The last couple of weeks have been interesting. First, there was the news that Pattinson had a one-night stand with a mystery woman as he was walking back from a restaurant in New York City. The gossip magazines went crazy speculating about who might be the lucky lady. People speculated about what the pair might have got up to, whilst others claimed that it was all a publicity stunt.

Then, about a week later, we got the news that Pattinson and his lady love had gotten married. Rumours had it that the pair had wed after the New York hotel room incident. A marriage certificate was subsequently made public, confirming the news. It seemed that a celebrity scandal had blown up in the media’s face, and the couple had gone ahead and done what many of their celebrity peers had only dreamed about doing.

While the mainstream media focused on the celeb-wedding angle, social media users were quick to point out the glaring hypocrite in Robert Pattinson. Many took issue with him getting married whilst living with his mother, Danniella. Why should the public care about Robert’s personal life when so many others are far more deserving of our attention and sympathy?

The irony of the situation is that whilst people were quick to pounce on Robert Pattinson, one of the biggest fashion faux pas’s in recent years was committed by none other than the ‘King of England’, Harry Styles. On the May 15 premiere date of his documentary, Harry Styles: In My Own Words, the former One Direction singer shocked everyone when he wore a Robert Pattinson shirt to publicize the film. Many viewers were baffled as to why Harry would dress like that, because, y’know, the whole world already knew that they were friends. Perhaps, Harry’s choice of attire was an inside joke the two of them were playing off one another’s fame.

Regardless, people did not have nice things to say about Harry’s choice in clothing. One Twitter user quipped, “I really should’ve guessed that Harry Styles would be the boy to have a taste for the pop culture staples of the rich and famous.” Another comment read, “A Harry Styles jersey with a skull on it will be a real collector’s item.” A third user wrote, “Harry Styles is wearing the shirt of a dead person.” Naturally, the trolls had a field day with this, with one quipping, “Harry Styles just made a fashion statement. He said ‘no’ to sequins and ‘yes’ to skulls!”

As all this was going on, I couldn’t help but think about a certain British actor, who is currently dating a member of the Royal Family, and how he might react to this kind of celebrity controversy. Of course, I’m referring to Robert Pattinson. It doesn’t take a genius to guess that when all this happened, he’d be on the front lines fighting for his friend Harry. In fact, many fans were already speculating that perhaps Harry’s choice of attire had been a subtle way of poking fun at Robert. If that was the case, it wasn’t very funny, and the joke fell flat.

Now that the dust has settled, and we’ve had a chance to process everything that’s happened, it’s time to reflect on what this strange string of events means. It seems that something strange is afoot, and whilst many may seek to explain it away thanks to the media frenzy that ensued, it is, in fact, something too significant to ignore. What is it?

A Royal Wedding?

When it comes to the monarchy, people are often divided into two camps: those who support the institution and believe that a woman can never be equal to a man, and those who believe that the institution is outdated, unfair, and needs to be changed. The two recently married couples, Meghan and Harry, and William and Kate, represent the first royal wedding to be aired live on social media. As the official website for the wedding put it, “The world’s biggest social media platforms [were] taken over by millions watching in excitement as the newlyweds enjoyed their wedding day.”

While many were captivated by the glamour and pageantry of the wedding, it was the presence of King George, who is the couple’s father, that truly resonated with viewers. Thanks to his unique position in British society, it is likely that many people who did not know him personally were still able to relate to his story. The website for the wedding noted, “His life has been a testament to his love for the country he served. Through his actions, he has shown us what it means to be a loyal subject and a true patriot.” According to social media users who witnessed the wedding live, everyone in attendance, including the Royal Family, was able to soak up the atmosphere and excitement of the special day. Indeed, the public’s attention may have been slightly diverted away from the wedding festivities as news broke that the Duchess of Cambridge had been experiencing serious medical complications. Fortunately, Kate recovered enough to enjoy the rest of the wedding day, and it was later announced that she had, in fact, given birth to a baby boy, George, later that year. This was a very emotional moment for the Duchess, and it seems that she and the public have been emotionally bonded since that day.

The Evolution Of ‘Cougarism’?

It will be remembered that two years ago, the Duchess of Cambridge was plagued by the presence of an unwanted guest, who was seen as an emblem of England’s so-called ‘Cougar’ culture. The term refers to a woman who dates men older than her to fulfill her desire for romance and adventure. Now, it seems that this cultural phenomenon may be evolving, and people are beginning to see the younger generations of men as potential mates. For instance, it has been reported that Prince Harry has set his sights on finding love, and settling down – perhaps even with a younger woman.

It is highly unlikely that the Windsors will ever be romantically associated with a member of the next generation, due to their staunch Catholic upbringing and the Church’s teachings against premarital sex. However, it appears that the institution is slowly but surely becoming more accepting of alternative lifestyles. In 2017, they attended the wedding of a same-sex couple, making several remarks that indicated the need for tolerance throughout the ceremony. It is hoped that this new attitude will continue and, eventually, the monarchy will become an officially recognized same-sex couple’s union. As one Twitter user wrote, “Maybe one day we’ll see a photo of Harry and Meghan as King and Queen. Wouldn’t that be something?”

The Demise Of The Dated Relationship?

It seems like dating in the 21st century has become rather complicated. Back in the day, if you wanted to meet someone, you either went on a few dates or made the first move. Either way, you knew where you stood. If things went well, you progressed to the next stage and became serious about each other’s company. Finally, you committed to each other and, most importantly, stayed committed throughout the duration of the relationship. It was simple. But, now, things are a little bit more nuanced. If you’re not careful, you may find yourself in a complicated situation, where feelings may not be mutual. That’s if you’re lucky. Alternatively, you may find yourself in a situation where one of you is constantly playing games, and keeps the peace by keeping the ‘friendship’ status quo. Essentially, if you want to be together, you have to make the decision to commit to one another and, above all, stay committed.

The question is, does Robert Pattinson still want to be with Bella, or does her presence remind him too much of his ex-girlfriend and Harry’s wife? We can never know for sure what goes on in the minds of others, but we can interpret their actions. So, what does Bella, and other women like her, do for men who have been hurt by experience? According to science, the male brain is more susceptible to change and, in many cases, a damaged ego can be repaired through a process known as ‘romantic therapy’. Essentially, brain therapy involves helping a man to become more ‘feminine’ and, in some instances, it is a two-way street, with his partner playing an active role in the process. Does Bella remind Robert of his ex-girlfriend and Harry’s wife? Is she a safe choice for a man who is on the rebound? Does she represent the beginning of the end for the dated relationship?

The signs are there for everyone to see. Just this past week, news broke that Robert had split from his girlfriend of three years. At the time of writing, no details about the nature of their breakup have been made public, however, it seems that this was more than a publicity stunt. Robert has indeed moved on and, in a recent interview, he revealed that he has started dating. The question is, will this time be any different?