One of the more interesting aspects of the Twilight Saga is how it weaves in and out of time. Early in the series, readers meet Bella Swan, an independent high school student who lives in Forks, Washington. The following year, we learn that she has grown up and now studies at Harvard University. Before we know it, she’s packed off to London to live with her fashion-blogging cousin, Victoria, while Edward Cullen bewitches us with his pale good looks and aristocratic charm. The story jumps ahead seven years, and we discover that Bella has grown into a wonderful young woman with a passion for art and fashion. In the course of the next few films, we get to see Bella’s adventures in London and how she fits in with the city’s high society. We’re treated to some wonderful imagery of her dressed in elegant dresses and attending exclusive events. It would appear that she’s found her happy ending. But what happens to Edward, her perfect gentleman-cousin who fell head over heels for her at first sight and proposed to her just a few days after her 18th birthday? The answer is far from ideal. As we’re reminded throughout the saga, the Cullens are a bit of a lost cause. They’re an eccentric group, dedicated to protecting Bella from the evil clutches of the Volturi coven. In the final battle between the werewolves and vampires at the close of Eclipse, we see the Volturi surround Bella and threaten to kill her unless Edward relinquishes his claim to her. He complies, and she lives happily ever after with her husband and two children.

That’s the happy ending for Bella, but what about the rest of the characters? What do they do after the novel ends? With only a few exceptions, the characters stay pretty much the same throughout the series. In the first film, New Moon, we learn that Alice, Bella’s best friend, has become a successful fashion designer. We’re treated to some wonderful imagery of her creating unique pieces, all dressed in black and white, the Bella Swan uniform. We later learn that she has a twin brother, Jasper, who is a talented musician. In fact, he ends up playing the part of the Wedding March in Twilight. We also meet Louis, an engaging young man who enters the story as Alice’s love interest. At the end of the film, Alice chooses to live with Jasper and Louis, rather than devote her life to fashion as she did before. It’s a decision that causes tension between her and Bella, who has always been her best friend.

Another important character from Twilight is Sam Uley, played by Kevin Zegers. He’s the son of an FBI agent, and his job in life is to protect Bella from harm. Throughout the series, he stands between her and the jealous, dangerous inhabitants of Forks, Washington, where she lives. In the final film, Twilight, we learn that Sam has grown into a handsome, protective young man with a knack for getting into trouble. Once again, we have a character whose job it is to protect Bella, but it’s an open question as to whether he’ll end up choosing to devote his life to the girl he loves. He ends up choosing her over his own father, who has always been his hero. It’s an important choice, especially since the aging Kevin Zegers is the only father figure the boy has ever known, and it gives Sam a new set of priorities. It also means that his loyalty is not to be taken for granted. In the face of danger, will Sam be able to put duty to one side and protect his true love?

The list of characters who remain constant through the series is quite impressive. We have Bella, Edward, Jacob, Renesmee, Anya, Jasper, Louis, and Sam. That’s nine characters who remain fairly constant throughout the saga. One of the standout performances comes from the underrated Jessica Chastain, who plays the role of Anya in the Twilight films. She imbues the character with such sensitivity and intelligence that we almost feel bad for hating Bella at times. It’s also interesting to note that while we never learn the characters’ real names, all of them are nicknames: Bella, Edward, and Jacob are all called ‘Bella’ by other characters, and so on. It’s almost as if the filmmakers are reminding us that these are not actual names but rather titles or roles. The same goes for the children of the vampire clan. Renesmee is often called ‘the daughter of the Queen’ while Louis is known as ‘the prince’. So what do these titles mean? It’s possible they have some significance for the creatures themselves, but there’s no English dictionary around to confirm it.

Robert Pattinson Sings His Own Song in the Restaurant Scene of ‘Twilight’

It’s important to keep abreast of pop culture, especially when you’re a celebrity. The tabloids, blogs, and forums buzz around Hollywood like mad insects, driven by loud and insatiable appetites for news and gossip. For those who need a break from the media frenzy, the best way to get some peace is to head to a restaurant. A quiet, dimly-lit eatery in a discreet and peaceful part of town is the perfect antidote to Instagram and Twitter. It’s an old-fashioned concept, albeit one that’s been usurped by technology, but the appeal of a lunchtime walk through a museum or a gallery remains as strong as ever. In the twilight of the day, there’s nothing more peaceful or restorative than wandering through a large building, admiring the art on the walls and feeling the calming presence of the great artistes who once inhabited these spaces.

Whether you fancy yourself as an artist or a designer, there are plenty of venues near where you live that feature the work of famous creators. Take a look around your town and see if there isn’t at least one place where you can eat celebrity. If not, there’s always Twitter. You can follow the accounts of prominent restaurants, bars, and cafes near you, so you know when they’re putting out art or design-related specials, or if they’re willing to make you something unique for a dollar. That’s usually how it works. It’s all about marketing and getting press clippings. If you can get in a good word here and there, it might land you some free food. It’s not hard to find places that will give you this kind of treatment if you’re charming and make a genuine effort to become part of the community. It might take a bit of effort, but it’s worth it to play on these people’s goodwill. Who knows? You might end up with something truly unique and memorable.