For Twihards (and maybe for you too), Robert Pattinson’s new movie, Side Part, is bound to be a treat. It was filmed on location around the world, as the English actor jetted off to Indonesia, Iceland, and other far-flung places to soak up some sun and take in some breathtaking scenery. And it features one of the most gorgeous and unapologetic supporting turns from an actress we’ve seen in a long time—Sally Hawkins. We couldn’t be more in awe of her beauty, brains, and brio. We were lucky enough to be invited to the premiere, and it was such a thrill to see the Q&A that followed. So without further ado, let’s dive in.

Robert Pattinson Is The Life Of The Party

To celebrate the occasion, we’re going to take you on a trip down memory lane, retelling some of the pivotal events that made history. Let’s start by remembering the day that Robsten was born. On September 25th, 1986, Robert Pattinson Slade Paddington was born in London. His father, Peter, is an artist, and his mother, Kate, is an author. The family soon after moved to Sussex, which would be Pattinson’s home for much of his young life. After school, he went on to study acting at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA), which is where he first caught the attention of the public. He then landed his first role in the 2012 fantasy film, The Hobbit (directed by Peter Jackson), as Bifur. That same year, he also made his big-screen debut in Woody Allen’s comedy, Sleeping with the President, and played the titular role in Twilight, the final installment of the vampire franchise that began with the 1999 film, Twilight. Since then, he’s starred in The Lost Honour of Katharina Blum, The Great Gatsby, and most recently, Side Part. He also produced and starred in the 2016 documentary, Rocking The Nest.

Now, let’s fast-forward to present day.

His Signature Look

When it comes to Robert Pattinson’s looks, a lot has been said. The English actor is often referred to as a walking wet dream (if you catch our drift). One of the most memorable quotes about him came from the late, great Sophia Loren. When asked about how she’d described Pattinson in her autobiography, she said, “I couldn’t think of any other words except ‘perfect,’ ” adding, “He has a perfect body and a perfect face. I mean, he’s perfect.” The actress continued, “He’s very sexy. He’s the type of man I’d love to have in my arms.” Awkward!

Pattinson has been compared to Marlon Brando and Robert Louis Stevenson. His beauty has been likened to that of a Hollywood legend—Humphrey Bogart. (We couldn’t resist!)

A Sophisticated Lady Sways Him

Sally Hawkins, who plays Pattinson’s love interest in Side Part, has a lot to answer for. The actress is responsible for bringing some much-needed class to the Hollywood blockbuster. As you’ll see in the film, she wears many hats—actress, sister, and matchmaker—and does them all with panache. She introduces him to society at large, but her charm only works on him.

Pattinson and Hawkins both attended the prestigious, London-based Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. Her first major role was in the 2007 film, Happy-Go-Lucky. Since then, she’s appeared in The Circle, I, Tonya, and the upcoming Mary Queen of Scots. She’s also starred in numerous shorts and music videos. (We can’t resist a good Sally Hawkins story!) In 2014, she starred opposite Colin Firth and Tom Hiddleston in the romantic comedy, The King’s Speech. The 3-D effects in that film were, in fact, a first for Hawkins. She also starred in the 2016 thriller, The Lost Honour of Katharina Blum, opposite Romola Garai and Michael Nyqvist, and produced and starred in the 2017 horror film, Annabel. Let’s just say she’s a busy lady.

He Still Has That Look

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more handsome man than Robert Pattinson. It’s not that he needs to do anything specifically to keep his looks. He just has that rare gift from God. (We know, it’s only fair to God that we point out that He does indeed have the best of everything.)

Even now, at the age of 40, he looks as gorgeous as he did at 28. We can’t forget those breathtaking twilight moments with Kristen Stewart in Twilight—it was as if they were shot just for us. (Let’s not forget the scene, shall we, where he wears a pink shirt with purple pants. Classic Robsten!)

Pattinson’s good looks are a gift from God. They also, sadly, come with baggage. (We’re sure you won’t mind carrying around a few extra kilos as you navigate life. He’s been on the cover of numerous magazines, including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle.) That weight is what helps him to keep his boyish good looks. Without it, he would simply be a beautifully packaged piece of meat. It’s not that he doesn’t work out, it’s just that he doesn’t need to for the sake of his appearance. (Let’s not forget about Kate Winslet either. She helped him to shed those extra pounds while filming The Great Gatsby) It’s fair to say that Robert Pattinson has found the fountain of youth. And it’s only now that he’s starting to get the credit he deserves.