Now that the world knows what Chris Hemsworth and the rest of the Avengers are doing every second of the day, it’s safe to say that most people have gotten used to seeing the characters in their everyday life. However, the same could not be said for Batman. Sure, we’ve seen plenty of shirtless scenes from the Caped Crusader over the years. But, it wasn’t until the summer of 2019 that we truly got a taste of what it would be like to see Batman without his shirt.

The scene begins with Robert Pattinson (Batman) walking through the streets of Gotham. As he walks, he notices a strange noise coming from one of the buildings. Curious, he heads over to investigate and…

Robert Pattinson Shirtless Scene in 'Batman'

What he discovers is that there’s a guy with a guitar playing, and he’s got the whole building occupied. Naturally, he starts to wonder if this is part of some elaborate ruse by the Joker (Joker), and if there will be any more surprises. Letting out a sigh, he decides to investigate further and as he steps inside, the guy with the guitar notices him and starts to play.

Robert Pattinson Shirtless Scene in 'Batman'

Pattinson then proceeds to strip off his clothes, revealing a leather jacket, tight jeans, and a t-shirt underneath. Flashing dimples, he takes off his jacket and reveals a tight yellow shirt underneath. The crowd goes wild as the camera catches a glimpse of his muscular torso. He then takes off his jeans and reveals black underpants alongside his leather jacket. Finally, he removes his t-shirt and shows off his amazing muscular physique. As the crowd goes berserk, someone from the back starts to chant “Bane”, which is when you know this scene is going to be bad.

It’s quite an intimidating sight to see Batman in such a vulnerable state. However, we have already seen this scene from a dream sequence that Bruce had, and he’s been traumatized by it ever since. This is why we never really saw much of Batman’s chest, and why we’ve only seen him in small glimpses of his physique over the years. The scene is meant to break down the illusion of invincibility that is integral to Batman’s identity. He’s never shown to be vulnerable or weak, and it’s quite the opposite of what we see here. Seeing Batman like this, stripped down to his core, is meant to evoke fear in the hearts of those who see it. It’s up to you whether or not you feel like Bruce is truly becoming Batman, or if this is all an act intended to deceive the public. What do you think?

Why Is This Scene Important?

The scene in question is important for a couple of reasons. First off, the lack of clothing is quite a significant part of this scene. In most scenes, Batman wears a mask that obscures most of his features, making it harder for the audience to discern exactly what he looks like. However, in this scene, we see a glimpse of the true potential that lies within Batman. The leather jacket he wears in this scene is a good example of this; it’s thick and heavy, which makes it quite clear that this is not your ordinary batman. Also, the yellow shirt he wears is a clear indicator of his being some sort of superhero. It’s not just that he’s wearing a bold and eye-catching color, but it’s the way he wears it. The shirt is supposed to frame his muscular torso in a professional yet stylish manner. Finally, the pants and leather jacket he wears in this scene are perfectly matched. This, again, is a clear indication that this is a superhero, or at least somebody that pretends to be one. As the guitar player continues to play, you can tell that Batman isn’t fazed in the least. He sits down and patiently waits for the man to finish playing. When the guitar player finally does stop, Batman just sits there for a second, as if he’s just taking a break from all of that activity, and then…

Robert Pattinson Shirtless Scene in 'Batman'

…he stands up and puts on his jacket. The crowd goes wild as everyone looks on in awe. It’s quite the image, and it definitely puts the “badass” in badass. This scene is a clear indication that even though Batman may try to keep a low profile, he’s really not that scary when you get up close and personal with him. Finally, we get to see Batman in his full glory, and it’s quite the contrast to what we’ve seen so far in the movie. This is most likely why this scene wasn’t included in any of the previous films, or for that matter any of the comics as well. As much as Batman would like the world to believe otherwise, he’s really not that imposing once you get to know him, or at least, not more so than any other badass superhero out there.

Avengers Versus Batman?

While the whole world was busy going bananas over the summer of 2019 over the glimpse of Robert Pattinson’s magnificent torso, it seems like the rest of the world was already preparing for the next big superhero showdown. As much as we would like to believe that Marvel and DC still reign supreme, it’s clear that the world has gotten tired of the same old superhero stuff. It’s one thing to geek out over fictional characters that exist only in comic books, but it’s quite another thing to spend your free time preparing for a fight that could determine the outcome of an entire world war. For that matter, it’s one thing to hate on superhero movies, but it’s quite another to spend your free time preparing to take down the might of the Marvel and DC Comics universes.

It would be quite the feat to bring down the two most popular comic book universes of all time, but that’s exactly what’s on the horizon. The Avengers and the Dark Knight are headed for an epic showdown, and it’s up to you to decide who you think will emerge victorious. While it’s quite the feat to see these two iconic characters face off against each other, it’s quite another to prepare for their fight. This, once again, brings us back to the question: is Robert Pattinson Batman, or is he Bane?

It depends on how you want to look at it. If you ask us, Robert Pattinson is clearly Batman. In this scene, he removes the illusion of invulnerability that is integral to his identity, which is something that Bane never truly accomplished. The leather jacket he wears in this particular scene is quite similar to the one worn by Bruce at the end of Age of Batman. This is something that Robert Pattinson has in common with Bane. However, the most important thing here is that the scene clearly states that this is not your ordinary Batman. It certainly doesn’t hurt that Robert Pattinson looks like he could be the very image of perfection that Batman aspires to be. This, again, is why we’ve never really seen much of Batman’s chest. This is also, in part, why the Dark Knight never looked quite as good as he does in the comics. The scene, however, does a convincing job of making you believe that this is your ordinary Batman. It’s quite the conundrum, but one that will no doubt enthrall fans of both superheroes.