There is now a completed script for The Batman. We have known for a while that Robert Pattinson was going to be playing Batman in the upcoming film, but now we know more about the story, including a sex scene between the stars. The scene will be incredibly steamy and we cannot wait to see it!

The script is now finished and the only thing left to do is film it. Warner Brothers has already started filming and we will get to see Pattinson in action as Batman soon.

Pattinson On Playing Batman

This is going to be quite an acting challenge for Robert Pattinson. Not only does he have to play a superhero, but he has to pull off an incredibly steamy sex scene with a completely different woman every day of filming. This is quite an odd role for the actor and he must be sure to give it his all.

What Is Batman’s Relationship With Women?

You might be wondering what Batman’s relationship with women is like. Well, it’s complicated. The Dark Knight is certainly a popular character with ladies and he has amassed a huge following of girlfriends all over the world. However, he is often times considered a man of mystery, who doesn’t share many personal details about his life. This might change though with the release of The Batman. Director Matt Reeves has promised to shed some light on Batman’s dark world. Hopefully, this will encourage more people to see the film because it’s definitely worth it.

A Whole Other Gender

Included in this year’s Wonder Woman was a special guest appearance by Gal Gadot as the female superheroines called the Huntresses. The actresses are part of a new group of female superheroes that were introduced in the comics in 2011. These are not your usual damsel in distress, as the characters work together to protect the city and themselves. Needless to say, the ladies look fabulous and they are changing the way we see female characters in comic books. This is especially the case for Batman, who now has girlfriends all over the world.

The Sexiest Scenes So Far

Warner Brothers has released two official photos from the movie set of The Batman. We get to see Pattinson in a very sexy and revealing costume. The photos are already buzzing on social media because people are curious about what the movie is going to be like. The first photo shows Pattinson in a very short and tight black leather jacket, with a long gray scarf around his neck. Not only does it enhance his eyes, but it also draws attention to his extremely toned and muscular arms. The second shot is an extreme close-up of his face, which also reveals his very white teeth and sexy, slanted smile. This is going to be fascinating to see how all of this pans out on screen. The Batman is set to come out in theaters on June 25th, but we already know that it will be one of the most anticipated films of the summer.