It’s been a rocky six months for Robert Pattinson. After years of being a steady source of inspiration for female fans, the British actor found his status as a heartthrob plummet following his split from actress and best friend, Kristen Stewart. Many fans were devastated by Stewart’s decision to call it quits with Pattinson and cut all ties with the celebrity couple, but it wasn’t long before others stepped in to fill the void left by Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s breakup. Here, we explore the harrowing experience of Robert Pattinson and how to cope with the heartache that ensued.

Robert Pattinson’s Collateral Damage

When it comes to celebrity breakups, the collateral damage is endless. It can range from a complete media blackout to paparazzi intrusions to a plummeting star’s value as an actor, and beyond. Stewart and Pattinson’s breakup was no different, as their personal lives were featured on front pages around the world, sparking a social media backlash that continues to this day. Even the announcement of Stewart and Pattinson’s engagement was overshadowed by the media coverage of their break-up.

While the pair have remained mum on the status of their engagement, their breakup was eventually announced in April 2018 and confirmed by the actress just a few months later in September. Since then, fans have been left bereft as Stewart and Pattinson’s romance was revealed to be just one part of a larger scheme by the Twilight Saga author to pit all of her famous leads against each other. Even now, months later, the collateral damage continues to be felt as neither star has gone unaddressed during interviews, with critics and audiences alike struggling to process such a monumental event in the celebrity world.

Although Stewart and Pattinson’s tumultuous romance was the catalyst for change, it wouldn’t be unfair to say that it was simply a symptom of a much bigger problem. In the months following their split, fans accused the former couple of being cold and uncaring, even going as far as to campaign for Stewart’s ex-boyfriend, Benji Madden, to win her back. Madden responded with a video message, explaining that while he still loved Stewart, he wanted to prove to her that he could be a good father figure to her children and that their romance could be a successful relationship. Unsurprisingly, this move seemed to work as Stewart expressed her desire to reconcile with her children’s father in a heartbreaking interview after the campaign video was posted online.

How To Survive The Breakup

While it’s easy to see how a breakup can affect your mental health, it’s more difficult to process when it affects your physical wellbeing. For those who have been through it, here are some tips on how to cope.

Don’t Play The Blame Game

Even now, months later, Stewart and Pattinson are both appearing in public, as they’ve been unable to completely avoid each other since their split, with both parties appearing in interviews and on red carpets alike, even if it’s just to promote a movie or award show. The blame game has begun, with fans accusing the actress of being cold and calculating, even though she’s arguably suffered more than her on-screen partner, given her fame and social media following. The fact that these accusations were even being thrown around suggests that the split has left its mark on people’s minds, as the idea of blaming one of the stars for the breakup is a complete reversal of the mature and caring approach fans usually see Stewart take in interviews. This sort of thinking won’t help either party move forward, as it creates unnecessary tension and fosters unhealthy dynamics.

Seek Supportive And Caring People

A large number of fans have been drawn to social media, such as Twitter and TikTok, to express their grief over the loss of their favorite actor. While it’s easy to find celebrity fans on these platforms, it’s more difficult to find people who are willing to listen and offer support during this difficult time. In a world where stars are often too cool to show emotion, it’s important that we remember that they’re humans too and cope blocks, like those in the Twilight Saga, are just weapons of mass destruction. It’s essential that we remember that even the most famous people struggle with the same issues that we do, even if their lives are on display for all to see. By shining a light on these issues, we can help to destigmatize mental illness and break down barriers, so that those who need it most can find the help they so desperately need.

Is The Twilight Saga To Blame?

Despite the immense popularity of the Twilight Saga, which has earned its lead actress, Stewart, a great deal of money and acclaim, it’s important to remember that the series is actually based on a series of young adult books by Stephanie Meyers. The fact that the books were made into movies at all is a testament to their appeal, as it’s unlikely that they would have made it to the big screen were it not for Stewart and Pattinson’s steamy love scenes and glamorous lifestyle. While it’s easy to point the finger at the Twilight Saga for Stewart and Pattinson’s break-up, it’s important to remember that they were never going to be able to sustain a long-term relationship without a lot of help from outside forces. In a world where fame and fortune are all too frequently presented as a suitable romantic partner, it’s important to remember that not all celebrity couples are made equal, as proven by Ben and Kate, who have been married since 2016 and who rose to fame when their relationship was featured on the E! reality show, Bridezillas. Even without the pitter-patter of rumors that regularly accompany a high-profile breakup, it’s unlikely that either of them would have made it to their current state of happiness, which involves the frequent and well-deserved splashing out on luxuries, without the support of their families and friends. For the sake of the children, who are the ultimate winners of all this hoopla, let’s hope that Stewart and Pattinson can pull off a lasting and mature relationship.