Did you know that there is a dedicated sub-group of “Twilight” fans called the “Pattinson Hair Mafia”?

The name pretty much speaks for itself. The fans of “Twilight’s” Robert Pattinson believe that the actor’s hair deserves an A+ rating for its epic hairstyle twists and styling tricks.

With an A+ rating, the “Pattinson Hair Mafia” would have the authority to assassinate hairstylists and barbers who don’t live up to the standard set by Robert Pattinson.

So let’s take a look at some of the reasons why the “Pattinson Hair Mafia” is so obsessed with his hair:

Reason 1: It’s A Win For The Industry

To start with, the “Pattinson Hair Mafia” is aware that their relentless campaigning is helping to elevate the status of hairdressing as an art form.

By consistently showering the industry and social media outlets with glowing testimonials, the group is effectively lobbying for improved standards within the beauty industry.

Furthermore, the fact that the “Pattinson Hair Mafia” has so many members gives them the ability to flex their collective muscle and secure better terms for hairstylists and barbers. After all, with so many people backing them up, the argument that “everyone wins” when higher standards are implemented is particularly potent.

Reason 2: It’s A Win For The Actor

As well as being a source of pride for the hairdressing industry, the “Pattinson Hair Mafia” is also helping to elevate the status of its owner as an actor.

Many of the group’s members are attesting to how much they love and appreciate everything about Robert Pattinson’s work, especially his hair. As a result, fans are effectively doing the actor’s hair-styling and grooming one-and-only kudos to themselves.

With the help of the “Pattinson Hair Mafia”, Robert Pattinson’s hair is becoming less of a chore and more of an opportunity to show off his incredible styling prowess.

Furthermore, by encouraging others to grow out their hair, the “Pattinson Hair Mafia” is also offering a glimpse into what future roles the actor might take on.

Reason 3: It’s A Self-expression

While we’re on the subject of showcasing the actor’s hair, it’s worth bearing in mind that Robert Pattinson is an artist. He is constantly exploring new ideas and concepts through his work, and often challenges himself by taking on new roles or experimenting with different looks.

He is therefore likely to appreciate a platform that allows him to showcase his styling skills. Thanks to the “Pattinson Hair Mafia”, fans have an online space where they can praise the actor’s hair and indulge in some serious fantasising about his future looks.

Furthermore, it’s interesting to note that the “Pattinson Hair Mafia” is a space that the actor’s female fans can share their thoughts and feelings about the actor. This is a relatively novel concept within the world of celebrity fandom, and it seems as though the fame and status that comes with being the face of “Twilight” has helped to legitimise and encourage this kind of online behaviour.

It is clear that the “Pattinson Hair Mafia” is doing something right. Not only are they helping to elevate the status of the hairdressing industry, but they are also giving rise to a new type of celebrity fandom. While there are undoubtedly negative aspects to this trend, it’s also undeniable that there is a huge amount of joy to be found in supporting someone simply because they are famous.

So, as you were, keeping up with all of that information in mind… let’s talk about the good stuff now!

Best Part: Handsome And Confident

One of the primary reasons why the “Pattinson Hair Mafia” is supporting the actor is because of his confidence. Regardless of whether you agree with his choice of attire or not, you have to admit that he always seems to pull it off.

It’s difficult to put into words just how much the fans love everything about him. From the way he carries himself to the way he always looks so perfectly polished… it’s clear that the “Pattinson Hair Mafia” is confident that their favourite celebrity will always look good and make them feel better about themselves.

When put alongside his unparalleled good looks, it’s no wonder that the hairstyle-obsessed fans are so fiercely protective of his hair. So much so that they are prepared to do battle for the right to keep his hair long and fresh. As we’ve established, this is no ordinary group. These are some dedicated fans and they are prepared to fight for the things they love…

It’s important to remember though that this is an online community and while the majority of their feedback is undoubtedly positive, it’s also important not to become too attached to the accolades. After all, this is what drew the group together in the first place… they want to support and encourage Robert Pattinson simply because he is their champion.

Ultimately, it’s impossible to put into words the effect that Robert Pattinson’s hair has on those who see it regularly. For years, we’ve been conditioned to see hair as a negative characteristic… something that is only ever used as a prop in films or television shows. It’s great to see that hairdressing is growing in popularity, as this will help to change our perception of hair totally. For now, however, let’s just bask in the fact that a barber cannot do his job properly without a respectful customer.