You may know that actress Kristen Stewart and actor Robert Pattinson have been dating since 2010. Their off-and-on relationship made headlines when it was revealed that they had broken up in the past. They got back together after their respective divorces and have been trying to keep the relationship under wraps. The two have been very protective of their privacy. Now that Stewart’s 18th birthday is approaching, she is officially a legal adult; and, as a result, this summer will mark the final season for the underage romantics. Shocking photos of Stewart’s baby son, Cole, with his father were recently published by Vanity Fair. The photos reveal more than we thought about the famous family dynamics. You’ll have to read on to find out what they are.

The Making of a Modern Family

On July 25, 2016, Stewart announced the birth of her first child with Pattinson. Her representative said in a statement, “Kristen Stewart gave birth to a healthy baby boy… On Saturday, July 24, 2016, Kristen and her husband, Robert Pattinson, are over the moon to share their exciting news that their first son has been born.”

The couple’s new baby, born at an undisclosed hospital in Los Angeles, weighed in at 8 pounds, 6 ounces and was 19 inches long. They named their son, Cole, after Robert’s father. The photo above, taken outside the hospital, shows the proud new parents cradling their baby boy. We can only imagine how over the moon Stewart and Pattinson must be right now. Aside from being a first-time parent, Stewart is also entering the world of modeling, as her son will be a baby celebrity!

A Matter of Trust

Although Stewart and Pattinson were legally an adult and a minor at the time of their son’s birth, it was still their parent’s responsibility to make sure they were both of age to consent to sex. This situation led to the inevitable question: Does Stewart trust her ex-boyfriend enough to consent to sex with him?

The actress’ representative said in a statement, “They (Stewart and Pattinson) are committed to raising their son as a single parent and believe that he will grow up to be a respectful and understanding person. They thank everyone for their good wishes and appreciate everyone watching out for them as they raise Cole as best they can.”

Whether you believe Stewart’s statement or not, the issue of consent has been brought up numerous times in the press. In the past, Stewart has only spoken about her son in vague terms. It hasn’t been easy for her, considering her past and their current legal statuses, to establish a relationship with Cole. As a result, the publicity stunt that was meant to shock the world, has instead captivated it.

What do you think about Stewart and Pattinson’s relationship? Do you think they will last?