The Dark Knight Rises is a 2012 superhero film directed by Christopher Nolan and starring Christian Bale as Batman and Robert Pattinson as the Joker.

The film is the second part of Nolan’s Batman trilogy and is the seventh installment in the Batman saga overall. The story concerns the Joker’s vendetta against Gotham City’s most powerful families. When these families turn to Batman for help, he must put aside his retired life and venture back into vigilantism. Seeking to restore order to Gotham by killing the madman who has taken over, Batman must also confront the most deadly assassin he’s ever faced. The film marks Bale’s last turn as the world’s greatest superhero and sees the actor’s contract with Warner Bros. expire. The film also sees the return of three of the most popular and iconic villains from the Batman franchise: the Joker, the Riddler, and the Penguin.

Plot Summary

The Dark Knight Rises begins with a prologue which features Batman saving Gotham City from a violent earthquake. The hero then retreats to his mansion where he turns on the television to watch the news coverage of the disaster. Cut to the present day, and we see Gotham in the aftermath of the disaster. The citizens are traumatized, the city has gone to hell, and the police have had to call on Batman for help. The Dark Knight, who has retired from crime fighting but still wants to help Gotham, begins attending police board meetings and advising the police on how to fight crime in a professional manner.

As the police deal with the aftermath of the earthquake, Batman is asked by police commissioner Barbara Gordon to get back into action and help them bring order to Gotham. The Dark Knight reluctantly returns to crime fighting, but this time he does so as a team of police officers shadow his every move. As before, Batman’s greatest challenge is the Joker, who has taken over the city’s underworld and turned it into a chaotic war zone. It is this war zone that Batman must now navigate as he sets about bringing the Joker to justice.

The Dark Knight Rises is an action-adventure film that focuses on detective work and investigation more so than on fights and special effects. This is an approach that director Christopher Nolan felt was in keeping with the character of Batman: “A man who focuses on fighting crime is going to be exhausted by the end of the day, and it’s a good thing that Batman doesn’t fight personally, because then he would be too injured to do his job effectively.”

The film’s emphasis on detective work and investigation means that it places a premium on its cast. The members of the Gotham City Police Department are all first-time actors, and the vast majority of the leads are amateur comedians (with a few exceptions). These comedians are able to make the characters they play more three-dimensional because they bring a different perspective to the roles. They also allow the audience to develop a better understanding of the motives and actions of the characters they play.

Visual Style

If you’ve seen any of the films in the “Dark Knight” trilogy, then you know what to expect visually. The camera often tracks at oblique angles and moves in and out of focus in a strange and stylish manner. The cinematography also contributes to the dreamlike quality of the films. You’ll notice how everything seems to drip with an unhealthy amount of fake blood, resulting in a number of stunningly staged fights and chases throughout the movie. We’re not talking about traditional action movie fight scenes here, rather, scenes that are more in keeping with poetry or novelistic depictions of battle.

If you’re a fan of the comics or just want to see a very faithful adaptation, then you’re in for a treat. The Dark Knight Rises sees Christian Bale return to the role of Batman, the character he made famous. The actor reprises his role with ease and brings a certain charm and warmth that the role demands. His acting, however, is not the only factor that makes this adaptation stand out. The entire film is gorgeous, and one of the finest pieces of eye candy that you’ll find this year. The costume and set design for the film are both incredible, and the production value is through the roof. We’re not talking about a few millions here, we’re talking about hundreds of millions!


While other films try and fail to emulate the style and sound of the iconic Harry Potter series, The Dark Knight Rises takes a more subtle approach and builds on the strengths of its predecessor. The bulk of the music is either composed by legendary director and composer Hans Zimmer or performed by iconic British band, The Smiths. The music for the film is perfectly matched with the action and is often times used to highlight key moments of suspense or drama.

The Dark Knight Rises also makes extensive use of period pieces and costumes to evoke the atmosphere of the 1930s. The aesthetics of the era are present in almost every aspect of the film, from the costumes, to the sets, to the food, and even the cars! The color palette of the film is also accurate, and it uses browns, reds, blacks, and whites to depict a world that no longer exists.

Overall Review

Overall, The Dark Knight Rises is a beautifully designed film that continues the trend set by its predecessor. If you’ve never heard of the “Dark Knight” trilogy, then now would be a great time to discover it. The film also continues the trend set by its predecessor of focusing more on character and plot than on spectacle. These are all important factors in creating a piece that viewers can come back to time and time again.