It’s almost Halloween and we can’t wait to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year! To help you get in the mood, we’ve collected some amazing Halloween costumes that will make you stand out this Halloween season.

Robert Pattinson’s Sexy Batman Costume

The latest installment in the popular Batman franchise, The Dark Knight Rises, will be gracing theaters across the country this coming October. The highly anticipated film will be opening in theaters around the country simultaneously, allowing moviegoers to see the highly anticipated conclusion to one of the most popular movie franchises of all time. As exciting as the final installment of the Batman saga is, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. The wait for the film to finally come out has been excruciating, especially since fans have been waiting so long for this installment. Sadly, on August 4, a lawsuit was filed by attorney Eric George alleging that the film’s distributor, Warner Bros., has failed to pay the actor his fair share of box office profits. The suit also names co-star Christian Bale as a defendant. Although this case is surely a disappointing turn of events for fans and haters alike, at least they can finally rest easy knowing that the wait is almost over.

While we anxiously await the release of The Dark Knight Rises, we can enjoy the fact that it’s almost October and that means only one thing: it’s almost Halloween! And what’s more, this autumnal season is one of the most beautiful times of the year. As the weather gets cooler and the air turns crisp, we can picture ourselves walking down the street in a cool white T-shirt, red stilettos, and a smile. Or perhaps we see ourselves rushing to the Halloween party as guests arrive dressed as zombies, ghosts, or even sexy bachelors. Whatever your plans for Halloween, we hope you have a blast and stick with the trend!

Whether or not you are a fan of the Batman franchise, you must admit that it’s amazing to see just how stylish and popular Batman has become. Thanks to the combined efforts of director Christopher Nolan and costume designer Michael Kaplan, Batman now has a whole new fashionable image that isn’t afraid to show off its sexy side. And who knows? With a little bit of makeup and hair products, you too could be rocking a trendy Batman costume next Halloween season.

New Batman Movie: The Wrap Up

As we sat waiting for the above-mentioned lawsuit to be resolved, we learned of another Batman installment that is already screening in movie theaters. The LEGO Batman Movie is now showing in theaters across the country and it has already proven to be a box office success, grossing over $100 million in just under two weeks. While the Batman franchise hasn’t been immune to controversy over the years, at least this latest installment is being met with praise from fans and critics alike. But that doesn’t matter because at this point, none of that matters because as long as we have each other, we can continue to laugh and celebrate the fact that Robert Pattinson is Batman.