The world was recently turned upside down as news broke that Robert Pattinson’s (born July 13th, 1984) girlfriend is allegedly a fake. Since then, social media has been filled with claims that her name is actually Laura Jean Louise Kelly. And we couldn’t be more wrong.

According to reports, not one but two of Kelly’s passports were used to create the fraudulent identity she used while in a relationship with the Twilight (2008) and Dune (2019) star. Furthermore, it’s claimed that the woman born in Boston, Massachusetts is actually from Cape Town, South Africa. Lastly, police are investigating Kelly’s parents after discovering discrepancies in their stories.

What is Rob Pattinson’s Relationship Status?

Rob Pattinson has kept his relationship status private since splitting from Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart in 2016, and the secrecy has worked in his favor. Despite rumors of his engagement to former Miss Universe China Sophie Wan Xiang, the 33-year-old actor has maintained a relatively low profile. In 2019, he was even rumored to be dating model and musician Gigi Hadid — but the relationship was later confirmed to be fake.

While Kelly’s alleged double citizenship and fake identity were recently exposed, it wasn’t the first time she’d gotten people fooled. Back in 2012, Kelly used a different name to trick her way into the UK on a fiance visas. Her plan was to pose as British woman Susan Cole, but customs officials at the airport quickly realized she was ‘Jane Cole’ and called the police. It was only after several hours and a police escort that she finally gave up the ruse and admitted that she was not who she said she was. She was questioned by detectives, but ultimately nothing criminal was found and the case was closed. And just to make things even more suspicious, Susan Cole’s license and passport were also found on Kelly during the search. She had also used a fake British accent during the interview.

Does Kelly Even Exist?

According to reports, Kelly legally changed her name to LJL Kelly in 2009, the same year she moved to Los Angeles. Prior to that, she had used the aliases Susan Cole and Laura Whitehurst. Since then, she has only used the latter two aliases on social media, perhaps to confuse her doubters. However, it appears that both names are connected as she also had a Laura Whitehurst work as an administrative assistant in Boston. Furthermore, according to an alleged 2016 police interview with Kelly, she claimed that she had moved to Los Angeles to be with Rob Pattinson. Although no criminal investigations were launched at the time, this claim seems to conflict with her UK fake identity of Susan Cole.

Why Would Someone Go to Such Lengths to Confuse People?

In today’s world, it is quite common for people to go to extraordinary lengths to confuse and/or trick others. Some of these fakes will even go as far as creating entire fake identities, living a double life, and getting help from accomplices to pull off the ruse. Although there is still no indication as to why Kelly would go to these lengths, the duplicity could be explained by the fact that she and Rob Pattinson were in a committed relationship for several years before they finally broke up in 2016. As previously mentioned, Kelly had already used a different name to get a job in the UK in 2012, perhaps hinting at the fact that she was not entirely content living a lie and wanted to prove to the world that she was in fact, the woman that Rob Pattinson loved. Furthermore, it’s possible that Kelly was simply inspired by infamous imposter Anna Chapman, whom the CIA arrested in 1946 for espionage and conspiracy. Chapman used similar tactics and faked her entire life, including her death in 1953.

It is also worth noting that a number of high-profile individuals have been found to be using ‘false identities’, including Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and George W. Bush. Several well-known people have also been caught using an assumed name on social media. In a few cases, those individuals have gone on to prove that they were not who they said they were — in some instances, by using their assumed identities to obtain nude photos of themselves. Some people might consider this a kind of ‘digital strip tease’ and regard that as the ultimate humiliation. Whether or not this is what Kelly had in mind when she decided to fake her identity, we can’t be certain of course, but it is certainly a possibility. Whatever the case may be, the fact remains that Kelly used an assumed name to trick her way into the UK on two separate occasions and is now in hot water with the legal authorities for her duplicitous ways. And if the allegations are indeed true, it would appear that she went the extra mile to humiliate Rob Pattinson. And to top it all off, she did so using fraud to obtain a relationship with one of the most respected actors of our time.

Since breaking up with Rob Pattinson, Kelly has mostly stayed out of the public eye. However, in September 2019, she returned to Instagram to post an image of herself with a group of women. In the caption, she claimed that she was en route to a ‘dream destination’ and invited her followers to come along for the ride. In May 2020, she posted another photo, this time of her and an unidentified man on a date. Whether or not this was Rob Pattinson’s father, we cannot be sure.

So, who is this man that Kelly’s been hanging out with? And why would an extremely attractive woman go on a date with an unknown man, completely changing her appearance and pretending to be someone she’s not? Rumors about Rob Pattinson’s girlfriend and her accomplices’ activities are circulating the internet, but as of yet, there is no definitive proof to support any of these claims.