The songs of Robert Pattinson will be forever entwined with the fans’ hearts. The singer-songwriter is known for his romantic ballads, which portray a vulnerable and sympathetic character. Many of his songs discuss the struggles of modern-day love, which the fans connect with. He has also released a number of happy, upbeat tracks, some of which were inspired by his work with the Batman movie. Although some of his songs are a decade old, they remain popular today because of their unique messages.

Here’s a list of all the songs by Robert Pattinson, along with brief descriptions of each song and its associated lyrics.

1. Remember Me

This 2004 hit is a timeless track about breaking up with a lover. The song is set in a minor key and features a slow, heart-breaking melody and delicate piano accompaniment. The lyrics evoke memories of past loves while expressing heartache and longing for the former self. The song has received praise from critics who claim that it’s one of the best breakup songs ever recorded.

Lyrically, the song portrays a man remembering the love of his life. The lyrics refer to her as “the one who sets us free,” and “the woman I love.” The man pleads with her to “remember me” and “say you’ll miss me” after they break up. He also hopes that she will “find some happiness” and “forget about [him]” because he doesn’t want to cause her any more heartache than he already has.

2. Walking My Dog

This 2007 track is about companionship and loyalty. Pattinson wrote the song after his dog ate a $400 jar of pasta that was supposed to be for his father’s birthday. The singer-songwriter adopted the pet after the incident and named it Beethoven. Beethoven is often seen nuzzling against Pattinson’s neck while he performs the track, which is featured on his self-titled album.

The song is upbeat and has a modern edge to it. The lyrics detail the singer’s experience watching his dog walk and how the dog enjoys the experience. At one point, the man even sings, “My dog has good taste, I swear,” and claims that the pet is “the best friend I could ever have.” He sings about wanting to maintain the closeness he shares with the dog despite the fact that they’re not human.

3. Nobody Walks in Louboutin

This track is a heartfelt ode to Christian Louboutin. The French designer’s exquisite shoes have played a pivotal role in the singer’s life, with the shoes even appearing in Pattinson’s music video for “Remember Me.” He has spoken openly about his love for Louboutin’s shoes in interviews and referred to them as his “bitchin’ pair of shoes.”

The song is a beautiful ballad with a lush vocal performance from Pattinson and delicate piano accompaniment. The lyrics are about a man falling in love with a designer’s shoes and how they allow him to walk with style. He mentions that the shoes make him “feel like [he’s] stepping into [his] shoes” and claims that they are “artistic and feminine and incredibly sexy.” While he loves the shoes, he also acknowledges that they are a source of pain as well.

“Nobody walks in Louboutin,” he sings, expressing his disappointment that the shoes don’t fit everyone. He pleads with the universe that one day, he will be able to wear the shoes without hurting himself. He sings, “Make me walk in Louboutin,” which some interpret as a reference to drugs. The song ends with the line, “I swear, one day I will be able to wear these shoes and not injure myself.”

4. Never Been in Love Before

This 2008 track is a melancholy reflection on first love. The song was inspired by Pattinson’s time spent in Milan, Italy, which he referred to as “one of the most beautiful cities in the world.” He longed to return there and be with the object of his affection. The song was released as a single in Italy and reached #4 on the Italian Singles Chart. Never Been in Love Before has received praise from critics for its lyrics and melody.

“Never been in love before / Didn’t know what love was / But now I do / And it’s more than I could ask for,” the singer-songwriter sings. The lyrics are in the form of a letter to his lover, which he addresses as “my sweet love.” The opening lines of the song reference Romeo and Juliet, and Pattinson refers to himself as “a hopeless romantic,” a reference to Shakespeare’s most famous play. He sings about his desire to help her find “the true love [she’s] been looking for.” The man wants to be the one to show her “how much [she’s] worth” and “make [her] believe in happy endings.”

5. Remember Me (Reprise)

This 2009 reprise of “Remember Me” is a heartfelt ballad that seesaws between melancholy and hope. In the reprise, which is performed acoustically, the man sings about how he is trying to move on with his life and forget about his former lover. Despite his best efforts, the song still haunts him and prevents him from being truly happy. The lyrics detail his painful attempts to walk away and how he still longs for her as she “walks into [his] life” again. He wonders if she has found “some kind of peace,” if she is “happy with [her]self,” and whether or not she misses him. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this song go to the Animal Rescue League.

It is clear that the song still bothers Pattinson, who, in a 2012 interview with Cosmo New Zealand, said, “I’m quite proud of that song. It’s the first song I ever wrote that people still remember and appreciate.”

6. Lips Are Movin

“Lips Are Movin’” is a jubilant pop song that makes light of pop culture’s preoccupation with celebrity. In the song, the singer claims that he is above all else “a man of my generation” and that he “[doesn’t] care about nobody” because he “knows what [his] generation’s all about.”

He then lists the celebrities he “knows”: Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga, among others. In the song, he brags about being “rich and famous” and about the many women who sleep with him because of his money. The man is clearly proud of his status as a celebrity and claims that he doesn’t need to “lookin’ for love” because he already has so much of it. At one point, he sings, “You can call me a playboy / But I don’t give a fuck.”

7. If We Held Hands

This ballad is an ode to the healing power of music. The song is in the form of a letter, with Pattinson addressing his lover as “my best friend” and “my soulmate.” He writes that he hopes they can “hold hands” and walk together as friends “for the rest of [their] lives.” If We Held Hands was written after the pair’s first meeting and was inspired by many of their encounters afterward. The songwriter credits his experience with the Batman movie as helping him discover a new side of his muse.

If We Held Hands has been covered by other artists, including Leona Lewis and Alannah McDonough. Lewis covered the song for her 2010 album, Room to Dream, and it was included on her set list for a 2015 tour. McDonough’s version appeared on her 2011 self-titled album. She has also performed the song with Pattinson at the iHeartRadio Theater in New York City.

8. The Kids Come First

Pattinson composed The Kids Come First, a song about parenting and parenthood, after the birth of his son, River, in 2010. While the lyrics reference his family, they are also about the anxieties that can accompany fatherhood. The singer-songwriter dedicated the song to “all the dads out there who are doing the best they can.”