The highly-anticipated movie ‘Cosmopolis’ finally hit theaters on Friday, and the reviews were mostly positive. The critics praised the performances, especially that of its leading man, Robert Pattinson, who plays a pivotal role in the story as well as its promotional campaign.

The film is based on a short story by David Michie about a billionaire who travels to Thailand to settle a dispute over land ownership. During his stay, he is kidnapped and locked in a sex game with two prostitutes, played by American actresses Jessica Chastain and Dakota Johnson. While it’s not entirely clear what happens (spoiler alert: they kill each other), the scene is still pretty steamy and raises more than a few questions about what is and is not appropriate in movies.

Here’s what you need to know about the Pattinson sex scene in ‘Cosmopolis.’

Is It Appropriate For The Promotional Campaign?

The answer to this question is quite obviously yes. As previously noted, ‘Cosmopolis’ is based on a short story by David Michie. The story was initially published in 2006 and won the Franz Kafka Prize the following year. The story is now generally considered to be among the best of the 21st century. The author’s intention was to satirize the excesses of the wealthy and powerful, and in doing so highlight the double standards that exist when it comes to sex, wealth, and status. The story is rich in detail and contains enough material to fill a full-length novel. In short, ‘Cosmopolis’ is as much the story of sex as it is of money management. It’s an appropriate tale for our times. Hence, the promotional campaign surrounding the film involved considerable nudity and sexual content. It’s quite probable that many viewers will have the opportunity to live out their most secret sexual fantasies while viewing the film, which is quite possibly its biggest selling point.

Can You Get A Copy Of The Story?

Yes, you can get a copy of the story from the publisher’s website. However, be warned that it is entirely possible that parts of the story may still be considered to be somewhat racy in nature, particularly the denouement, which deals with the violent death of the two female leads. One of the pleasures of reading the story is that you get to experience the literary equivalent of what must have been a real thrill for David Michie to witness in person. The audience is invited to come along for the ride, as it were, and watch the story unfold through the eyes of the protagonist. You have been warned.

What Is The Deal With The Book?

Although it was published in 2006 and won the Franz Kafka Prize the following year, ‘Cosmopolis’ has only been available in book form since 2012. It is an edited collection of short stories by the same author, which include some of his previously published material as well as a number of new stories. The original German title of the work is ‘Kosmopolitismus,’ which roughly translates as ‘Cosmopolis (city-dwellerism)’ or ‘City-dwellerness.’ The English translation is somewhat more cumbersome, containing the words ‘cosmopolitan’ and ‘globalization.’ The stories in the collection feature well-known literary figures and have an underlying theme of social commentary. While some of the stories are philosophical in nature, others are quite satirical in their observations. Like many of the best short story collections, ‘Cosmopolis’ contains the stories that made it into movies as well as some that did not. It is the perfect addition to any library. If you have not yet read this wonderful story collection, you can order it from the online bookseller of your choice. In addition, if you are looking for a unique present, you can get a copy inscribed with the donor’s name or initials.

Is This A G Rated Movie?

Yes, ‘Cosmopolis’ is a certified g rating, which means that it is generally accepted as being suitable for all ages. This in turn suggests that it is likely to contain some sexual content and to be somewhat racy in nature. Indeed, nudity and sexual imagery are pervasive in the story and throughout the marketing campaign surrounding the film. In keeping with its R rating, ‘Cosmopolis’ contains a number of strong language and several violent scenes, including one in which a man beats a woman with a wrench. There is also some fairly graphic male-on-male sex, which once again is likely to be more acceptable to mature audiences. While it is not considered to be an explicit ‘family’ film, given the pervasive nature of the sexual content and language, anyone with children should probably avoid this one.

Is It Worth Going To The Movie?

Yes, it is. Despite the fact that it has only been out for a couple of weeks, the word on the street is that ‘Cosmopolis’ is actually a rather good movie. Based on the highly-acclaimed short story by one of the best young German authors, who also happens to be the son of an acclaimed Nobel Prize-winning economist, the film is guaranteed to hold an important place in your library’s collection.