When we think of literary greats, it is often the name of William Shakespeare that comes to mind. However, there was another English poet and playwright who shares the same birthday with the Bard. This poet’s name was Robert Pattinson and he is responsible for some truly great poems. If you have never heard of this talented man or know much about him, then this piece is for you. Here is a short bio on this remarkable writer:

Short Bio

William Shakespeare is known for his work in theatre. He is also recognized for his poetry. But, beyond these accomplishments, it is as a writer that Shakespeare will always be remembered for. In addition to writing numerous plays and poetry, Shakespeare worked with his collaborators to bring his visions to life on stage. He collaborated with Henry Wriothesley, the Earl of Southampton, Richard Burbage, William Herbert, Thomas Heywood, and John Fletcher to put on plays and to write poems. While many people think of Shakespeare as a man of his time, he was also a man ahead of his time. His work with other writers and artists to bring their stories to life on stage through the use of theatre is still used today.

But, let’s be honest, without Shakespeare, there would be no Romeo and Juliet. Or, as he would have said, “Yeeaaaahhh.”

Key Facts

Apart from writing some of the most influential poetry of all time, Robert Pattinson also wrote extensively for both The Guardian and The Observer newspapers. In fact, he is still regularly published in these two prominent publications. In 2010, he was named the London literary laureate. This is a prestigious award that is given to a writer who has achieved a certain level of acclaim in the UK and elsewhere. He has also been nominated for numerous other literary awards, including the Man Booker Prize and the Nobel Prize in Literature. In addition, he has won numerous awards for his photography, including the World Photographic Awards, the Royal Photographic Society’s Professional Awards, and England’s prestigious Royal Photographic Society Awards. This list of awards is quite a bit longer than the list of biographical information I just provided you, but I think you get the point.

Aside from being a famous writer, Robert Pattinson is also known for being a Hollywood heartthrob. He was one of the most in-demand young English actors in Hollywood in the early 2000s. He was first discovered by a Hollywood agent while working as an extra in the film Cruel Intentions. Since then, he has had prominent parts in multiple movies, including the Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey franchises. In addition, he has had a part in the upcoming Godzilla movie and will be seen in the upcoming crime thriller Bright. Most notably, however, he will be seen in the April 2019 release of The Batman, portrayed by Ben Affleck. This movie marks the 25th anniversary of the Batman franchise and it is widely anticipated that Pattinson’s performance as the villain, Ra’s Al Ghul, will be critically acclaimed. This biographical information about Robert Pattinson is pretty much available online. All you really need to do is search for his name. But, in case you were wondering, his preferred username on social media is @robpattinson.

The Bard & Robert Pattinson

With Shakespeare, one of the most recognizable literary figures in the world, and Rob as his most famous literary descendant, this duo is bound to attract a lot of attention wherever they go.

But beyond a pair of famous last names, these two have more in common than you’d think. For one, like Shakespeare, Rob is also a prolific writer. He is the author of nine books, including a photography memoir and the highly acclaimed novels Twilight and Breaking Dawn. In addition to being a renowned photographer, Rob is also a skilled musician, painter, and poet. He also edited the literary journal, The London Review of Books. Like Shakespeare, Rob also collaborated with other writers and artists to bring his work to life through the use of theatre. This is perhaps most evident in 2014, when he and director Matt Reeves collaborated to bring Shakespeare’s romantic tragedy, Romeo & Juliet, to life on stage. It was a truly magical experience to see and hear Rob, as Shakespeare’s famous romantic poet, passionately declare his love for Rosaline. Moreover, just like Shakespeare, Rob is also a well-traveled man. He has visited many of the places his characters roam, including Italy, France, and Germany – the very locations where his renowned novels are set. In the case of The Twilight Saga, in order to research the novels, Rob and his team visited the places that the characters actually traveled to. This included Los Angeles, San Francisco, and the state of Utah, where the fictional town of Forks is set. In addition, in an interview with Vogue, Rob revealed that he has a painting that depicts Kate Winslet in the role of Juliet. This makes it even more clear that he is a man of many talents.

Where Can I Find This Literary Great’s Source Material?

While it is always nice to read about famous people in the news, it is also important to remember that they are just people, like the rest of us. No matter how many awards and accomplishments they may have, they are still just people. And, as with the rest of us, some of the things they do and say may be worthy of praise, but others may not. So, it is critical that we do our research and find out as much as we can about this literary great, even if they are not famous for being a great husband or father. In this way, we can ensure that we are not unfairly prejudiced in their favor simply because they are famous.

This is why it is so important to do your research online before forming an opinion about any person, even if they are widely revered in their field. In the age of the internet, this is relatively easy to accomplish. While it is always nice to hear about famous people in person, the key to having an informed opinion is through research. And what better place to do your research than the internet? Simply type in the name of the person you are researching and the results that appear below the search bar will contain all the relevant information you need.

Where Can I Find Out More About This Literary Great?

Apart from being a prolific writer, there is also a wealth of information online about this literary great. You can start by simply searching for him on Google. This will bring up multiple pages of results. You can then click on any of these links and be brought to a page with more information. From there, you can learn more about his life, work, and times. Even if you do not intend on reading any of his work, you can read this brief biography. It is also entirely possible that, if you scroll down the page, you will see a link to information about his awards, publications, or even an autobiographical link. In this way, you can learn more about this important literary figure and avoid being misled by false information.

The Importance Of Research

While it is always nice to have people appreciate your work and believe in your vision, this does not mean that everyone is going to like you or your work. As with any new work of literature, you will have your share of both fans and detractors. But this should not surprise you, as this is the nature of all creative work. Moreover, as a writer, you should not allow any one person, whether famous or not, to influence your work. The only person you should allow to influence your work is you, as this is your creative outlet, your own voice, and your own opinion that you are promoting to the world. Your art should not be for popular consumption, but for your own personal satisfaction and for those who appreciate the depth of your vision. This does not mean that you cannot or should not promote your work, but it does mean that you should not allow anyone else to do so, including famous people or those who think they are famous. Most importantly, you need to be the one to promote your work and, in turn, benefit from its success. This is not something that will happen overnight, but with hard work and determined optimism, you can succeed as a writer, no matter who you are or what kind of talent you have.