The news came as a complete shock to Hollywood, especially considering his just signed $25 million dollar movie deal with Sony Pictures. The actor was most recently seen on-screen in the latest installment of the Twilight film franchise, New Moon. When On October 4th, Pattinson’s management team confirmed that he would be taking a step away from the small screen to focus on his personal life and future, speculations immediately began running rampant as to what this meant for his career. With no further ado, let’s take a quick look at how this affects his filmography and prospects for the future.

Signing With Sony

After years of competing with other studios for his services, Sony Pictures finally won out with a whopping $25 million dollar movie contract that will keep him in their midst for the foreseeable future. With the deal, he joins the ranks of A-list actors such as Robert Downey Jr., Benjamin Button, and Leonardo DiCaprio who have all taken advantage of this prestigious studio’s offer.

Remaining Inclusionary

It’s important to remember that when it comes to Hollywood, inclusionary financial deals are the name of the game. These types of arrangements allow major studios to offer high-profile projects to up-and-coming actors who might not necessarily be able to land a role in a more established film. While the terms of the contract may be lucrative, it doesn’t change the fact that he’s still a beginner compared to most of the people he’ll be working with, and his days of being able to rely on his name alone to bag a role are long gone.

More Attention From Hollywood

With each passing year, it seems that Hollywood’s attention spans are becoming shorter and shorter as digital distractions continue to capture our audiences’ imagination. In the past, a leading man would be touted as the male star of the next big blockbuster movie, and rightly so. These days, the most valuable piece of information an actor’s agency might possess is the dimensions of their Instagram following. This is especially true for young stars who are discovering the perils of fame and its ungodly amounts of attention through social media.

More Focus On Personal Life

Actors and celebrities, alike, can’t escape their fan base and the pitfalls that come with it. For Robert Pattinson, the road to fame was paved with the Twilight film series and the bestselling novels on which it was based, The Dark Night Trilogy. Since then, he’s appeared in a string of unsuccessful movies, mostly in bit parts, along with various one-season wonder shows on which he spent more time focusing on his personal life.

While it’s always fun to speculate on which projects he might end up appearing in, it’s more interesting to consider what these parting gifts mean for him personally. After years of being the butt of every joke and being typecast, he’s finally received the break that he’s been longing for and can now go about focusing on the things he was born to be doing.