Hey loves! So sorry I haven’t been posting on my blog in a while. Been pretty swamped between work and trying to take care of my little niece who was born unexpectedly last week. But now that she’s here I’m able to spend some time on my hobby-blogging! I’ve also been wanting to do a blog post on my own experiences with short hair and beard since day one. So here it is!

Short Hair Is The BIZARRE

I’ve always felt that short hair is the worst. I had to wait until I was 40 years old to finally grow my hair past my ears and even then it took me several years to finally grow out the bangs that I despised so much when I had them (and continue to despise them now that they’re gone).

It was never my style to begin with. I always preferred long hair. Even when I was a little girl, my hair used to be past my shoulders. So when I had to grow my hair shorter because of a medical condition, it was such a struggle. But as you may know, there are perks to having short hair. Like how the back of your neck is always exposed and how you can never hide yourself in a crowd. Or how whenever you leave the house, heads are always turning. And let me just say, I’m quite familiar with turning heads. You may remember the time I met Kate Winslet? She was quite taken with my hair and complimented me on it. Although she probably meant the beard. I always like to think that my hair and beard helped get me that part in the movie. Or how about Orlando Bloom? He was absolutely dashing in Eyes Wide Shut and completely captivated me with his charisma. But you all probably already knew these stories. I mean, you may have even heard of them. They’re just a few of the famous stars that have chosen to wear their hair and beard short. What do you think? Is short hair better than long hair? Is it a phase that celebrities go through? Should you try it out? Let’s discuss.

Hair Isn’t Just For Looks

You’ve probably heard the expression ‘good hair’. What does that mean? It means that whenever you put your hair in a bun or a ponytail, it looks stunning. Like, really stunning. So of course, when you take it down, your hair looks amazing as well. Which is exactly why you should do it. Make frequent use of your hair as a way of expressing yourself. You should never feel that hair is just for looks because there are so many different looks that you can achieve with your hair. Some women wear their hair in curls to make them look like a million bucks. Some wear their hair in a long straight line to show off their neck. It’s fascinating the different ways that women can wear their hair.

You should always feel free to explore what works best for you. Do what makes you feel comfortable and confident. There are no wrong answers here. And to be honest, there are also no perfect answers here. You’re always going to have something to learn from someone else. So don’t be discouraged when your hair isn’t perfect. Just keep experimenting and eventually you’ll find what works best for you. You know, until then, you can just keep doing what you’re doing. It’s not like there’s a wrong way to wear your hair. There are just different ways that you can make it work. And that’s what’s important. Finding your own style that works for you.

There are similar perks to having a beard. You can grow facial hair just about anyone. Even if you have a well-manicured beard, you’re still going to look like a lumberjack. There are just so many styles and colors that you can choose from. It’s really up to you. You can use your beard to show off your wild side or add a bit of color to your otherwise dull and monotonous existence. You might even decide to both; add a dash of color and life to your otherwise dull life. So many possibilities with beards. So much versatility. I think it’s safe to say that beards and short hair are going to be in style for a while.