Well, we knew it was going to happen sooner or later. After a two-year relationship and a year of planning, Robbert’s younger sister, Amandine, got married last week. It was a beautiful ceremony, and we were all so happy for her. She married the love of her life, Thomas Dolderer, and the guests had an incredible time. The best man, Fred, looked dashing in his tails and top hat, and all of the bridesmaids looked spectacular in their dresses.

Now that Amandine and Tom are officially married, we can officially confirm some interesting tidbits about them. We will start with the most obvious one: they are identical twins. Not only that, but they are also members of the famous English aristocratic family, the Earl of Haddington, and they share the same birthday, October 19th. This means that they are the same age and have been friends all their lives. It is no wonder that they fell in love with each other. They both have an impressive career and a strong sense of family values.

Amandine and Tom also have a very close relationship with their dad. According to sources, they practically grew up together and spent a lot of time with him. In addition, they call him ‘Tata’ (Tom’s dad nickname) or ‘Papa’ (Amandine’s dad nickname), and he calls them his ‘babies’. Furthermore, Robbert has four other siblings, and the entire family still lives in Haddington. This is very likely going to be the case for the rest of Amandine and Tom’s lives together as well. It is quite a traditional English family, and being the only girl in the family, Amandine always had to be the responsible one.

Finally, I would like to point out that although Amandine and Tom’s engagement and wedding were covered by most of the major news sources, they were practically ignored by the mainstream media in England. I believe this is because they are twins and therefore not that interesting of a story. They are also a very traditional couple, and the media might not have wanted to ruin the ‘bustle’ of the event for their viewers. This is quite surprising, as one would expect that the story of an identical twin couple would be big news wherever they went, especially since Amandine and Tom are both prominent figures in the international fashion industry. It is not everyday that a fashion mogul marries a wealthy socialite, so the press probably wanted this story to sell a few more newspapers.

The Wedding And The Reception

The wedding was held at the luxurious Hotel du Vin in Piccadilly, London, and it was a magnificent affair. The bride wore a custom-made dress by Maria Lucia Höglund, and it was decorated with hundreds of hand-stitched roses and orchids. She looked stunning and like a princess. The groom looked very dashing in a tuxedo, and the wedding party wore beautiful gowns and dresses. The bride’s dress was designed by Erben Wear, and the wedding cake was made by celebrity chef, Heston Blumenthal. There were also many beautiful flower bouquets, which matched the bridesmaids’ dresses. As you can probably tell, the wedding was very genteel and traditional. This is not surprising, as the couple’s engagement and wedding were arranged by their families and mostly took place in England.

After the ceremony, the happy newlyweds went for a stroll down the aisle and shared a wedding cake followed by a luxurious wedding breakfast. They then headed to the City of London for a wedding photo session, followed by a signing of the marriage contract at the Guild Hall. After that, they left for a honeymoon in Italy, where they will stay for several months. Some of their friends and family members had to stay back for the wedding party, as it was a very long and tiring wedding. Nonetheless, the day was a huge success, and we are all very happy for Amandine and Tom. They seem like a very promising and loving couple who will make beautiful babies. Congrats!