Robert Pattinson’s shirt and tie style has evolved over the years. We’ve watched as he’s been spotted at various awards ceremonies donning both a collared shirt and a tie, but more often than not he’s chosen the former. Nevertheless, the actor has always been a trend setter when it comes to his ensembles and we’re always on the lookout for new ways to style his iconic look.

Rocking The Boat

Our first glimpse of Robert Pattinson’s latest fashion choices come from the set of his new movie, Billionaire’s Baby. The actor is seen wearing a casual button-up shirt and a thin red tie as he helps his character, Scott Spencer, move furniture around his new apartment. In the film, Scott is the son of a billionaire and inherits his fortune at a young age. He then decides to embark on a journey of self-discovery that leads him to question his sexuality.

Although this appears to be a simple outfit choice, Scott has actually been seen in quite a few similar ensembles. As the son of a billionaire, he presumably has all the money he needs to indulge in whatever whim he may have. While filming the movie, Pattinson was often seen coming and going from different locations in New York City in a variety of casual outfits. One of the most stylish choices he made was the tie variation we saw him wearing frequently while filming.

Shirting With The Big Boys

In another movie role, Toy Story 4, we get a glimpse into the actor’s casual wear as he helps a group of toy porter boys during a strike. Here, he’s wearing a white shirt and a striped tie as he carries boxes for the boys. While the shirt is somewhat loose, it’s not entirely unbuttoned and we get a peek at the collar as well as the top of the shirt. Similarly, his tie is done in a simple yet stylish striped pattern. It’s not an unusual choice for him to dress in this way. As we’ve established, the English actor is usually on the lookout for ways to evolve and experiment with his outfits. Therefore, it should come as no great surprise that we see him in a shirt and tie combination that he’s not typically seen in public.

Tasteful Ties, Too

It seems that the actor has taken a liking to wearing tasteful ties while filming in Los Angeles. The choice is respectful enough since many of the movies he’s acted in have gotten high profiles and garnered widespread praise. The combination of a white shirt and a tie provides the perfect aloof yet stylish look.

Experimenting With Form

While it’s not uncommon for stars to evolve their fashion styles over the years, we’re always interested in seeing how style-conscious stars experiment with new fashion options. In the case of Robert Pattinson, we see him regularly donning various ensembles that experiment with form. The latest example comes from the set of Downton Abbey where he’s wearing a black shirt and a tie with a very unique pattern. The main point of this outfit look is to experiment with the form of the tie, not the shirt. Similarly, in Murder On The Orient Express, he’s dressed in a maroon shirt with various tie patterns and in The Gentlemen, he wears a pale blue shirt and a striped tie.

The Pattern Is Adorable

Another fun look to note comes from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice where the actor is seen wearing what appears to be a chocolate patterned tie. This isn’t a typical choice for him, but one that seems to fit in with the overall vibe of the movie. Of course, the choice of chocolate as a pattern isn’t exactly original, but it’s a charming tie nonetheless.

Robert Pattinson’s Outfits Inspire Our Wardrobe

Although we rarely get to see Robert Pattinson’s full outfit, the stars will sometimes leak a few details about his closet. This sometimes happens when a designer partner makes a suit or dress worn by a famous person and it gets revealed at a fashion parade or award ceremony. As it turns out, some of the clothing items shown at these events were actually inspired by the outfits worn by Robert Pattinson.

Take The Gentlemen for example, a 2019 film in which he played a Harvard law student. The movie’s wardrobe is a mix of English and American style with heavy influences from the Ivy League. One of the most interesting aspects of the film is its selection of ties. As we’ve established, the actor loves to experiment with his outfits and his choices of ties are no exception. In The Gentlemen, he wears a pale blue tie with yellow, green, and cream stripes which he’s paired with a white shirt and a pale blue suit. The outfit is actually an adaptation of a classic Harvard look and it’s clear that Robert Pattinson was channeling his usual outfit selection when choosing this particular combination.

One can only wonder what other designers have seen in the actor that inspired them to come up with unique looks of their own. Hopefully, future collaborations will lead to more outfit combinations and an evolution in the star’s style.