The most recent Robert Pattinson spoofs are either parodies or homages to the Twilight

series and its star. The first is Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights,
which is a satirical parody of the legendary Dirty Dancing movie.
Although it doesn’t mention the Twilight series by name, it doesn’t
need to – we know exactly what movie it’s spoofing. Most people
will know exactly what movie this is referencing, especially
since the movie’s plot is being spoofed as well.

Another movie that references Twilight is My Ex-Girlfriend’s
Ex-Boyfriend. This is a romantic comedy starring Anna Kendrick
as a 40-year-old college dropout who disguises herself as a high school
student to trick her way into an exclusive dating web site for
undergraduates. The movie is pretty much a love letter to the
Twilight series, with some hilarious cameos from Chris Pine and
Kristen Stewart.

But the greatest spoof of all time has to be High School Musical.
The parody movie takes several iconic dance sequences from the
legendary high school musical and recreates them as a hip-hop
musical. It’s a hilarious send-up of the classic movie and its
soundtrack, and it even includes a recreation of one of the epic
cheerleader battles that made the original so memorable. This
totally unofficial parody was an instant classic and spawned a
legendary cult following.

So which one is the most Robert Pattinson spoof? It’s actually a
tough call, but if we had to choose one, it would be High School
Musical. It’s a timeless classic that will remain as the definitive
Robert Pattinson spoof for years to come.