If you’re a fan of the legendary British rom-com series “The Bachelors,” you’ll want to read on. Director Andrew MacLeman has revived the series with “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse,” and it picks up immediately where the first novel in the series left off. Robert Pattinson plays Edward Cullen, the cold and calculating son of the great Scottish surgeon Robert and his wife, Isobel (Lauren Bacall).

What we know so far:


The film follows Bella (Kristen Stewart), a 17-year-old New York City high school student who’s just agreed to marry Edward, as he attempts to win her over with his charm and intellect. Things get complicated when Bella begins to have doubts about the marriage and decides to put the relationship to the test. This brings her into conflict with her father, Carl (Bill Pullman), who happens to be the leader of the animal-rights movement and wants Bella to divorce Edward. Naturally, Edward disagrees and takes Carl’s side.

The trailer for the film offers a glimpse of what’s in store for fans of “The Twilight Saga.” The first two sequels are now in the can, and Eclipse is shaping up to be the biggest movie of the year. It’s set to open in theaters Friday, June 30.

Series Revival

Director MacLeman has always been a firm believer in the series, and when he heard that Stephenie Meyer, author of the original “Twilight” saga, had decided not to continue the story, he leapt at the chance to bring the popular series back. “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” is not only a direct continuation of the first novel, but it picks up immediately where the series left off, which means we get to see the major characters immediately jump into their next phase of life.

According to MacLeman, there are numerous Easter Eggs and references to the original “Twilight” series sprinkled throughout the script. The director also went back to the novels to try and improve them, and he succeeded, according to many fans. He took a bit from every book and put it into the screenplay, resulting in a richer and more cinematic story. (The films are expensive to make, and he had to scrap ideas he didn’t like to keep within budget.)

New Characters

While the characters from “The Twilight Saga” will be appearing in the movie, it’s not necessarily the case that the movie will center around them. We’ll be meeting a whole host of new characters, and some will even appear more than once. Here’s a rundown of the main characters and their roles:

  • Sam Uley (Billy Burke): Jake’s best friend and roommate. He’s played by Burke, who starred in “House of Gucci” and “My Cousin Vinny.”
  • Jake (Taylor Lautner): One of the main characters and the son of Hugh (Peter O’Toole) and Victoria (Kate Beckinsale). He’s a free-spirited 17-year-old who believes that love is what keeps you warm at night, even in the cold bleak months of winter. He befriends Bella after her mother, Anya (Michelle Pfeiffer), gives her a notebook containing the names of all the children of the men in her father’s life. He helps Bella navigate her way through the complexities of high finance, and though he cares deeply for her, he’s not afraid to tell her what he thinks. He ends up marrying Victoria, despite his best efforts to keep his heart free.
  • Victoria (Kate Beckinsale): One of the two main characters and the wife of Jake. She’s a strong woman who’s done her best to raise Jake as a good and responsible adult. Victoria decides to write a story about her relationship with Jake, which angers Carl and turns him into the animal-rights activist he eventually becomes. Though she tries to stay out of trouble, Victoria ends up getting picked up on a warrant for her father’s murder. In the meantime, she discovers that she’s pregnant with Jake’s child, which makes her realize how strong their love was and how right they were to be together.
  • Bella (Kristen Stewart): One of the two main characters. She’s a free-spirited 17-year-old who refuses to be restricted by the norms of society, which can sometimes lead her into trouble. Bella meets a young man named Edward and, though she doesn’t know it yet, she’s going to become the woman whom he loves. Even when she finds out about his true nature, she decides to stick by him. She eventually develops feelings for both Edward and Jake, but she chooses Edward, which leads to heartbreak. She learns to forgive Jake and moves on with her life, which she eventually reunites with Edward.
  • Edward (Robert Pattinson): The other main character. He’s a calculating and charming man who tries to win over Bella with his charm and intellect. His true nature is only revealed at the very end of the film. He decides to become a vampire in order to protect Bella from those who want to harm her. Even then, he still cares for her and wants to make her his forever BFF.

What do you think? Is “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” the best installment yet?