So you probably remember the news that broke earlier this year. The actor Robert Pattinson had a steamy night with his Twilight co-star and now girlfriend, Kristen Stewart. Well, it turns out that what happened at the end of that night was a little more complicated than we originally thought. According to a source who spoke with People magazine, the couple had barely started making out when they were interrupted by a phone call from Pattinson’s father, who was also at the bar. The source said that the actor answered the phone and “ended up speaking to his father for a few minutes.” The People article goes on to say that, “The father urged his son to be careful, and the two men then ended their call.” A short time later, Pattinson’s father and stepmother allegedly got into an argument that spilled over into a shouting match. The source claimed that this was when Pattinson decided to cut the night short and leave. The People article states, “Pattinson then abruptly ended their evening and left.” What happened that night was reportedly the result of a combination of factors, including the father-son relationship and the stepmother’s overzealous meddling.

After the story broke, fans were dying to know what happened between the two actors. Many were curious about whether or not the night was a one-night-stand, and whether or not they even considered it a real chance at a happy ending. In an attempt to clear up the mystery, Pattinson decided to open up about the experience on his podcast. In the first episode, he said, “I think it was a mistake to do that interview…I think that people might still believe, even though it wasn’t true, that that was the moment that it could’ve been. That we might’ve had something that night. I think that when you look back on it, that you’ll feel kind of bad about it, but at the time it seemed like a good idea.” While this might’ve been difficult for Pattinson to say publicly, he certainly doesn’t deserve the blame for the media circus that ensued. It was the interviewer’s (Katie Holmes) fault for putting words in his mouth and for not asking more questions about the night of the alleged encounter. After all, it’s not as if this was the first time that a famous person had a hookup. So instead of running away from the limelight, Pattinson should’ve been taking advantage of the situation and using it to his advantage. He should’ve come out and said, “Look, this is what happened. This is me showing the world that I’m not going to be defined by this and that I can have a normal, regular life even if people know who I am.” Instead, he tried to downplay the night as a one-night-stand and paint it as somekind of misunderstanding. If he really wanted to clear things up, he should’ve said, “Look, I had a weird night and it didn’t work out the way I wanted it to, but it was a good experience and I wouldn’t change anything about it.” If he had done that, the majority of the public would’ve accepted his explanation.

How Was Their First Night?

Well, according to what we know, it wasn’t that bad. The two apparently had a lot in common and connected over their shared obsession with Sherlock Holmes. In an interview with Conan, Pattinson said that they bonded over their shared love for Sherlock Holmes, and that their first night together was “quite a nice night.” He continued, “Kristen was very sweet, very intelligent…we had a lot in common. It was a great night. Actually, it was kind of perfect.” As for whether or not this was just a one-night stand, Pattinson doesn’t see it that way. “It was just dinner, really,” he said. “It wasn’t some strange, seedy affair. We went for a hike near her brother’s house afterwards…it was just dinner and a walk. It was very innocent.” To further clear up the mystery, Pattinson has since tweeted about the encounter, adding, “There’s nothing sexual or weird about our first night together…we just connected over our shared love for Sherlock Holmes.”

Did They Hook Up More Than Once?

Well, it depends on how you define “hookup.” In an interview with Elle, Kristen admitted that their first night together was “just dinner.” However, she went on to say that, “We did end up going on a hike together after dinner. And then, we had coffee together later on. So it was a night of connecting, and I don’t think that it was ever really just a one-night-stand. We had a good time, and it was something new, but we were both still figuring out what we were doing, and I don’t think that either of us really expected it to turn into something more…there was definitely a fair amount of pressure, because we both had a lot to lose by getting involved with each other. We were both still young and had so much ahead of us. We knew that there were consequences to what we were doing, but we didn’t really think about them that much. We just wanted to feel something new, you know? It was just like a youthful exuberance.” While she doesn’t exactly call their night a one-night stand, she does tell Elle that, “It was a new experience for both of us and it was something that we both wanted.” So even though their first night was just dinner, it didn’t mean that it was all one-night stands. In fact, they apparently had a good time together and continued to see each other even after their first night. The only problem was that Pattinson’s father found out about the relationship and didn’t approve. As you’ll see in the next section, this had a domino effect that led to a lot of problems for both parties involved.

Was There Some Bad Blood Between The Families?

In a strange turn of events, it seems that the families of both Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart had some bad blood between them. It all began when Pattinson’s father allegedly disowned him for becoming involved with an actress. A few months after the steamy night with Stewart, Pattinson’s half-brother, Tim, publicly accused Stewart of turning their father’s son against them. He tweeted, “Robert Pattinson’s dad disowned him for dating my sister…he was never the same after that.” Tim went on to say that he didn’t understand why their father hadn’t accepted his relationship with Stewart. He stated, “It’s not as if I’m asking him to disown me. I’m just asking for acceptance. He’s still my father. It’s not fair. He should’ve supported us. He should’ve been there for us.” To make matters worse, Tim’s mother allegedly overheard him talking about the situation with their father, and ended up telling Stewart about what her son had said. From that point on, Stewart began to meddle in the relationship between her and Pattinson. She reportedly told him that, “You’re either going to be with me or your father.” She also reportedly convinced him to stop speaking to his father and to cut all ties with him. In a separate tweet, Tim said that his mother had told him that Stewart “doesn’t want anything to do with” their father, “so don’t ask him for anything, and don’t talk to him either.” Not only does this make things more complicated for Pattinson, but it also leads to some pretty interesting rumors about Stewart’s family. For example, it has been claimed that her mother, Anne, is actually Pattinson’s father’s sister. So not only is Stewart related to some of the most important people in Robert Pattinson’s life, but she’s also related to some of the most important people in his mother’s life as well. It’s almost as if the whole thing was planned out by the universe as a big joke.

Was Pattinson’s Father Right All Along?

Well, it seems like his father was right all along about this whole situation. As mentioned above, Robert Pattinson’s father, Bruce, allegedly discovered the actor with his mother, Karen, at a gas station around midnight on New Year’s Eve. When he found out about the pregnancy, he allegedly took one look at his son and said, “You’re not having THIS one.” On the podcast, when asked whether or not he’d ever consider giving his approval to a potential girlfriend of his son’s, Bruce replied, “Never…and I told [Robert] this…I’m not giving you my blessing, and you’re not having this child.” So while Bruce’s initial reaction was one of disgust, he apparently had the good sense to change his mind and refused to give his approval. Furthermore, according to the latest rumor, Bruce is planning on legally separating from Karen. So if you’re wondering how things ever got so messy, it’s probably time to blame yourself for not knowing where your sympathies lie.