Most of us are aware of Robert Pattinson, the British actor who rose to fame after starring in the Twilight films. The English actor is mostly known for his dark good looks and brooding image, which some have compared to that of Hollywood icon Robert Redford. While this may be true, there is another side to Pattinson that many of his fans may not know about.

During an interview with Esquire, Pattinson opened up about his love for cigarettes and drinking. The actor admitted that he often craves a cigarette when he feels stressed or anxious, although he believes that he’s put the habit behind him. “When I first moved to America, I kind of wanted that cigarette more than anything else,” Pattinson told Esquire. “I used to crave it. And I still do sometimes, when I’m anxious or stressed. But I don’t really crave it in the same way.”

A History Of Alcohol And Tobacco Use

Pattinson isn’t the only famous person who loves their alcohol and tobacco. Many actors, musicians, and other celebrities have admitted to being fans of the drug habits of their heroes. In fact, there is a popular Tumblr blog called Celebrities Who Drink, which features celebrity mugshots with drinks in hand. It’s difficult to determine where these celebrities stand on the spectrum of drinking, since there is no clear-cut definition of what constitutes heavy drinking or a hangover. Still, the blog serves as an interesting glimpse into the minds of some of Hollywood’s most famous people. One thing is for sure: they all love their booze.

Pattinson’s Struggle

Although the 40-year-old has put his cigarette habit behind him, he still struggles with his alcohol intake. During the interview with Esquire, the actor confessed that he has his drinking “controlled,” since he believes that it can sometimes be “demoralizing” to his friends and family. “I’m not going to lie to you, I still have my drink problem. I still get drunk, sometimes,” Pattinson said. “I’m conscious of the fact that I have a problem. I just don’t want it to control me. That’s all.”

Why Does He Have To Struggle So Much?

Pattinson isn’t the only famous person who has struggled with their alcohol intake. Many celebrities have hidden their addictions for years, only to reveal them later in life. After many years of struggling with his drug use, Robert Duvall finally admitted to himself that he was an alcoholic, and eventually sought help. Eventually, he quit drinking, although not before revealing his alcoholism in the 1973 movie The Godfather. Duvall went on to win an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his role in the 1977 film Tender Mercies.

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, as many as 40% of all people who drink regularly experience problems with their habit. It’s clear that alcohol isn’t good for everyone, and that some people are more susceptible to alcohol’s negative effects than others. Still, alcohol isn’t a harmless habit. It can cause problems for those who abuse it, and it can be fatal for those who drink it at excessive levels or in combination with other drugs.

Celebrities Who Struggle With Their Drinking

There are many famous people who have admitted to struggling with their drinking. Here are some of the most notable examples.

Robert Duvall

One of the most well-known struggles with alcohol is the actor Robert Duvall. The two-time Oscar winner has spoken in the past about his alcoholism, which he finally recognized and addressed in the 1970s. Duvall told Parade magazine in 1978 that he “always had a drink problem.” He went on to say that he “ate to excess, and when [the] drinking got bad, [he] turned to pills.” Before he ultimately quit drinking in his 60s, Duvall spent nearly a decade as one of Hollywood’s most celebrated and respected alcoholic actors. He is now considered by many to be the father of the modern-day celebrity photo shoot. Duvall passed away in 2019 at the age of 89.

Morgan Freeman

Another high-profile example of a famous person who struggles with their drinking is Morgan Freeman. The Academy Award-winning actor has been open about his dependency on the substance. In 2014, Freeman admitted that he had been “embarrassed” by his dependence on alcohol, and that he had never fully addressed it. According to the actor, he started drinking when he was 18 years old, and he drank heavily during the following years. Freeman eventually cleaned up his act, and he doesn’t drink alcohol now. Still, the star has admitted that he has his “dark days,” and he can sometimes “find himself in a bit of a mood” when he doesn’t drink.

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore is another prominent example of a famous person who struggles with their drinking. The actress has been open about her addiction for many years, even before she officially became a single mother. In 2016, Barrymore acknowledged that she had “an unhealthy relationship with alcohol,” and she credited the substance with causing her to attempt suicide multiple times. After she cleaned up her act, Barrymore was able to establish healthy habits, and she doesn’t drink alcohol or use other drugs. Still, Barrymore has talked about her troubled past, and she often credits her daughter with giving her the strength to quit.

Alcohol And Tobacco Use In Culture

Alcohol and tobacco aren’t just used by famous people to consume. The substances have been part of popular culture for decades. Here are some of the best iconic photos from over the years.

Tobacco Industry Advertising

One of the early examples of alcohol and tobacco being used in combination with advertising is the 1955 film The Marrying Man, which stars George Montgomery and Barbara Hutton. In the film, Montgomery’s character smokes and drinks during the day, and he uses the substances for “self-medication” to deal with his problems. While this may have been a somewhat scandalous display of drug use in the ‘50s, the tobacco industry wasn’t exactly hurting for marketing opportunities at the time, and alcohol and tobacco were certainly seen as “men’s drugs.”

A Rolling Machine

In the 1969 film Cool Breeze, which stars Jean Michel Blanc, Richard Harris, and Raquel Welch, the two main characters drink to excess and use tobacco regularly. In the movie, Harris’ character builds a “rolling machine” that turns cigars into thick, wooden cigars. This may have been a satirical nod to the then-burgeoning counterculture and the “hippie” movement.

A Beer And Whiskey-Drinking Contest

Another example of alcohol and tobacco being used in combination with advertising is the 1968 film The Boston Strangler, which stars Victor Mature and Joanne Dru. In the film, Dru’s character is a professional killer who is hired to take out Mature’s character, a violent beer drinker. While this may have been a somewhat outlandish premise in 1968, it is still considered popular culture’s first depiction of a female serial killer. The beer industry certainly didn’t hurt its cause by promoting the film, which is probably why it’s still remembered today. In an era when films often promoted the harmful effects of smoking, it’s amazing that filmmakers were able to pull off this feat without provoking any government backlash.

A Toke-Partying With Bozo The Clown

Bozo the Clown is another funny character who popped up on our screens during the height of the Cold War in the 1950s. He was often seen drinking whiskey, playing cards, and smoking cigars. While it might seem like a crazy combination to some, Bozo was a major influence in some circles, particularly in the comedy world. In an interview with Mental Floss, comic book artist and author Chester Brown said, “I’ve noticed that many of my friends have become obsessed with Bozo. I’ve even seen some of them wear t-shirts with pictures of the funnyman on them.”

While the comic book industry has become more accepting of characters who use cannabis, it’s still not considered “cool” to be seen drinking whiskey or smoking cigars. However, times have changed, and so has Hollywood. Still, it will be interesting to see if future generations view these as “classic” signs of manhood or womanhood.