You may remember that just a few months ago, it was announced that Robert Pattinson would be taking a step back from his acting career to focus on his son, Wills. Well, it seems that Berkela (spelled both ways) may finally be in its release date after all, as there were multiple images posted on Twitter and Instagram recently of the actor/model/director with a very satisfied and wide-eyed look on his face.

Here’s hoping he made the right choice. We’d love to see what our favorite British actor is capable of when he hasn’t had his hands full with a baby (or three).

Dakika Is A Real Treasure

The news of Wills’ birth was met with joy and celebration among Robert’s social media followers. And it’s not hard to see why: not only did the director/actor have yet to announce his retirement from acting, but he also happens to be the son of two iconic actresses, Helena Bonham-Carter and the late great Peggy Ashcroft. Together, they not only starred in the acclaimed 1988 film, The Princess Bride, but also shared the screen with many other famous faces, including Elizabeth Taylor and Lauren Bacall. So it’s no wonder that when the opportunity to work with one of the most well-known and admired names in the industry on a big-budgeted film presented itself, he jumped at the chance.

But it’s not only his casting in The Princess Bride and The Avengers that have secured the 56-year-old actor’s position in Hollywood. He’s also been featured in numerous commercials, as well as movies like The Wedding Singer and the aforementioned The Princess Bride, which starred his mother and Princess Diana. So it’s safe to say that today, he’s more than capable of tackling any role, no matter how big or small.

A Role Model For Young Men

It’s often said that one of the most important roles a child can play is that of a role model. And it’s true; not only does he have the incredible good fortune of being the son of two amazing women, but he’s also gained the trust and respect of many people across the globe with his incredibly successful acting career. And what’s more, he’s not afraid to show the world his softer side, as evidenced by his Instagram account, which is filled with countless stories of him playing with his son, Wills.

While we wait patiently for Berkela to arrive, why not take a look back at some of Robert’s finest moments as a parent and how he’s conducted himself while pregnant and as a new daddy?

During Pregnancy And After Wills’ Birth

For those of you who may be keeping track, Robert Pattinson has had a pretty hectic time in the last few months. Not only did he have to deal with the sudden loss of his unborn child due to severe early-onset preeclampsia, but he also had to give birth to Wills at just 37 weeks. It was a very stressful time, and it’s no wonder that he retreated to Italy, where he spent most of his time in parenthood.

Even after Wills was born and the worldwide press conference to announce his retirement from acting was canceled, Robert still couldn’t quite bring himself to reveal the sex of his newborn son. Finally, on Aug. 23, he tweeted: “Wills is a beautiful baby boy. I’m so happy to have him in my life. He makes me proud and determined to be a better father.”

Even now, more than a month later, he still hasn’t named the baby. But the anticipation is certainly killing us.

What’s Next For Robert Pattinson?

With the release of The Batman on Friday, it’s time for us to wonder what roles Robert will tackle next. Based on the first five issues of the beloved and iconic comic book series, The Batman, the film follows the Dark Knight as he investigates the murders of the city’s most prominent people, all of whom have one thing in common: they’re all believed to have been killed by a terrifying criminal known as The Joker. Naturally, a man of such stature and magnetism would make for a great leading man.

While it’s not yet known what roles Robert will take on next, it’s safe to say that he’s got a pretty full docket. Not only did he just finish filming on The Batman, but the actor is also in post-production on the yet-untitled The King’s Tale, which will see him play Richard III, as well as on the third season of the popular series, The Handmaid’s Tale. Then there’s the upcoming James Bond film, which will see him play the villain in the next installment of the venerable spy series.

With a career spanning more than four decades, it’s fair to say that Robert Pattinson is one of the most decorated and respected actors of his generation. And it seems that his decision to retire from acting has already proven to be the right one, as he has steadily risen as one of Hollywood’s most bankable and dynamic stars.