I’m not quite sure what I was expecting, but I was not quite prepared for the reaction upon watching Robert Pattinson on stage. It was an unforgettable sight as the sun went down and the theater lights were turned up, bathed in red and gold hues. The sound of his voice, even in song, was absolutely mesmerizing.

It was his performance of “Owl Children” from the musical, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, that stole the show. You could feel the love oozing out of the audience as they watched the 31-year-old actor’s tender rendition of the ballad.

While the ballad was absolutely stunning, the audience was not quite prepared for what came next. Pattinson walked out on stage with a guitar in hand and launched into a passionate rendition of “Twilight.” The tune’s haunting melody immediately sent chills down the spines of everyone in the theater.

The audience watched in awe as the music and lyrics perfectly matched the story of a forbidden love blossoming.

The song is about a vampire named Edward Cullen and his journey to protect his family from extinction. Edward is played by Pattinson in the movie. The actor, who grew up in London, took time out of his busy schedule to celebrate the film’s premiere with his fans in Los Angeles. And what a way to celebrate!

While I was ecstatic that he took the time to do this, many fans were dissatisfied that he didn’t sing either of the two songs from the first part of the movie that he is most well known for. They felt that he was abandoning them in order to sing songs from the second part of the movie. But what can you do?

There is certainly nothing wrong with singing songs from the second part of a movie, especially since it’s about his characters’ journey to find love and acceptance. But for a singer/songwriter to not even mention the first part of a movie that he wrote and starred in is a huge omission. It would’ve been nice to hear “Happiness” or “Someone Like You” here, too.

An Intimate Evening

The intimate atmosphere of the evening was perfectly captured in the photos that the press has been allowed to take. Although security was extremely tight, the audience could still wander into the green room during the breaks in between songs and have a few words with the famous guest.

After the first break, while the photographers were busy snapping away at Jennifer Lopez and her gorgeous daughters, Catalina and Emme, who were dressed in black, the guest was asked about his performance and how he enjoyed singing before thousands of people.

“It was incredible,” he said. “That’s always what I want to do; sing before large crowds. But it was also really nerve-wracking. I was a little scared before I went on. But once I started singing, all that disappeared.”

Pattinson continued to discuss his upcoming projects, including a return to theater and his band, the Twilight Concerts, which will be playing a number of US cities next year.

What is this sudden interest in concert touring? “I used to play music for fun,” he said. “But then I got signed to a record label and started doing sessions and touring. It’s just something that I really enjoy. There’s nothing more satisfying than playing your music and having people respond to it.”

“I really do appreciate the opportunity,” he said of his upcoming concerts. “Playing in front of an audience, whether it’s 10 people or 10,000 people, is something I’ve always wanted to do.”

A Different Kind of Star Power

While many consider Kristen Stewart to be the epitome of the modern-day beauty pageant star, she has never been described as such. Her natural beauty is so breathtaking that she often appears to be wearing a mask of enigma and mystery. And that is exactly what makes her shine: she is a star that is not afraid to be herself.

Stewart, who costarred alongside Pattinson in the movie, said that he is exactly the same person he always was and that they have never hidden their relationship. She praised him for always being comfortable in his own skin and for not letting the media get the better of him.

“He’s such a sweetheart,” she said. “He’s so happy to be here and he’s loving every minute of it.”

Pattinson, who grew up in a small village in England, said that he feels like he has always been able to look at the world with optimism and that this is the reason why he was able to pull off such a successful acting and singing career. He credited Stewart for teaching him to embrace his natural beauty and for helping him to discover his love for singing. “She’s been such a big help,” he said. “I couldn’t have done this without her.”

The two, who have been dating for almost two years, are set to marry in November 2014.

The devoted couple said their vows in front of family and friends at the St. Mary’s Church in rural Scotland. Afterwards, they were overcome with emotion as they reflected on their love for each other.

“It’s an absolutely beautiful church,” said Pattinson. “I’m so happy we were able to find a venue that we both felt very comfortable in.”

An Inspirational Performance

The singer/actor talked about how his mother, Deborah, has always been by his side, supporting and encouraging him in his profession. While at the same time, his father, Charles, would often criticize his chosen career. So, as a teenager, he learned to value his own opinion, as well as the opinions of others, and to use this to his advantage. This is a theme that runs throughout his work, from The Lost Journals of Stephen King to his upcoming role in the forthcoming historical thriller, Seven Years in Tibet. This film, based on the actual eponymous explorer’s journal from 1921 to 1937, chronicles his sojourn in the high Tibetan Plateau and his encounters with the great 14th Dalai Lama.

Though he has yet to begin filming, the 31-year-old actor revealed that he has already started work on the movie and that it is a project that he is extremely passionate about. He credited the success of The Lost Journals, which was released in 2012, to his mother’s belief in him and to her wish for him to follow his own dreams.

Pattinson’s dream of becoming a singer and songwriter started as a child, when he would spend hours listening to music and writing songs. His parents, who are both avid readers, recognized his affinity for literature and encouraged him to pursue a career in the theater. They wanted to ensure that their son did not end up owing any money to anyone.

After finishing high school, Pattinson opted to study English Literature at New York University. It was there that he fell in love with the writing of Stephen King and developed an interest in the horror genre. He graduated from New York University’s Master of Fine Arts program in 2011.

A Sense of Humor

Pattinson’s sense of humor came through loud and clear in his performance as he cracked jokes and even improvised a few scenes. He cited his love of improvising comedy as a reason for his success and, in fact, has a comedy album, Songs to Make Your Wife Swoon, that he recorded with Stewart. For those in the audience who had the misfortune of being dragged to this particular concert, this must have been quite the treat.

His light-hearted and witty interjections had the audience in stitches. When he told a story about the making of the “Deathly Hallows” soundtrack to close out the show, the crowd’s reaction was proof that they were having as much fun as he was.

Pattinson has, at times, found himself at the center of controversies. In 2012, he made headlines for dating the much younger Stewart. While Stewart is only a few years his junior, their age difference was not appreciated by many. Pattinson, who was 27 at the time, described the backlash he received as “a load of sh*t.”