The reviews for the new Robert Pattinson film, Sicario, are starting to roll in. I have read quite a few and they are all extremely positive. The reviews seem to agree that this is yet another exceptional performance by the internationally renowned star.

Sicario tells the story of a former US agent, Matt Hedger (Pattinson), who is hired by a group of wealthy businessmen to assassinate a drug lord in a remote area of Mexico. Hedger is accompanied on his mission by Kate MacLeman (Cruz), an ex-CIA officer who is now working as a fixer, and Reveredo (Henstridge), a gifted linguist who is translating all of the cartel’s communications. The movie follows their attempts to carry out the contract while avoiding capture by the drug lord and his men. The trailer for this new action film is intriguing but quite misleading. In reality, this is not an action-adventure film and some may even call it a bit of a comedy as well.

The Good

I have personally seen the film three times now and I still find myself constantly impressed by the acting and storytelling. The cinematography and production design are both first-class as well. The supporting cast is also filled with familiar faces which adds another layer of authenticity to the film.

Pattinson has never been better and the movie easily shows why he is one of the most in-demand actors in Hollywood today. He definitely has an international following, especially in Asia, and is proving himself to be a true movie star. While we are on the topic of Asia, let’s not forget about Sicario‘s leading lady, the stunningly beautiful and talented Chinese actress, Lu Qi. It is somewhat surreal to see Lu Qi in a Western movie and she totally commits to the role. She is also having a very good year having recently wrapped shooting on the upcoming Transformers movie and the highly anticipated Dragon Ball Super.

The Bad

While most reviews I have read so far have praised this new film by Robert Pattinson, there are a few that have had some constructive criticism. One of the big draws of the trailer is its misleading plot synopsis which suggested this was an action film with a bit of comedy. This is far from the truth and the movie defies such easy categorization. While some may consider it a thriller, it definitely has elements of a John Wick film and even parts of a Dirty Harry movie as well.

There is also a running theme in some of the reviews I have read. One writer mentions that while the story is interesting, it is somewhat unbelievable given the type of person Matt Hedger is hired to assassinate. Another comment suggests that the action scenes seem very staged. The biggest complaint, however, comes from some fans who feel that Pattinson, in this new film and in general, is moving away from his acting roots. It seems as if the famous “Pattinson Paradox” is here to stay. While I would not go that far, there are definite signs that the star is slowly but surely moving away from the fame and fortune he has worked so hard to attain.

Overall Review

While Sicario is not perfect, it is still a good film. The overall response to this new film has been overwhelmingly positive. That said, it is always a good idea to read more than one review before making up your mind about a film you may have heard or seen only snippets of. It would be unwise to judge a book by its cover and that goes for movies too.