If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the many celebrity splits, it’s that even once you leave the initial shock of the break up, your life goes on pretty much as usual. Sure, you might get a few sad teeshee, but you’ll carry on with your life and move on with your friends.

That’s what happened to Robert Pattinson and his band of sheep after he called it quits on the couple of months old relationship with his Twilight co-star and collaborator, Kristen Stewart. Since their breakup in October 2014, the couple has managed to navigate their diverging lives with relative ease.

While some stars may struggle with fame’s changes, fortune, and hectic schedules, Pattinson has had the good fortune to be able to pursue his passions for acting and photography while still being able to rely on a team of people to help him navigate the complexities of being a celebrity. We’re going to take a look at how his transition to independence has gone and what lies in store for the future.

Maintaining Quality On-Camera Moments

One of the earliest signs of a successful reboot comes in the form of on-camera chemistry. Even in the midst of their passionate on-screen connection, Pattinson and Stewart maintained a friendly, professional demeanor off-screen. It’s clear that the two still care about the quality of their work and want to ensure that their collaborations always deliver on that level. In fact, it was that concern for quality that led them back to the drawing board for the new installment of the Twilight saga. After filming wrapped on the first film, the producers went back and spent several weeks reworking some of the scenes with a focus on making them better.

That level of commitment to quality is evident in everything they do. From the way they interact with their co-stars to the way they work with directors, they never lose sight of their goal to always give the best performance possible. It was that desire to put in the extra effort that really sells their on-screen relationship. In one particularly memorable scene from the first Twilight movie, Pattinson and Stewart are playing a game of “truth or dare” where they have to ask each other questions about who they really are. Despite the inherently seductive nature of the game, they remain composed and committed to quality the whole time.

Ringing In Quality Off-Camera Moments

While on-camera chemistry is important, it’s no secret that the bulk of a successful reboot come from strong off-camera relationships. Perhaps the most crucial bond in a relationship is that between a couple’s friends and family, and it’s clear that Stewart and Pattinson enjoy a special bond with each other’s families. In fact, a lot of their time since their blockbuster break up has been spent with their parents and siblings. In the two years since then, they’ve gotten to know each other’s parents and established a close bond. It’s clear that they want to continue expanding their families and spending time with people they care about.

That commitment to family is evident in the way they act on- and off-camera. When they’re not working, they can be found relaxing with friends or spending time with their kids (Pattinson and Stewart have a son, Cosmo, born in August 2014). They enjoy being a parent and spend a lot of time playing with their son in the playground or taking him on walks around the neighborhood. The bond they share with their son will no doubt be a driving force behind many of their future projects.

It’s also important to note that while Stewart and Pattinson’s individual relationships with their children are important, it’s their collective role as parents that has made them such a capable duo. The two actors are constantly evolving as parents and are committed to providing their kids with as much love and support as they can.

The Two-Way Street Of Collaboration

Stewart and Pattinson have become such an integral part of the Twilight zeitgeist that it’s difficult to remember a time before them. Even before Breaking Dawn, Twilight was the platform that launched Stewart’s career, and she continued to thrive in the spotlight as a standalone entity. While their individual success is undeniable, it’s also crucial to remember that they’ve been able to achieve such massive popularity and notoriety largely because of their undeniable on-screen chemistry and rapport. It’s that quality that makes them appealing as a creative duo and ensures that their projects will always have a dedicated audience.

It’s important to point out that they never had any intention of keeping their professional and personal lives separate. Even during their romantic period, they would often joke about how much they enjoyed working together. It wasn’t until later that they realized the extent of their dedication to their craft, their appreciation for each other’s talents, and the special bond that formed between them.

Taking Care Of Business Off-Camera

Since their professional relationship began, Stewart and Pattinson have collaborated on a number of projects. While they each have an individual success story, it’s clear that their partnership has been a fruitful one and has helped each actor evolve as an artist. Not only do their collaborations produce award-winning work, but they also provide the actors with the opportunity to show off their other skills and talents.

Their first major appearance as a team was in last year’s X-Men: Apocalypse. In the film, they play the brother and sister mutants Cerebro and Magnesia, respectively. Even in a big-budget blockbuster, Stewart and Pattinson bring an energetic charm to their roles that makes them stand out. It should come as no surprise then that they were picked to play the main roles in this year’s highly-anticipated sequel, X-Men: Days of Future Past. Due to their experience in Apocalypse, X-Men: Days of Future Past marks their first major appearance as leaders of the mutant community. Even in these smaller projects, it’s clear that Stewart and Pattinson have developed a clear working relationship and continue to improve and grow as a team.

In the months and years to come, we can expect to see more collaborations between Stewart and Pattinson. While their individual careers have taken them around the world and held them in high esteem, it’s only because of their shared respect for and connection to the fans that their professional relationship will endure.