Robert Pattinson. Is he a vampire? Well, we probably won’t know for sure until the end of time, but for the moment, let’s just say he is not.