It’s been almost 10 years since the release of his debut album, and it’s fair to say that Robert Pattinson is still one of the most recognized faces on the planet. Despite his fame, however, the English actor still finds the time to promote good causes and to engage with his fans on social media.

The Renaissance Man

The son of a literary manager and an actress, Robert Pattinson grew up in London and studied drama at NYU. He then decided to become an actor, joining a theater group, and making his debut in the 2006 film, The Seagull, directed by Sean Penn. The actor then went on to star in acclaimed films like The Rover, Cosmopolis, and The Lost City, before landing the role of the enigmatic and charming Professor Robert Pattinson in the blockbuster hit, The Twilight Saga.

Throughout his career, Pattinson has always found time to work on various philanthropic projects, contributing money and/or time to various political and social causes. In 2012, he created his own organization, Pattinson Artistic Foundatio ns, with the aim of supporting emerging artists. This organization has supported young filmmakers, such as Sean Barrett, who helped produce the drama, Pattinson, about the actor’s life. “I am very passionate about supporting creative people and new artists,” Pattinson said in a statement. “It’s really important to me that this initiative provides opportunities to people who might not otherwise get them.”

The Bad Boy Attracts All the Girls

Pattinson’s charm and good looks have always gotten him far in his relationships with the opposite sex, but it was his bad boy persona that made him a global celebrity. In 2015, he began dating American actress Elizabeth Taylor whom he met in Monaco. In interviews, the couple spoke of their desire to have a family and to settle down, but in the meantime, they enjoyed each other’s company.

Pattinson’s behavior became so notorious that even his Twilight co-star, Kristen Stewart, admitted in 2015 that she was surprised by some of his antics, saying “I didn’t know he could be so funny.” She went on to compliment his comedic timing, and even said that he was better than most actors when it came to being funny on camera.

The Dark Prince

While most people associate Taylor with introducing Pattinson to the public, it was actually La La Land producer Garth Bingham who began dating the English actor in 2015. From the very beginning, there was an air of mystery about the pair’s relationship, as Bingham spoke of keeping Robert Pattinson a secret from Elizabeth Taylor for as long as possible, as the two were already close friends. In June 2017, the couple welcomed a baby girl, Sparrow, into their family.

Despite Taylor’s best efforts to keep the baby a secret, the world soon discovered that Bingham had indeed given birth to a son. The timing of the announcement, just a few weeks before the premiere of La La Land is said to have been coincidental, and the birth of Sparrow appears to have been planned, as the couple recently bought a house in London with La La Land themed baby wallpaper.

There’s no denying that Sparrow is a beautiful baby, and it’ll be interesting to see how Elizabeth Taylor and Garth Bingham cope with fatherhood, as well as the sudden spotlight that comes with being a parent. Will they keep their private life private, or will they embrace their roles as parents and roles as father and mother? Only time will tell.

A Social Media Force

Even before his daughter was born, Robert Pattinson was already an active user of social media, having established himself as one of the most followed individuals on Twitter, with nearly 15 million followers. He has also been named one of Vogue’ style icons, along with Karl Lagerfeld, and in 2017, the actor was made a varsity sport at Harvard University for his work with Wish Langston, a non-profit organization that provides mental health support for children and teens. The actor has also donated millions of dollars to charity through his work with Tiger Aspect, a company that finds sponsors for charities. In March 2018, Robert Pattinson joined forces with British designer Kate Moss, set to co-host a fundraising fashion event for Children in Need, an organization that assists those in need.

The social media star has also used his platforms to speak out about important societal issues. In 2017, he supported Trump’s travel ban, saying that he doesn’t agree with millions of people being restricted from entering the United States, and that the ban was “absolutely ridiculous.” In 2019, he said that he thinks that cannabis should be available for everyone, not just patients with HIV/AIDS, and called for legal re-classification of psychoactive drugs. He also supports PETA and Zero Waste, and in 2018, he was named as one of Vogue’s Most Popular Instagrammers. Finally, he has over a million followers on Instagram and over 16.3 million followers on Twitter.

The Iconic Face

It’s fair to say that Robert Pattinson is one of the most influential and recognizable figures in the world today. With his unique charm, good looks, and famous friends, the English actor undoubtedly makes an impression on others. And, as the most popular person on social media, it’s clear that there are millions of people who have taken a liking to Robert Pattinson. In 2019 alone, Forbes estimated his annual net worth at $40 million, and it’s safe to say that he won’t be stopping anytime soon.