Well-groomed, soulful eyes and a thick head of hair are the epitome of masculinity. For centuries, men have been coveting big hair, and in recent years, the charm of a beautifully shaven head has made it the symbol of a newly refined and evolved masculinity.

If you’re looking to shave your head like Robert Pattinson, this article will guide you through the basic steps necessary to make it a reality. Read on if you’re looking to bring the perfect scented luster of a head of thick, shining hair.

Cleanse Your Head

As with any other area of your body, nothing hinders a close shave like dirt and oil. To keep your new head clean, wash it with soap and water before and after every use. You should also consider exfoliating your scalp with some gentle brushing or washing. And don’t forget to oil the area, too – preferably natural, unrefined coconut oil.

Choose Your Razor

When it comes to shaving your head, there are a variety of options available. For starters, you have the safety issue to think about. Are you comfortable with an electric razor? Or, perhaps, would you rather go the traditional route and use a straight razor? There are pros and cons to both alternatives – find out what’s best for you.

Check The Grooming Kit

Before you hit the showers, make sure you have everything you need for the big day. You’ll need a decent razor, a few shavers, aftershave lotion, and a hairbrush, for starters. To ensure safe and painless shaving, look for a razor that is specifically designed for beards. They don’t give you nicks and cuts like normal razors, which is why they are usually favored by barbershops and cosmetologists.

Know Your Skin

Like with any other area of your body, the skin on your head is vulnerable to the elements. The air you breathe is thick with dust, which is why it’s best to avoid places with a lot of it. The same goes for hair removal. The constant friction of follicles against skin can cause skin to become flaky and itchy. To keep your head at its best, it’s important to know how you can best take care of it.

Get Ready

Shaving your head is no easy task, especially if you’re used to grooming with regular razors. It takes a bit of planning and some time to get used to the feel of a safety razor. If you’re looking for a flawless shave, try out these simple tips first and see how easy it is to get that perfect head of hair.