When Robert Pattinson announced that he was taking a break from Twitter, his 8.8 million followers on social media platform Instagram reacted with a collective shrug. After all, their favourite actor had already bowed out of the public eye. With few signs of life on the micro-blogging platform, many assumed that the “Twilight” star had been reduced to a glorified Instagram lifestyle brand. While it is true that Instagram is home to some of the biggest names in entertainment, it is also the platform that millions of people use every day to discover content that they love, follow accounts that speak to them, and keep up with friends and family. For someone who has built his reputation on being an actor who captivates audiences onscreen, it is perhaps fitting that the “Twilight” star chose to pioneer a brand strategy around an app that is so central to our everyday lives. After all, as the saying goes, “social media is forever.”

Taking the Reins of an Instagram Empire

Although it is still early days, it is clear that Instagram has emerged as the star of the social media universe. According to Google Analytics, 55% of global social media users use the app, and it is the most popular social media platform among Gen Z (34%).

The “Twilight” star’s decision to centre his strategy around the acquisition of Instagram is no accident. With more than 500 million monthly active users, the app contains all the makings of a living, breathing social media network. What’s more is that Instagram is one of the few social media networks that continue to grow in popularity every year. With the world shifting to digital platforms and the rise of TikTok, a platform that bills itself as a “social media platform for everyone,” Instagram is the gold standard.

With 55% of the population using the app and its daily active users increasing by 16% in the last year alone, it’s clear that Robert Pattinson and his team at J.Pattinson Limited (his holding company) are taking the right approach. However, in order to best serve his audience, the actor-turned-brand strategist needs to understand what makes his beloved app so special and how he can make the most of it.

A Storytelling App

In many ways, Instagram is the antithesis of TikTok. Where TikTok is frenetic and busy, Instagram is calm and composed. Where TikTok is all about the now, Instagram is about the future. Where TikTok is “here and now,” Instagram is “there and then.”

An Instagram user can choose to follow a series of carefully curated stories that are heavily skewed towards beauty and fashion content. What’s more is that each story can include a mix of photos and videos that the user can swipe through in succession. In this way, Instagram is a very user-friendly platform that allows everyone, even those unfamiliar with the app, to easily find content that they are interested in.

In many ways, this is the key advantage that Instagram serves as a “wedding channel” for celebrities, influencers, and even average Joes and Joshes who want to mark the important days of their life. While it is true that the platform allows for greater personal expression than most, it still has a way of curating content that is very suitable for shared viewing.

Where Do I Find Photos of My Ex?

One of the more amusing things about the “Twilight” actor’s decision to take a sabbatical from Twitter is that it gave rise to a cottage industry of amateur sleuths who were determined to unravel the mystery of his mysterious disappearance. While there is still no official confirmation of Robert Pattinson’s disappearance, the fact that he has gone AWOL for well over a month has made him the living definition of a social media sensation.

The internet is a sea of speculation, innuendo, and half-truths, all of which get drowned out by the cacophony of celebrity Twitter. However, on a platform where the vast majority of users remain inactive, it is these quixotic investigators who become digital detectives who find and share the occasional grain of truth amidst the virtual sea of falsehood.

For some, searching for photos of your ex can be a tedious process. However, on Instagram, it is a completely different story. Despite the fact that many of users’ accounts are private, Instagram makes it easy for anyone to find and connect with people they know. What’s more is that many of the platform’s biggest stars have made it a point of pride to maintain high degrees of privacy.

The result is a largely untapped resource for sleuths who are looking to discover what happened to their favourite celebrity. While many of the accounts are private, there are clear signs that many of the stars are actively using the platform to promote their careers and build their audience. In this way, the absence of Robert Pattinson from Twitter and the eventual emergence of an Instagram empire is less of a cause for concern and more of a story in itself.

Building an Audience

While most of the “Twilight” actor’s followers on Instagram are simply there to bask in his famous good looks and enjoy the occasional behind-the-scenes peek at his film career, others have taken the time to follow the account in the hope of getting content that is tailor-made to meet their needs. In this way, the account is a veritable goldmine for content creators who have the misfortune of having their work featured on it.

According to data from SimilarWeb, a content analysis platform that measures audience size and engagement, the “Twilight” star’s Instagram account is the fifth most popular account among content creators in the world. What’s more is that SimilarWeb estimates that the account has a massive 365.7 million monthly active users. This makes the account not only the biggest account among content creators, but it also leads the pack of celebrity Instagrammers.

A Legend In and Out of Character

If there is one thing that the “Twilight” star’s year away from social media has proven, it is just how much he enjoys being out of character. While this might make for great press copy, it is something that his legions of fans have come to realise and appreciate.

The result is a collection of Instagrammers who are capturing the highs and lows of the actor’s life and using their account to share their candid experiences with others. If you are unfamiliar, the “Twilight” saga is a series of novels and films that follow the romantic travails of Bella Swan, a teenage waitress who falls madly in love with the charming and aloof Edward Cullen. In the years since the first installment was released, fans have grown to love the rebellious, antisocial, and at times, dangerous side of Cullen, the “good” vampire who struggles with his inner thirst for human blood.

Whether it is his aversion to traditional social mores, his fondness for fast cars and fast women, his black wardrobe, or his tendency to flash the peace sign, there is no denying that Robert Pattinson is one of the most iconic figures in modern pop culture. The “Twilight” star’s willingness to embrace his wild sides has endeared him to millions, and it is this mix of fame and charm that has made him a legend in and out of character.