It’s been a big week for news surrounding the end of an era. On Sunday night (May 5), singer-songwriter Robert Pattinson released a song titled “I’m Falling in Love for the Last Time,” and in the following days, there have been reports of his farewell concert and the release of his final album.

The track marks the culmination of several years of growth for Pattinson as an artist. It was first released as a standalone single in January 2014 and was later included on his album Darling, which was released that same year. Although there have been rumors of a feud between Pattinson and his former bandmates from the band Fleetwood Mac, “I’m Falling in Love for the Last Time” shows that he’s come to terms with the split and is ready to move on.

Pattinson’s Final Concert

On May 6, it was reported that Pattinson would be releasing a final concert album, titled One Last Time, which would feature songs from his solo work as well as his bandmate Chris Stapleton’s solo album Traveller.

Pattinson’s Solo Work

Apart from his work with Stapleton, Pattinson has released three solo albums:

  • 2014’s Darling (his first solo album in seven years) – a collection of bluesy pop songs about heartbreak and loneliness;
  • Lost In Translation, released in 2015 – a record replete with moody, indie-rock inspired tunes; and
  • Songs for Slim, a Tribute to Scott Walker, released earlier this year (2018) and featuring the late great British singer-songwriter Scott Walker on vocals as well as performances by Jónsi and M. Ward.

Pattinson’s solo work has seen him compared to Jeff Buckley, Joni Mitchell, and Leonard Cohen. Rolling Stone referred to him as “the next great British male singer-songwriter,” while the Los Angeles Times called him “a British Leonard Cohen.”

The Album’s Release Date

On April 25, it was reported that One Last Time would be released on June 29 – just nine days before Pattinson’s 33rd birthday. However, that date was later changed to July 12.

Why This Album?

As previously mentioned, “I’m Falling in Love for the Last Time” marks the culmination of several years of growth for Pattinson as an artist. It also happens to be one of the rare instances where he has collaborated with a popular artist – in this case, Swedish artist Josef Alberstadt, who created the album’s stunning cover art.

In a Rolling Stone interview, Pattinson said of the album, “This record is very much about finding a sense of peace in quiet desperation. I think we’re all finding ways to cope. The songwriting on the album came from that place. I wanted to make an album that I could look back on, hopefully, with pride.”

In the same interview, Pattinson also talked about the recording process for One Last Time:

“We spent about a year just making field recordings in London and the South of England. We’d drive around and listen to people talking, and play guitar and record the conversations. That was the basis of the album. We also went to Amsterdam a lot – we found the city to be so perfect for recording.”

Pattinson’s final album will be released on July 12 and is now available for pre-order from Amazon.

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