The biggest event in a couple’s life is usually their wedding day. It’s a memorable day that many look back on as the beginning of their new family. While the world waits patiently for Season 2 of Pattinson’s latest series, what will the ‘On Cinema’ actor’s wedding look like? Here, we reveal the answers to some of the most common questions regarding the ceremony and the big day’s attire.

Who Will Rob’s Bridesmaids Be?

The best-loved member of Pattinson’s group of friends will be standing by his side on his big day. However, it’s been revealed that he won’t be selecting any of the famous beauties that you might think of when it comes to bridesmaids. Instead, the actor has chosen an ensemble of female friends that are talented in their own right.

While he won’t be needing any help from outside sources for the wedding process, he will welcome a number of talented and lovely ladies as his bridesmaids. We’re hearing rumors that one of the ladies in question is none other than Kristen Stewart. Will this be the case? It’s looking likely given that the two were recently spotted looking incredibly happy and cozy together. Stewart even sang a duet with Pattinson at the premiere of his latest film, ‘Good Time.’

How Many Sisters Will Robert Pattinson Have At His Wedding?

This is another question that comes up frequently whenever people think of Robert Pattinson. The answer is: not as many as you’d think. The actor has chosen to limit the number of his sisters present at the wedding due to personal reasons. The reasoning behind this seemingly unusual choice is that he doesn’t want to burden his new family with too many strangers. The family-oriented actor has put a stop to this trend and will only be inviting a select number of his relatives to attend the ceremony. What are these reasons? It’s currently unknown as the actor hasn’t publicly revealed the details. We do know that the participants in the ceremony will be closely related as Robert and his wife Emily have recently taken the step of family unification. Whatever the reasons behind the decision, it will certainly make for an intimate and moving event.

Will Emily Be Present At The Wedding?

According to recent reports, Emily will not be accompanying her husband to their wedding. This will no doubt be a blow to their fans, who were starting to anticipate the wedding day. However, the reasons behind this choice are still unknown. Are Emily’s family members or friends set to attend the ceremony? It seems unlikely due to the number of people who will be in attendance. Emily has chosen to stay home and be with her husband as they start a new family.

Who Will Give The Best Speech?

It’s often said that the best man gives the best speech at the wedding, so it’s only right that we take a look at the best wordsmiths and see who will shine at this prestigious occasion. One of the most well-known best men is none other than Daniel Radcliffe. The now-famous Harry Potter will be returning to his roots and giving a heartfelt speech to his family and friends. Radcliffe’s speech will be followed by a recitation from famed English poet and playwright, William Blake. It’s safe to assume that the audience will be captivated by these two talented speakers.

What Will The Wedding Cake Look Like?

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a wedding cake in a Hollywood wedding, but that doesn’t mean that custom-made cakes have gone out of fashion. The cakes nowadays are stunning and look more like paintings than simple slices of cake. The baker behind the exceptional work is none other than Takashi Miyamoto. Miyamoto has designed a special cake for the famous Japanese-American actor and his wife. The cake is a representation of their wedding ceremony and will be beautifully presented on a cake stand. It will be a memorable moment for all present at the ceremony.

These are just some of the many interesting questions surrounding the wedding of Robert Pattinson. We’ll be updating this article as more details emerge so be sure to check back frequently.