If you’re a Twilight or a The Hunger Games fan, you’ll probably want to pick up some of the merchandise from those movies. But what happens when the movies you love fade away?

In 2019, there was a minor movie revival with Dark Skies, but most people probably still think of Twilight when they hear the words “Robert Pattinson.” The British actor took on the role of the sexy vampire Edward Cullen in the films that were incredibly popular when they were released. In Twilight, Pattinson’s character is famous for drinking blood to maintain his perfect physical appearance, and even in 2013, when Twilight was released in theaters, audiences were still captivated by his smoldering good looks and charm.

Fans have been known to travel from across the world just to meet Pattinson. He has been called the “sexiest man alive” and “the most perfect man I’ve ever seen.” While it’s true that Edward Cullen is undoubtedly one of the most popular and unique characters in Twilight, these kinds of comparisons only really hold up if you compare him to other vampires. If you’re looking for a unique piece of jewelry for yourself or someone you love, check out our selection of Robert Pattinson items below. We have pieces inspired by everything from his signature look to his character’s catchphrase. Let’s take a look.

Ballerina Pins

If you’re a fan of the Russian dancer Anna Pavlova, who famously wore only white dresses and did ballet in the presence of kings and queens, you may be interested in these hand-pinned velvet ballerina pins. Made in England since 1881, Ballerina is arguably the most renowned jeweler in the world. Its artistic director, William Thomas, drew the inspiration for these pins from Pavlova’s strict dress code in order to evoke the beauty and grace of the dancer. Only the most daring of ballerina fans may dare to wear these pins in public places, as Thomas feared that his clients might be insulted by the sight of a jeweled pin on a ballet dancer.

Black Onyx And Diamond Stud Earrings

If you love black onyx but also want to add a touch of sparkle to your outfit, you may be interested in these black onyx and diamonds stud earrings. The stunning black material is a luxurious mixture of onyx and synthetic diamond that sparkles like no other. The earrings are set in 18k white gold and hang from a golden chain. Even those who aren’t necessarily fans of onyx may still want to purchase these earrings for their grace and luxury. One of the most prestigious and largest producers of onyx, the Gemstones Group, calls this material “avant-garde gemstone chic.”

Fanny Pack And Floral Print Wallet

These fanny pack and floral print wallet combos are a mashup of two of our favorite things: luxury bags and vintage prints. The floral print is an especially unique touch that evokes the nostalgia of an earlier era when men and women were both passionate about decorating their bags. Floral prints used to be as popular for women as men when it came to pinning their loyalty to a particular brand or designer. Today, women have taken ownership of their accessories in a way that men simply can’t resist, which is why you’ll often find them wearing bold prints on their wrist or around their necks. The fanny pack was first produced by hand in the shape of a woman’s skirt and designed to house a woman’s undergarments. These bags are as essential to a woman’s outfit as a handbag is to a man’s. They’re a symbol of a woman’s independence and creativity, and they allow her to transition from day to night with ease.

Honeycomb Collar

These honeycomb collars are perfect for adding a whimsical touch to your favorite piece of men’s clothing. Made in England since 1784, Burberry has remained a leading luxury brand throughout its history, which began with a single store in London. Since then, the company has expanded to become a global lifestyle brand with retail stores around the world. These honeycomb collars are a symbol of Burberry’s connection to nature and the elements, namely air and water. The material is a polyester crepe treated with silicone oil, which makes it highly resistant to water and air. With a touch of nature incorporated into your clothing collection, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more environmentally conscious piece of fashion. When the elements of nature become too much to bear, you can feel confident that a shower and change of clothes will make you feel fresh and ready to tackle the day. This honeycomb collar has a floral pattern in the shape of an intricate maze that is as unique as it is complicated, which makes it a great conversation piece. Like many other pieces of jewelry on this list, it’s both practical and fashionable, which is why it’s become one of our all-time favorite items. We can imagine many different outfits these collars could be part of: from a classic look to a hip-hop inspired fashion frenzy.

Tulip Pin

If you adore all things floral and are a big fan of the song “Tulip Song” by the band Beirut, you may be interested in this tulip pin. The piece is a unique mashup of a flower and geometric elements that create an explosion of color against a black backdrop. The Dutch bulb flower, or tulip, has been a popular emblem for hundreds of years and was first grown in Europe back in the 17th century. Since then, the flower has been cherished for its vibrant colors, which some sources estimate are on the scale of 1 to 9, meaning that there is a wide range of pinks, reds, and oranges to choose from. You may need a few flowers in your lifetime. This pin is a fantastic example of how one singular piece of clothing or accessories can pull together an entire outfit, and what a much more pleasant sight it is to wear than a plain black outfit. We love the mix of textures in this pin: the smooth metal against the rough petals. It truly is a celebration of spring and all things floral.

Ballerina Pins In Gold And Diamonds

If you love diamonds but want to add a delicate touch of gold to your look, you may be interested in these ballerina pins in various gold and diamond combinations. The piece is unique in that the ballerina is not just a symbol of female sexual prowess as in typical pins of this type, but also represents the grace and beauty of the dancer. They may be tiny but powerful, and the perfect accompaniment to any ballroom dancing enthusiast’s outfit. If you’re looking for a gift for a special woman in your life, consider this delightful offering from Ballerina. It’s artistry and unique design will put a smile on the face of any woman lucky enough to wear them.

Wax Opal And Diamond Earrings

Here’s an environmentally friendly way to make your favorite piece of clothing glow from the inside out; these wax opal and diamonds earrings will do the trick. The natural product in question is mined from the mountains of Ethiopia and is more commonly known as “pearl glass.” Because of its rarity and beauty, wax opal is highly valued by those in the gemstone trade, where it is referred to as “black onyx with a diamond in the rough.” After the Civil War, wealthy socialite Charlotte Gales, who was inspired by the paintings of Pierre Puerfier, began importing the material from Abyssinia. The natural pearls and their rich colors were a unique spin on the common opal, and they allowed the ladies of the Gales’ Ball to show off their taste in vibrant hues.