As if he wasn’t already famous enough, now we know that Robert Pattinson is not only a heartthrob, but also a perfumer’s dream. After breaking off his engagement with Twilight star and fiancee, Kristen Stewart, he signed on to be the spokesman for a brand new perfumery, choosing to work with noted perfume creator, Olivier Polge. Together, they came up with a fragrance that combines both their favorite scents – leather and wood – to create a unique, sophisticated scent that we can only describe as “Pattinson Smells Bad!”.

The Details

We have to admit – it’s pretty cool when your star sign determines your scent. For those of you who follow us on social media, you’ll know that we were pretty ecstatic when we heard about this collaboration. Not only do we love leather and wood scents, but we think that our favorite actors and their individual scents embody unique personalities and are a joy to experience. It just made sense to do something together.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the actor spoke about the inspiration behind the fragrance:

“It’s a scent that’s very unique and it’s very personal. It’s a combination of two fragrant essences that represent both of our personalities – a creamy, leather scent that represents my sophistication and style, and a wood scent that represents my strength. It’s a perfect fragrance for someone who represents both of our tastes and I’m really happy to have it as a symbol of both of our identities.”

And, of course, we had to try it out for ourselves. Luckily, the brand sent us samples so we could discover the scent for ourselves. Since it’s only available in limited quantities, we had to order it online. When it finally arrived, it was a great feeling to open the box and reveal this elegant, brown bottle with a bright orange top. It’s not every day that you get a luxury good that makes you feel like a kid on Christmas morning. We decided to name the fragrance after our favorite actor because we think that he could embody all of these amazing scents. Is it weird that we chose the name of our favorite band’s album for a perfume? Maybe not. It just seemed like the right fit.

The Scent

Let’s take a closer look at the fragrance itself. First, it hits you with a strong, raw, leather scent that is completely different from the creamy, mellow scent that precedes it. It is very rare to find a fragrance that blends two very distinct smells like this – most fragrances are either acidic or citrusy, leading to a very homogeneous experience or they are more along the lines of milk and cookies where everything blends into an indistinguishable scent. Fortunately, Olivier Polge and Robert Pattinson were able to pull this off with their unique concoction, which we think is fantastic!

Secondly, the smell is very present in the dry down and never really goes away, which is fantastic when you think about it because it means that the fragrance will remain in your mind long after you’ve worn it. Some perfumers might argue that this is a major drawback, but we think that it is a major plus because you will always associate this scent with the wonderful actor who created it. And, last but not least, it is very versatile. We’re not just talking about “falling in love” with a fragrance, we’re talking about practically any situation where you might need a quick pick-me-up. For example, we found that it worked equally as well when worn before heading to the gym as it did when wearing it while dancing or at a cocktail party. We are absolutely in love with this fragrance and will be keeping it stocked in our perfume wardrobe.

Final Takeaway

We’re officially obsessed with this fragrance. It’s not everyday that you find a perfume that you love more than your favorite band or movie star but, when you do, it usually means that there’s a good reason for it. Like with many high-quality perfumes, we would recommend this scent to people who like leather and wood scents, as well as other people who enjoy strong fragrances. If you’ve never tried a perfume but always wanted to, this could be a great place to start. And, for those of you who love Robert Pattinson, we have some good news for you: he’s now available for advance order! Just kidding…we hope.