It’s been a while since we checked in with you on this site. In the interim, the world has changed in ways both great and small. Brexit was one of the great surprises of 2016, and then there was the election of Donald Trump as president of the US. While there are important political differences between the two countries, there is one similarity that unites them: They both love their music.

It was once again a glorious night at the US Open last week when the prestigious tennis tournament came to its completion. Thousands of fans turned out to see the final match, as the winner would be crowned the US Open champion. It was the last game of the night, with the victor yet to be determined. The lights were dimmed, and we watched and waited…

…And then the lights went up, and we were treated to an extraordinary sight. The players came out on to the court and held a minute’s applause for the people who had been there since day one. The players acknowledged the supporters with a bow and a tip of the cap. It was a magical moment – the energy, the camaraderie, the pride…and then that melancholy air that comes with knowing that it could all be over in a matter of minutes.

If you’ve been paying attention to the news recently, you may be wondering whether or not the US Open trophy will make its way to the Johnson family when the final match ends today. While the players were gracious enough to acknowledge the incredible support that the Americans have shown throughout the tournament, the trophy itself belongs to the team from the other side of the pond. This is particularly poignant since the US Open is one of the last major tournaments of the year, and now that the year is drawing to a close there is only one trophy left to be won.

Pushing The Limits

Tennis fans may be familiar with the phrase push the limits. It’s been a recurring theme over the year, with many players taking the opportunity to buck trends and perform feats that we thought might never happen again. This year has been no different, with many outstanding individual performances that have arguably pushed the boundaries of what is possible on the tennis court. Let’s take a quick look at a few of these amazing feats, before we compare them to another singularly memorable performance – Elvis Presley’s in the 1956 movie Jailhouse Rock.